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SHIFT - Programming language

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SHIFT is a programming language created in 1997.

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Publications about SHIFT from Semantic Scholar

title authors year citations influentialCitations
The SHIFT Programming Language and Run-time System for Dynamic Networks of Hybrid Automata A. Deshpande and A. Gollu and L. Semenzato 1997 101 4
Java and the Shift to Net-Centric Computing M. Hamilton 1996 99 7
The SHIFT programming language for dynamic networks of hybrid automata A. Deshpande and Aleks G枚ll眉 and L. Semenzato 1998 69 0
Developers shift to dynamic programming languages L. Paulson 2007 67 3
The impact of international television : a paradigm shift M. Elasmar 2003 49 2
The appropriateness of predicate invention as bias shift operation in ILP I. Stahl 1995 21 2
Concurrent software engineering: preparing for paradigm shift P. Grogono and B. Shearing 2008 18 1
Simulation of Water-Gas Shift Membrane Reactor for Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Plant with CO2 Capture Andrej Lotri膷 and M. Sekav膷nik and C. Kunze and H. Spliethoff 2011 14 0
What sequential games, the tychonoff theorem and the double-negation shift have in common M. Escard贸 and Paulo Oliva 2010 13 1
The use of SHIFT in system design A. Deshpande and P. Varaiya 1997 5 0
Object-oriented design of automated highway simulations using the SHIFT programming language A. Gollu and M. Kourjanski 1997 4 0
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