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LOGLAN - Programming language

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LOGLAN is a programming language created in 1982.

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Loglan is a constructed language originally designed for linguistic research, particularly for investigating the Sapir鈥揥horf Hypothesis. The language was developed beginning in 1955 by Dr James Cooke Brown with the goal of making a language so different from natural languages that people learning it would think in a different way if the hypothesis were true. In 1960 Scientific American published an article introducing the language. Read more on Wikipedia...

Books about LOGLAN from ISBNdb

title authors year publisher
Report on the Loglan 82 Programming Language Polska Akademia Nauk and Antoni Mazurkiewicz January 1984 Pa?nstwowe Wydawn Nauk
Loglan '88 - Report On The Programming Language (lecture Notes In Computer Science) Antoni Kreczmar and Andrzej Salwicki and Marek Warpechowski 1990 Springer
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