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orange - Programming language

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orange is a programming language created in 2014 by Robert Fratto.

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Orange is a systems programming language made to be as powerful as C++ with none of the headache. It aims to be very productive by baking the most important low- and high-level features directly into the language, instead of dealing with them through obtuse function calls.

Example from the web:
extern printf(char* s, ...) -> int32 class Person public char* name public Person(char* name) @name = name end end Person john = Person("Johnny") printf("Hello, %s!\n",

Keywords in orange

alias bool break catch char class const continue data def delete do double elif else enum extend extern false final finally float fro get if import int int16 int32 int64 int8 interface new of package private property protected public return set static string super this throw true try uint uint16 uint362 uint64 uint8 var virtual void where while

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Orange: A simple systems programming language 06/26/2015 55 38
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