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LYaPAS - Programming language

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LYaPAS is a programming language created in 1964 by Arkady D.Zakrevskij.

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Logical Language for the Representation of Synthesis Algorithms (LYaPAS, Russian: 袥携袩袗小) is a programming language created in the Soviet Union in 1964, by Arkady D.Zakrevskij of the Laboratory of System Programming and Logical Synthesis, of the Academy of Sciences of the Byelorussian SSR, since renamed the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.LYaPAS is an extension to the programming language APL, and was initially designed especially for non-numeric programming for the Soviet designed and built line of mainframe computers named Ural-1. An interesting feature of LYaPAS is its use of octal numbers. A further refinement of LYaPAS is LYaPAS-M.. Read more on Wikipedia...

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