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CSVw - Data validation language

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CSVw, aka CSV on the Web, is a data validation language created in 2014 by Ivan Herman.

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The CSV on the Web Working Group has developed standard ways to express useful metadata about CSV files and other kinds of tabular data.

Example from the web:
{ "@context": "", "url": "countries.csv", "tableSchema": { "aboutUrl": "{code}", "columns": [{ "titles": "country", "name": "code" },{ "titles": "country group" },{ "titles": "name (en)", "lang": "en" },{ "titles": "name (fr)", "lang": "fr" },{ "titles": "name (de)", "lang": "de" },{ "titles": "latitude", "datatype": "number" },{ "titles": "longitude", "datatype": "number" }] } }
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