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CLOS - Programming language

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CLOS is a programming language created in 1988.

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The Common Lisp Object System (CLOS) is the facility for object-oriented programming which is part of ANSI Common Lisp. CLOS is a powerful dynamic object system which differs radically from the OOP facilities found in more static languages such as C++ or Java. CLOS was inspired by earlier Lisp object systems such as MIT Flavors and CommonLoops, although it is more general than either. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from Wikipedia:
; declare the common argument structure prototype (defgeneric f (x y)) ; define an implementation for (f integer t), where t matches all types (defmethod f ((x integer) y) 1) (f 1 2.0) => 1 ; define an implementation for (f integer real) (defmethod f ((x integer) (y real)) 2) (f 1 2.0) => 2 ; dispatch changed at runtime

Language features

Feature Supported Token Example
; A comment
Line Comments ;
; A comment
Semantic Indentation X

Books about CLOS from ISBNdb

title authors year publisher
Object-Oriented Programming: The CLOS Perspective 1993 The MIT Press
Object-Oriented Programming in COMMON LISP: A Programmer's Guide to CLOS Keene, Sonya E. 1988-08-01T00:00:01Z Addison-Wesley Professional
Object-Oriented Programming: The CLOS Perspective (The MIT Press) 1993 The MIT Press
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