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SMX - Programming language

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SMX is a programming language created in 1998.

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SMX (from Server Macro Expansion) is a macro processing language designed to embed macros in web pages. Originally shipped with the popular Internet Factory's Commerce Builder software, it has been ported as an Apache module.. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from Wikipedia:
%expand% %if(%not(%exists(/tmp/gbook.sq3)) ,%sql(sqlite:/tmp/gbook.sq3,CREATE TABLE guests (name text, comment text)) ) %if(%and(%form(name),%form(comment)) ,%sql(sqlite:/tmp/gbook.sq3,"INSERT INTO guests (name, comment) VALUES (%sqlq(%form(name)),%sqlq(%form(comment)))") ) %sql(sqlite:/tmp/gbook.sq3,SELECT * FROM guests ,<p>%html-quote(%col(name)) said %html-quote(%col(comment))<hr> <p> <form action="%client-url%" method=post> <br>Name: <input name=name> <br>Comment: <input name=comment> <br><input type=submit> </form> )
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