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RPL - Programming language

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RPL, aka Reverse Polish Lisp, is a programming language created in 1984.

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RPL (derived from Reverse Polish Lisp according to its original developers, whilst for a short while in 1987 HP marketing attempted to coin the backronym ROM-based Procedural Language for it) is a handheld calculator operating system and application programming language used on Hewlett-Packard's scientific graphing RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) calculators of the HP 28, 48, 49 and 50 series, but it is also usable on non-RPN calculators, such as the 38, 39 and 40 series. RPL is a structured programming language based on RPN, but equally capable of processing algebraic expressions and formulae, implemented as a threaded interpreter. RPL has many similarities to Forth, both languages being stack-based, as well as the list-based LISP. Read more on Wikipedia...

Hello World in RPL for the HP-28, HP-48, HP-49 and HP-50 series pocket calculators. No comments possible. << "HELLO WORLD" 1 DISP 60 FREEZE >>
Example from Wikipedia:
«  0 @ Start with zero on the stack 1 10 @ Loop from 1 to 10 FOR I @ "I" is the local variable I + @ Add "I" to the running total NEXT @ Repeat... »

Language features

Feature Supported Token Example
Strings "
"Hello world"

Books about RPL on goodreads

title author year reviews ratings rating
An Introduction to Hp48 System Rpl & Assembly Language Programming James Donnelly 1995 0 0 0.0

Books about RPL from ISBNdb

title authors year publisher
Rpl (programming Language) Surhone and Lambert M. and Timpledon and Miriam T. and Marseken and Susan F. 2010
An Introduction To Hp48 System Rpl And Assembly Language Programming James Donnelly 1995 Armstrong Pub Co
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