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Fibonacci - Programming language

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Fibonacci is a programming language created in 1991 by Antonio Albano and Giorgio Ghelli and and Renzo Orsini.

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Fibonacci is an object-oriented database programming language characterized by static and strong typing, and by new mechanisms for modeling databases in terms of objects with roles, classes, and associations.

Example from the web:
let john = role Person private let address = var ("Darwin road, 123 - London") ;5 methods Name = "John Daniels"; BirthYear = 1967; Age = currentYear() - me.BirthYear; Address = at (address); modAddress (newAddress: String) = if stringLength(newAddress) <= 0 then failwith "incorrect address" else address := newAddress Introduce = "My name is " & me.Name & "and I was born in " ~ intToString(me.BirthYear); end;

Language features

Feature Supported Token Example
MultiLine Comments (* *)
(* A comment
(* query examples *)
Semantic Indentation X

Books about Fibonacci from ISBNdb

title authors year publisher
"Mathematics Of Harmony As A New Interdisciplinary Direction And ""Golden"" Paradigm Of Modern Science - Volume 1: The Golden Section, Fibonacci Numbers, Pascal Triangle, And Platonic Solids" Alexey Stakhov 20200505 World Scientific Publishing
Fibonacci number 81 Success Secrets - 81 Most Asked Questions On Fibonacci number - What You Need To Know Lois Mckay 20141011 Emereo
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