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Executable JSON

Executable JSON - Programming language

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Executable JSON is a programming language created in 2013 by Todd Davies.

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Example from the web:
[ {"x":9}, {"y":3}, ["print The value of x is: $x"], ["print The value of x is: $y"], ["print Now lets add x and y"], ["add $z $x $y"], ["print The answer is: $z"], ["print Now lets subtract y from x"], ["sub $z $x $y"], ["print The answer is: $z"], ["print Now lets divide x by y"], ["div $z $x $y"], ["print The answer is: $z"], ["print Now lets multiply x by y"], ["mul $z $x $y"], ["print The answer is: $z"], {"myMethod": { "params": [ "p1", "p2" ], "body": [ {"nestedMethod": { "params": [ "p1" ], "body": [ ["print Methods can be nested, and arguments can be trickled down."], ["print The result was: $p1"] ] } }, ["print You passed me: $p1 and $p2"], ["print Lets add them and pass the result into another method!"], ["add $p2 $p1 $p2"], ["!nestedMethod $p2"] ] } }, ["!myMethod $x $y"] ]

HackerNews discussions of Executable JSON

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Show HN: A programming language with a JSON parsable syntax 11/26/2013 3 0
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