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Violent ES

Violent ES - Programming language

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Violent ES is a programming language created in 2022 by Matheus Dias de Souza.

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Robust dialect of the EcmaScript scripting language. Not available yet, work in progress.

Example from the web:
enum Product { // ['smartphone', 0] const SMARTPHONE; // ['aUtOmObIlE', 1] const AUTOMOBILE = 'aUtOmObIlE'; // ['kxxx', 65] const KEYBOARD = [65, 'kxxx']; function customMethod():void { } } var p:Produle = 'kxxx'; var p = Product.KEYBOARD; p.valueOf(); // 65 p.toString(); // 'kxxx' p = 65 as! Product; p = 'kxxx' as! Product; [Flags] enum Permissions { // ['fooBlah', 1] const FOO_BLAH; // ['qux', 2] const QUX; // ['baz', 4] const BAZ; } var p:Permissions = ['fooBlah', 'qux']; p = {fooBlah: true, baz: false}; p = p.toggle('fooBlah'); p = p.filter('qux'); p = p.include('qux'); p = p.exclude('qux'); 'qux' in p; // empty p = undefined; p = {}; p = [];

Keywords in Violent ES

as await break case catch class const continue default delete do each else embed enum extends false final finally for from function get if implements import in include interface internal is meta namespace native new null override package private protected proxy public resource return set static switch this throw throws true try type typeof undefined use var void where while with yield

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