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GRAAL - Programming language

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GRAAL is a programming language created in 1986.

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Graal may refer to: A style of glassblowing Holy Grail, or "Graal" in older forms Graal-Müritz, a health resort by the Baltic Sea in Germany Graal Radio - internet streaming radio GraalVM, a Java virtual machine extension aiming to support more languages and execution modes Graal (album), an album by Polish rapper Tau (AKA Medium) Graal Online, an MMORPG for Windows, Linux, OS X, and iOS. The German Wikipedia has an article here.. Read more on Wikipedia...

Publications about GRAAL from Semantic Scholar

title authors year citations influentialCitations
Exploiting high-performance heterogeneous hardware for Java programs using graal James Clarkson and J. Fumero and Michail Papadimitriou and Foivos S. Zakkak and Maria Xekalaki and Christos Kotselidis and M. Luján 2018 14 0
Graal and truffle: modularity and separation of concerns as cornerstones for building a multipurpose runtime Thomas Würthinger 2014 7 0
An Empirical Study on Deoptimization in the Graal Compiler Y. Zheng and L. Bulej and Walter Binder 2017 4 0
Specializing a meta-interpreter: JIT compilation of dynsem specifications on the graal VM V. Vergu and E. Visser 2018 4 0
Graal — a Graph Algorithmic Language W. Rheinboldt and V. Basili and C. Mesztenyi 1972 1 0
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