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SimCode - Programming language

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SimCode is a programming language created in 1997.

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Example from the web:
//============================================================ //Section 1 # ls74 source //1/2- 74LS74 D flip-flop Digital SimCode Model //typical prop delay values from TI 1981 2nd edition data book //============================================================ //Section 2 INPUTS VCC, GND, PRE, DATA, CLK, CLR; OUTPUTS VCC_LD, PRE_LD, DATA_LD, CLK_LD, CLR_LD, QN, Q; INTEGERS tblIndex; REALS tplh_val, tphl_val, ts_val, th_val, trec_val, tt_val, temp_tp,       clk_twl, clk_twh, pre_clr_twl, ril_val, rih_val, ricc_val; PWR_GND_PINS(VCC,GND);     //set pwr_param and gnd_param values SUPPLY_MIN_MAX(4.75,5.25); //test for min supply=4.75 and max supply=5.25 VOL_VOH_MIN(0.2,-0.4,0.1); //vol_param=gnd_param+0.2,voh_param=pwr_param-0.4 VIL_VIH_VALUE(1.25,1.35);  //set input threshold values: vil and vih IO_PAIRS(PRE:PRE_LD, DATA:DATA_LD, CLK:CLK_LD, CLR:CLR_LD); //Section 3 IF (init_sim) THEN  BEGIN        //select prop delay, setup, hold, and width times   //NOTE: both ttlh and tthl are the same value   tt_val= (MIN_TYP_MAX(tt_param: NULL, 5n,  NULL));   temp_tp= (PWL_TABLE(sim_temp: -75, -5n, 125, 5n)); //tp temperature affect   tplh_val= (MIN_TYP_MAX(tp_param: NULL, 14n, 25n) + temp_tp);   tphl_val= (MIN_TYP_MAX(tp_param: NULL, 20n, 40n) + temp_tp);   ts_val= (20n);   th_val= (5n);   trec_val= (5n);   clk_twl= (25n);      //not specified - derived from fmax   clk_twh= (25n);   pre_clr_twl= (20n);   //LS stdout drive IOL max=8mA @ VOL typ=0.35V:rol_param=0.35V/8mA=43.75   //LS stdout drive IOL max=8mA @ VOL max=0.5V: rol_param=0.5V/8mA=62.5   rol_param= (MIN_TYP_MAX(drv_param: 62.5, 43.75,  NULL));   //LS stdout drive IOS min=20mA @ VCC max=5.25V: roh_param=5.25V/20mA=262.5   //LS stdout drive IOS max=100mA @ VCC max=5.25V:roh_param=5.25V/100mA=52.5   roh_param= (MIN_TYP_MAX(drv_param: 262.5, NULL, 52.5));   //LS input load IIH max=20uA @ Vin=2.7V: ril= (2.7-vol_param)/20uA=125k   ril_val= (MIN_TYP_MAX(ld_param: NULL, NULL, 125k));   //LS input load IIL max=-0.4mA @ Vin=0.4V:rih= (voh_param-0.4)/0.4mA=10.5k   rih_val= (MIN_TYP_MAX(ld_param: NULL, NULL, 10.5k));   //Icc @ 5V: 2500= 4mA/2 typical, 1250= 8mA/2 max   ricc_val= (MIN_TYP_MAX(i_param: NULL, 2500, 1250));   STATE Q = ONE;            // initialize output states   STATE QN = ZERO;   EXIT;  END; //Section 4 DRIVE Q QN = (v0=vol_param,v1=voh_param,ttlh=tt_val,tthl=tt_val); LOAD PRE_LD DATA_LD CLK_LD CLR_LD = (v0=vol_param,r0=ril_val,v1=voh_param,r1=rih_val,io=1e9,t=1p); //Section 5 EXT_TABLE tblIndex PRE CLR CLK DATA    Q     QN 0   1   X   X       H     L 1   0   X   X       L     H 0   0   X   X       H     H 1   1   ^   X       DATA  ~DATA 1   1   X   X       Q     ~Q; LOAD VCC_LD = (v0=gnd_param,r0=ricc_val,t=1p); //Section 6 IF (warn_param) THEN   BEGIN     IF (PRE && CLR) THEN       BEGIN         SETUP_HOLD(CLK=LH DATA Ts=ts_val Th=th_val "CLK->DATA");         RECOVER(CLK=LH PRE CLR Trec=trec_val "CLK->PRE or CLR");         WIDTH(CLK Twl=clk_twl Twh=clk_twh "CLK");         WIDTH(PRE CLR Twl= pre_clr_twl "PRE or CLR");       END;   END; //Section 7 DELAY Q QN =   CASE (TRAN_LH) : tplh_val   CASE (TRAN_HL) : tphl_val END; EXIT;

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