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Pep8 - Assembly language

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Pep8 is an assembly language created in 2009.

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Pep/8 assembler and simulator for the textbook Computer Systems, J. Stanley Warford, Fourth edition

Example from the web:
BR main num: .EQUATE 0 main: SUBSP 2,i DECI num,s if: LDA num,s ANDA 0x0001,i BRNE else STRO even_msg,d BR endIf else: STRO odd_msg,d endIf: ADDSP 2,i STOP odd_msg: .ASCII "The number is: Odd\x00" even_msg: .ASCII "The number is: Even\x00" .END
Example from Linguist:
_start: LDA 0,i LDX 0,i LDA 20, i ADDA 51, i CPA 0,i BRLT s3 BR s4 s1: LDBYTEA s3, x NOTA STBYTEA s3, x ADDX 1,i CPX 12, i BRNE s1 s2: STOP s4: LDA 31, d LDX 50, d RET0 STOP s3: CPX -27746, d ANDX -8241, i SUBA -12337, sxf LDX -12289, sx .END
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