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G枚del (Goedel)

G枚del (Goedel) - Programming language

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G枚del (Goedel) is a programming language created in 1992 by John Lloyd and Patricia Hill.

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G枚del is a declarative, general-purpose programming language that adheres to the logic programming paradigm. It is a strongly typed language, the type system being based on many-sorted logic with parametric polymorphism. It is named after logician Kurt G枚del.. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from Wikipedia:
MODULE GCD. IMPORT Integers. PREDICATE Gcd聽: Integer * Integer * Integer. Gcd(i,j,d) <- CommonDivisor(i,j,d) & ~ SOME [e] (CommonDivisor(i,j,e) & e > d). PREDICATE CommonDivisor聽: Integer * Integer * Integer. CommonDivisor(i,j,d) <- IF (i = 0 \/ j = 0) THEN d = Max(Abs(i),Abs(j)) ELSE 1 =< d =< Min(Abs(i),Abs(j)) & i Mod d = 0 & j Mod d = 0.
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