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Maxima - Programming language

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Maxima is a programming language created in 1982.

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Maxima is a computer algebra system (CAS) based on a 1982 version of Macsyma. It is written in Common Lisp and runs on all POSIX platforms such as macOS, Unix, BSD, and Linux, as well as under Microsoft Windows and Android. It is free software released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from hello-world:
print("Hello World")$

Keywords in Maxima

if then else elseif do while repeat until for from to downto step thru

Language features

Feature Supported Token Example
MultiLine Comments
While Loops
Strings "
"Hello world"
Print() Debugging print
Semantic Indentation X

Books about Maxima from ISBNdb

title authors year publisher
Finite Elements Using Maxima Andreas Öchsner; Resam Makvandi 20190521 Springer Nature
Maxima and Minima with Applications Wilfred Kaplan 2011-10-14 Wiley

Publications about Maxima from Semantic Scholar

title authors year citations influentialCitations
FPGA implementation of an Islanding detection technique for microgrid using periodic maxima of superimposed voltage components Praveen Kumar and Vishal Kumar and R. Pratap 2020 7 0
Search for Global Maxima in Multimodal Functions by Applying Numerical Optimization Algorithms: A Comparison between Golden Section and Simulated Annealing J. Guillot and Diego Restrepo-Leal and Carlos Robles-Algarín and I. Oliveros 2019 7 0
Maxima and Octave in Development of Online Applications: Service Based Approach K. Žáková 2014 4 0
Clifford Algebra Implementations in Maxima D. Prodanov 2017 1 0
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