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CSP - Programming language

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CSP, aka Communicating Sequential Processes, is a programming language created in 1978.

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In computer science, communicating sequential processes (CSP) is a formal language for describing patterns of interaction in concurrent systems. It is a member of the family of mathematical theories of concurrency known as process algebras, or process calculi, based on message passing via channels. CSP was highly influential in the design of the occam programming language, and also influenced the design of programming languages such as Limbo, RaftLib, Go, Crystal, and Clojure's core.async. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from the web:
COPY = *[c:character; west?c → east!c]

Books about CSP on goodreads

title author year reviews ratings rating
Csp: A Developer's Guide Shashi Malik 1992 0 0 0.0
CSP as a Coordination Language Kleine Moritz 0 0 0.0

Books about CSP from ISBNdb

title authors year publisher
Two papers on CSP A. W. Roscoe Oxford, England : Oxford University Computing Laboratory, Programming Research Group, [1988]
The Sliding-window Protocol In Csp K. Paliwoda and J. W. Sanders Oxford, England : Oxford University Computing Laboratory, Programming Research Group, 1988.
Probabilities And Priorities In Timed Csp Oxford, England : Oxford University Computing Laboratory, Programming Research Group, C1993.
A Brief History Of Timed Csp Jim Davies and Steve Schneider Oxford, England : Oxford University Computing Laboratory, Programming Research Group, 1992.
The Timed Failures-stability Model For Csp G. M. Reed and A. W. Roscoe Oxford [england] : Oxford University Computing Laboratory, Programming Research Group, C1996.

Publications about CSP from Semantic Scholar

title authors year citations influentialCitations
The Quest Goes on: A Survey of Proofsystems for Partial Correctness of CSP J. Hooman and W. P. Roever 1986 45 0
A Reasoning Method for Timed CSP Based on Constraint Solving J. Dong and Ping Hao and Jun Sun and Xian Zhang 2006 43 1
Embedding as a Tool for Language Comparison: On the CSP Hierarchy F. S. Boer and C. Palamidessi 1991 27 1
Practical Application of CSP and FDR to Software Design Jonathan Lawrence 2004 20 2
A CSP Model for Mobile Channels P. Welch and F. Barnes 2008 20 1
Bridging CSP and C++ with selective formalism and executable specifications W. B. Gardner 2003 18 0
CSP as a Domain-Specific Language Embedded in Python and Jython S. Mount and Mohammad Hammoudeh and Sam Wilson and R. Newman 2009 15 0
Verification of Distributed Embedded Real-Time Systems and their Low-Level Implementations Using Timed CSP B. Bartels and S. Glesner 2011 13 1
A programming environment for CSP N. Delisle and M. Schwartz 1987 13 1
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Unfolding CSP M. Bundgaard and R. Milner 2010 3 0
A Verified Protocol to Implement Multi-way Synchronisation and Interleaving in CSP M. Oliveira and Ivan Soares de Medeiros Júnior and J. Woodcock 2013 3 0
Development of an ML-based Verification Tool for Timed CSP Processes T. Yamakawa and T. Ohashi and C. Fukunaga 2011 2 0
Mise en Scene: Converting Scenarios to CSP Traces in Support of Requirements-Based Programming J. Carter and W. B. Gardner 2007 2 0
Tools for teaching CCRs, monitors, and CSP concurrent programming concepts R. Olsson and Carole M. McNamee 1995 1 0
CSP for Parallelising Brzozowski's DFA Construction Algorithm Tinus Strauss and B. Watson and D. Kourie and L. Cleophas 2017 1 0
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