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DIAGRAM - Programming language

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DIAGRAM is a programming language created in 1980.

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A diagram is a symbolic representation of information according to some visualization technique. Diagrams have been used since ancient times, but became more prevalent during the Enlightenment. Sometimes, the technique uses a three-dimensional visualization which is then projected onto a two-dimensional surface. Read more on Wikipedia...

Books about DIAGRAM from ISBNdb

title authors year publisher
PLC Controls with Ladder Diagram (LD): IEC 61131-3 and introduction to Ladder programming Antonsen, Tom Mejer 2021 Books on Demand
Fundamentals Of Ladder Diagram Programming Ryan G., Ph.d. Rosandich and Ryan G. Rosandich 1999 Ec & M Books
Plc Controls With Ladder Diagram (ld), Monochrome Tom Mejer Antonsen 2021 Bod – Books On Demand
An Introduction to Programmable Controllers & Ladder Diagram Programming Dingle and Brian

Publications about DIAGRAM from Semantic Scholar

title authors year citations influentialCitations
A State Transition Diagram Language for Visual Programming R. Jacob 1985 140 1
Automatic builder of class diagram (ABCD): an application of UML generation from functional requirements W. Karaa and Zeineb Ben Azzouz and Aarti Singh and N. Dey and A. Ashour and H. Ghézala 2016 37 1
Verification of a controller for a flexible manufacturing line written in Ladder Diagram via model-checking O. D. Smet and O. Rossi 2002 32 2
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Source Code Metrics for Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Ladder Diagram (LD) Visual Programming Language L. Kumar and R. Jetley and A. Sureka 2016 11 0
A Transformation Algorithm of Ladder Diagram into Instruction List Based on AOV Digraph and Binary Tree Ge Fen and Wu Ning 2006 10 0
Ladder diagram and sequential function chart languages in programmable controllers R. Wareham 1988 9 0
Green: a pedagogically customizable round-tripping UML class diagram Eclipse plug-in Carl Alphonce and Blake Martin 2005 9 1
Formal design methodology for transforming ladder diagram to Petri nets J. Quezada and J. Medina and E. Flores and J. C. Seck Tuoh and N. Hernández 2014 8 0
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Correctness of Recursive Flow Diagram Programs J. Goguen and J. Meseguer 1977 6 0
Digital computer simulation of sampled-data communication systems using the block diagram compiler: Blodib R. Golden 1966 5 0
Recursive method to obtain the parametric representation of a generic Feynman diagram I. González and I. Schmidt 2005 5 0
Network-based programming language education environment based on a modular program diagram Y. Miyadera and A. Tsuchiya and T. Yaku and Hideaki Konya 1996 5 1
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Bloqqi: modular feature-based block diagram programming Niklas Fors and G. Hedin 2016 5 0
Using Sequence Diagram to Support Aspect-Oriented Programming in MDA Jingjun Zhang and Yuejuan Chen and Guangyuan Liu and Hui Li 2009 4 1
HADDOCK: A Language and Architecture for Decision Diagram Compilation R. Gentzel and L. Michel and W. V. Hoeve 2020 4 0
Abstract Algorithms and Diagram Closure C. C. Elgot 1982 3 1
Petri net versus Ladder Diagram for controlling a process automation V. Năvrăpescu and I. Deaconu and A. Chirilă and A. Deaconu 2013 3 0
Improving Diagram Assessment in Mooshak Helder Correia and J. P. Leal and J. C. Paiva 2017 3 0
Programming of Sequential System in Ladder Diagram Language Wcislik Miroslaw 2003 3 0
Islay3D—A Programming Environment for Authoring Interactive 3D Animations in Terms of State-Transition Diagram Dan Kwong and Michitoshi Niibori and S. Okamoto and M. Kamada and T. Yonekura 2014 3 0
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