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Compiler-Compiler - Programming language

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Compiler-Compiler is a programming language created in 1963.

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In computer science, a compiler-compiler or compiler generator is a programming tool that creates a parser, interpreter, or compiler from some form of formal description of a programming language and machine. The input may be a text file containing the grammar written in BNF or EBNF that defines the syntax of a programming language, and whose generated output is some source code of the parser for the programming language, although other definitions exist. Usually, the resulting source code will have to be extended upon before a complete compiler emerges.A metacompiler is a software development tool used chiefly in the construction of compilers, translators, and interpreters for other programming languages. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from Wikipedia:
expr_gen(ADD[expr_gen(x),expr_gen(y)]) => <AR + (x*16)+y;> releasereg(y); return x; (SUB[expr_gen(x),expr_gen(y)])=> <SR + (x*16)+y;> releasereg(y); return x; (MUL[expr_gen(x),expr_gen(y)])=> . . . (x)=> r1 = getreg(); load(r1, x); return r1; ...
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