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NATURAL - Programming language

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NATURAL is a programming language created in 1971.

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ADABAS, a contraction of “adaptable database system", is a database package that was developed by Software AG to run on IBM mainframes. Launched in 1971 as a non-relational software package, earnings reports for the package's vendor were being followed by The New York Times in the early 1980s.As of 2017, ADABAS is marketed for use on a wider range of platforms, including Linux, UNIX and Windows.. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from Wikipedia:
0010 * These two lines (0010 and 0020) 0020 ** are comments. 0030 FORMAT LS = 80 / * As well as this part of the line (0030) 0040 * NOTE: The "/ *" form has a space between the SLASH and ASTERISK. . . 0200 END

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