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GUIDO music notation

GUIDO music notation - Text data format

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GUIDO music notation is a text data format created in 1998 by Holger H. Hoos and Keith Hamel.

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GUIDO Music Notation is a computer music notation format designed to logically represent all aspects of music in a manner that is both computer-readable and easily readable by human beings. It was named after Guido of Arezzo, who pioneered today's conventional musical notation 1,000 years ago. GUIDO was first designed by Holger H. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from the web:
[ \clef<"treble"> \key<"D"> \meter<"4/4"> a1*1/2 b a/4. g/8 f#/4 g a/2 b a/4. g/8 f#/4 g a/2 a b c#2/4 d c#/2 b1 a/1 ]
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