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Gremlin - Query language

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Gremlin is a query language created in 2009 by Marko A. Rodriguez.

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Gremlin is a graph traversal language and virtual machine developed by Apache TinkerPop of the Apache Software Foundation. Gremlin works for both OLTP-based graph databases as well as OLAP-based graph processors. Gremlin's automata and functional language foundation enable Gremlin to naturally support imperative and declarative querying, host language agnosticism, user-defined domain specific languages, an extensible compiler/optimizer, single- and multi-machine execution models, hybrid depth- and breadth-first evaluation, as well as Turing Completeness. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from the web:
Example from Wikipedia:
g.V().match( as("a").label().is("person"), as("a").out("knows").as("b"), as("a").out("created").as("c"), as("b").out("created").as("c"), as("b").values("age").as("d"), as("d").is(gt(30))). select("a","b","c")
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