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Document Structure Description

Document Structure Description - Xml format

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Document Structure Description is a xml format created in 2000.

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Document Structure Description, or DSD, is a schema language for XML, that is, a language for describing valid XML documents. It's an alternative to DTD or the W3C XML Schema. An example of DSD in its simplest form:" xmlns:my=""> This says that element named "foo" in the XML namespace "" may have two attributes, named "first" and "second". Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from the web:
<dsd xmlns="[permanent dead link]" xmlns:my=""> <if><element name="my:foo"/> <declare> <attribute name="first"/> <attribute name="second"/> <contents> <element name="my:bar"/> </contents> </declare> </if> <if><element name="my:bar"/> <declare> <contents> </contents> </declare> </if> </dsd>
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