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Solidity - Contract language

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Solidity is a contract language created in 2014 by Christian Reitwiessner and Alex Beregszaszi.

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Solidity is a contract-oriented programming language for writing smart contracts. It is used for implementing smart contracts on various blockchain platforms. It was developed by Gavin Wood, Christian Reitwiessner, Alex Beregszaszi, Liana Husikyan, Yoichi Hirai and several former Ethereum core contributors to enable writing smart contracts on blockchain platforms such as Ethereum.. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from the web:
// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT pragma solidity >=0.6.0 <0.9.0; contract HelloWorld { function helloWorld() external pure returns (string memory) { return "Hello, World!"; } }
Example from Compiler Explorer:
// SPDX-License-Identifier: UNLICENSED pragma solidity >=0.4.0; contract Square { function square(uint32 num) public pure returns (uint32) { return num * num; } }
Example from hello-world:
pragma solidity ^0.8.9; contract HelloWorld { function render () public pure returns (string memory) { return 'Hello World'; } }
Example from Wikipedia:
contract GavCoin { mapping(address=>uint) balances; uint constant totalCoins = 100000000000; /// Endows creator of contract with 1m GAV. function GavCoin(){ balances[msg.sender] = totalCoins; } /// Send $((valueInmGAV / 1000).fixed(0,3)) GAV from the account of $(message.caller.address()), to an account accessible only by $(to.address()). function send(address to, uint256 valueInmGAV) { if (balances[msg.sender] >= valueInmGAV) { balances[to] += valueInmGAV; balances[msg.sender] -= valueInmGAV; } } /// getter function for the balance function balance(address who) constant returns (uint256 balanceInmGAV) { balanceInmGAV = balances[who]; } }

Keywords in Solidity

pragma solidity contract library using struct function modifier constructor address string bool Int Uint Byte Fixed Ufixed int int8 int16 int24 int32 int40 int48 int56 int64 int72 int80 int88 int96 int104 int112 int120 int128 int136 int144 int152 int160 int168 int176 int184 int192 int200 int208 int216 int224 int232 int240 int248 int256 uint uint8 uint16 uint24 uint32 uint40 uint48 uint56 uint64 uint72 uint80 uint88 uint96 uint104 uint112 uint120 uint128 uint136 uint144 uint152 uint160 uint168 uint176 uint184 uint192 uint200 uint208 uint216 uint224 uint232 uint240 uint248 uint256 byte bytes bytes1 bytes2 bytes3 bytes4 bytes5 bytes6 bytes7 bytes8 bytes9 bytes10 bytes11 bytes12 bytes13 bytes14 bytes15 bytes16 bytes17 bytes18 bytes19 bytes20 bytes21 bytes22 bytes23 bytes24 bytes25 bytes26 bytes27 bytes28 bytes29 bytes30 bytes31 bytes32 fixed fixed0x8 fixed0x16 fixed0x24 fixed0x32 fixed0x40 fixed0x48 fixed0x56 fixed0x64 fixed0x72 fixed0x80 fixed0x88 fixed0x96 fixed0x104 fixed0x112 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fixed24x96 fixed24x104 fixed24x112 fixed24x120 fixed24x128 fixed24x136 fixed24x144 fixed24x152 fixed24x160 fixed24x168 fixed24x176 fixed24x184 fixed24x192 fixed24x200 fixed24x208 fixed24x216 fixed24x224 fixed24x232 fixed32x8 fixed32x16 fixed32x24 fixed32x32 fixed32x40 fixed32x48 fixed32x56 fixed32x64 fixed32x72 fixed32x80 fixed32x88 fixed32x96 fixed32x104 fixed32x112 fixed32x120 fixed32x128 fixed32x136 fixed32x144 fixed32x152 fixed32x160 fixed32x168 fixed32x176 fixed32x184 fixed32x192 fixed32x200 fixed32x208 fixed32x216 fixed32x224 fixed40x8 fixed40x16 fixed40x24 fixed40x32 fixed40x40 fixed40x48 fixed40x56 fixed40x64 fixed40x72 fixed40x80 fixed40x88 fixed40x96 fixed40x104 fixed40x112 fixed40x120 fixed40x128 fixed40x136 fixed40x144 fixed40x152 fixed40x160 fixed40x168 fixed40x176 fixed40x184 fixed40x192 fixed40x200 fixed40x208 fixed40x216 fixed48x8 fixed48x16 fixed48x24 fixed48x32 fixed48x40 fixed48x48 fixed48x56 fixed48x64 fixed48x72 fixed48x80 fixed48x88 fixed48x96 fixed48x104 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Language features

Feature Supported Token Example
Access Modifiers
While Loops
Booleans true false
MultiLine Comments /* */
/* A comment
Strings '
// A comment
Line Comments //
// A comment
Semantic Indentation X

Books about Solidity on goodreads

title author year reviews ratings rating
The Solidity Programmer's Handbook Tony Hontzeas 0 0 0.0
Solidity Programming Essentials: A beginner's guide to build smart contracts for Ethereum and blockchain Ritesh Modi 1 8 3.62
Introducing Ethereum and Solidity: Foundations of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Programming for Beginners Chris Dannen 15 110 3.41
Ethereum Developer: Learn Solidity From Scratch Merunas Grincalaitis 0 2 4.50
SOLIDITY AND ETHEREUM: Mining and Programming of Blockchain of 2017 Michael Bitman 0 1 5.00
The Essentials of Smart Contract Development for Solidity Developers Seungwon Go 0 0 0.0

Books about Solidity from ISBNdb

title authors year publisher
Mastering Blockchain Programming with Solidity: Write production-ready smart contracts for Ethereum blockchain with Solidity Chittoda, Jitendra 2019 Packt Publishing
Building Blockchain Projects: Building decentralized Blockchain applications with Ethereum and Solidity Prusty, Narayan 2017 Packt Publishing
Mastering Blockchain Programming with Solidity: Write production-ready smart contracts for Ethereum blockchain with Solidity Chittoda, Jitendra 2019 Packt Publishing
Building Games with Ethereum Smart Contracts: Intermediate Projects for Solidity Developers Iyer, Kedar and Dannen, Chris 2018 Apress
Solidity Programming Essentials: A beginner's guide to build smart contracts for Ethereum and blockchain Modi, Ritesh 2018 Packt Publishing
Ethereum Smart Contract Development: Build blockchain-based decentralized applications using solidity Mukhopadhyay, Mayukh 2018 Packt Publishing
Smart Contract Development with Solidity and Ethereum: Building Smart Contracts with the Azure Blockchain (English Edition) Mittal, Akhil 2020 BPB Publications
Solidity Programming Essentials: A beginner's guide to build smart contracts for Ethereum and blockchain Modi, Ritesh 2018 Packt Publishing
Blockchain and Ethereum Smart Contract Solution Development: Dapp Programming with Solidity Zhang, Weijia and Anand, Tej 2022 Apress
Solidity Programming Language 101: Beginner Guide Raja, Ismail and Mohamed, Fazith 2018 Independently published
Solidity Programming Essentials: A guide to building smart contracts and tokens using the widely used Solidity language, 2nd Edition Modi, Ritesh 2022 Packt Publishing
Hands-on Smart Contract Development With Solidity And Ethereum Kevin Solorio and Randall Kanna and David H. Hoover 2019 O'reilly Media
Solidity Programming: A Beginner's Guide to Building Ethereum and Blockchain Smart Contracts(Chinese Edition) [ YIN DU ] LI TE SHEN · MO DI ( Ritesh , Modi ) ZHU 2019 Mechanical Industry Press
Solidity Programming Essentials Ritesh Modi 20220610 Packt Publishing
Ethereum Smart Contract Development in Solidity Gavin Zheng; Longxiang Gao; Liqun Huang; Jian Guan 20200831 Springer Nature
Hands-On Smart Contract Development with Solidity and Ethereum Kevin Solorio; Randall Kanna; David H. Hoover 20191125 O'Reilly Media, Inc.

Publications about Solidity from Semantic Scholar

title authors year citations influentialCitations
Smart contracts: security patterns in the ethereum ecosystem and solidity Maximilian Wöhrer and U. Zdun 2018 178 13
Lolisa: Formal Syntax and Semantics for a Subset of the Solidity Programming Language Zheng Yang and Hang Lei 2018 29 1
Towards Verification of Ethereum Smart Contracts: A Formalization of Core of Solidity Jakub Zakrzewski 2018 25 0
Semantic Understanding of Smart Contracts: Executable Operational Semantics of Solidity Jiao Jiao and Shuanglong Kan and Shang-Wei Lin and D. Sanán and Yang Liu and Jun Sun 2020 20 2
SMT-Friendly Formalization of the Solidity Memory Model Á. Hajdu and Dejan Jovanovic 2020 16 1
Degree Validation Application Using Solidity and Ethereum Blockchain C. BouSaba and Ethan Anderson 2019 5 1
Deviant: A Mutation Testing Tool for Solidity Smart Contracts Patrick Chapman and Dianxiang Xu and Lin Deng and Yin Xiong 2019 4 0
Gap between Theory and Practice: An Empirical Study of Security Patches in Solidity Sungjae Hwang and S. Ryu 2020 4 0
Modularizing Cross-Cutting Concerns with Aspect-Oriented Extensions for Solidity Chien-Che Hung and Kung Chen and Chun-Feng Liao 2019 3 1
PASO: A Web-Based Parser for Solidity Language Analysis Giuseppe Antonio Pierro and R. Tonelli 2020 3 0
A New Approach to Prevent Reentrant Attack in Solidity Smart Contracts C. Dong and Yuanhong Li and Liang Tan 2019 2 0
Programming Smart Contracts in Ethereum Blockchain using Solidity Debasis Bhattacharya and M. Canul and S. Knight and M. Azhar and Rajiv Malkan 2019 2 0
Basic Solidity Programming Debajani Mohanty 2018 1 0
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