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Which countries produce the most programming languages?

Which countries produce the most programming languages?

by Breck Yunits

October 31, 2018 โ€” Each programming language was created in a place (or perhaps, in a set of distributed places) and I am attempting to collect that data.

Currently I have the country of birth for about 260 of the over 1,000 languages I track.

In my data so far, the US has birthed more languages than all other countries combined.

After the U.S. comes the UK, Canada, France, and China, in that order.

There could be bias in my dataset, of course, as I haven't yet added country for most languages. Things will clarify as the database continues to mature.

Data used for this chart:

country count
AU 2
BE 1
BR 1
CA 12
CH 9
DE 6
DK 1
FR 11
GB 23
IS 1
IT 2
JP 4
KR 1
NG 1
NL 4
NO 4
PL 1
PT 1
RU 4
SE 4
US 167
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