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FLUX - Programming language

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FLUX is a programming language created in 2014 by Paul O’Shannessy.

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Application Architecture for Building User Interfaces

Example from the web:
// concrete node signatures Listen () => (int socket); ReadRequest (int socket) => (int socket, bool close, image_tag *request); CheckCache (int socket, bool close, image_tag *request) => (int socket, bool close, image_tag *request); // omitted for space: // ReadInFromDisk, StoreInCache Compress (int socket, bool close, image_tag *request, __u8 *rgb_data) => (int socket, bool close, image_tag *request); Write (int socket, bool close, image_tag *request) => (int socket, bool close, image_tag *request); Complete (int socket, bool close, image_tag *request) => (); // source node source Listen => Image; // abstract node Image = ReadRequest -> CheckCache -> Handler -> Write -> Complete; // predicate type & dispatch typedef hit TestInCache; Handler:[_, _, hit] = ; Handler:[_, _, _] = ReadInFromDisk -> Compress -> StoreInCache; // error handler handle error ReadInFromDisk => FourOhFor; // atomicity constraints atomic CheckCache:{cache}; atomic StoreInCache:{cache}; atomic Complete:{cache};

Language features

Feature Supported Token Example
// A comment
Line Comments //
// A comment
Semantic Indentation X

Books about FLUX from ISBNdb

title authors year publisher
Dynamic Software Development: Managing Projects in Flux Wells, Timothy 2002 Auerbach Publications
Flux Architecture Adam Boduch 24-05-2016 Packt Publishing
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Flux Corrected Transport : Principles, Algorithms, and Applications Dimitri Kuzmin and Rainald Lohner and Stefan Turek 2005 Springer
Compromise programming approach to welding flux optimization Ayobami Allu and Ademola Adeyeye 2018-08-15 LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
Structural Optimization and Thermal modeling of Flux Switching Machine Noman Nisar 2015-03-16 LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
Dc Flux Parametron: A New Approach To Josephson Junction Logic Goto Eiichi 19860801 World Scientific Publishing

Publications about FLUX from Semantic Scholar

title authors year citations influentialCitations
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A Systems Biology Tool for Flux Analysis of Metabolic Pathways Karthik Raman and N. Chandra 2008 11 3
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Handling negative disjunction constraints (or_not_holds) in FLUX Yisong Liu and Zhihua Yin and Huijuan Zhu and Lili Wang 2010 1 0
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