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halide - Programming language

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halide is a programming language created in 2010.

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a language for fast, portable computation on images and tensors

Example from the web:
Func blur_3x3(Func input) { Func blur_x, blur_y; Var x, y, xi, yi; // The algorithm - no storage or order blur_x(x, y) = (input(x-1, y) + input(x, y) + input(x+1, y))/3; blur_y(x, y) = (blur_x(x, y-1) + blur_x(x, y) + blur_x(x, y+1))/3; // The schedule - defines order, locality; implies storage blur_y.tile(x, y, xi, yi, 256, 32) .vectorize(xi, 8).parallel(y); blur_x.compute_at(blur_y, x).vectorize(x, 8); return blur_y; }

Language features

Feature Supported Token Example
// A comment
Line Comments //
// A comment
Semantic Indentation X

Publications about halide from Semantic Scholar

title authors year citations influentialCitations
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Automatically translating image processing libraries to halide Maaz Bin Safeer Ahmad and Jonathan Ragan-Kelley and Alvin Cheung and S. Kamil 2019 21 1
Extending Halide to Improve Software Development for Imaging DSPs Sander Vocke and H. Corporaal and Roel Jordans and R. Corvino and Rick J. M. Nas 2017 8 0
Easy optimization of image transformation using sFFT algorithm with HALIDE language C. Thirumoorthi and T. Karthikeyan 2014 7 0
Accelerate DNN Performance with Sparse Matrix Compression in Halide Chao-Lin Lee and Chen-Ting Chao and Jenq-Kuen Lee and Ming-Yu Hung and Chung-Wen Huang 2019 6 0
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Halide and OpenMP for generating high-performance recursive filters Yuta Tsuji and Norishige Fukushima 2020 1 0
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