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UBASIC - Programming language

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UBASIC is a programming language created in 1991.

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UBASIC is a freeware (public domain software without source code) BASIC interpreter written by Yuji Kida at Rikkyo University in Japan, specialized for mathematical computing.. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from Wikipedia:
10 CONSOLE:CONSOLE 1,24,0:LOCATE 1,0 20 PRINT CHR(2);"N","P(N)","PARTITION COUNT" 30 WORD -19:POINT -8:H%=11:'FOR N UP TO ~1200 40 'PRINT=PRINT+"PARTN5.TXT":'output redirect 50 N=0:'INPUT N 60 CLR TIME 70 Mu=PI(SQRT(24*N-1)/6) 80 CLR S 90 FOR K=1 TO H% 100 '110 to 160 is selberg formula 110 CLR C 120 FOR L=0 TO 2*K-1 130 IF ((3*L^2+L)\2)@K=(-N)@K 140 :C+=(-1)^L*COS(PI((6*L+1)/(6*K))) 150 NEXT 160 'to get A(K,N), multiply C by SQRT(K/3) 170 U=EXP(Mu/K) 180 R=(Mu+K)/U:'Rademacher's convergence term 190 S+=((Mu-K)*U+R)*C 200 NEXT 210 S=ROUND(ABS(S*2/(MU*(24*N-1)))) 220 PRINT CUTSPC(STR(N)); 230 LOCATE 38-ALEN(S):PRINT S 240 IF N<1000:INC N:GOTO 70 250 Tt=TIME1000:PRINT=PRINT:PRINT Tt/1000 260 '~1.7% faster if N,K,L changed to N%,K%,L%
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