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Z - Programming language

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Z is a programming language created in 2012 by Chris Done.

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A strict, impure, curried, partially applied programming language with rather peculiar syntax.

Language features

Feature Supported Token Example
Line Comments --
-- A comment
"hello world"
Semantic Indentation
defun message msg
      do print : Here's a message
         print msg
         print : End of message. 
-- A simple function, that is used inside the macro below.
defun ap x y
     ++ x
defmacro : input
         z:string input
-- Example with print:
print : Hello, World!
        What's going on in here? 

Publications about Z from Semantic Scholar

title authors year citations influentialCitations
Z--, an Executable Subset of Z S. Valentine 1991 32 0
Z Formal Specification Language Gerard O'Regan 2020 8 0
hp-time-shared-basic.html · z-expressions.html · fleck.html

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