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CGOL - Programming language

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CGOL is a programming language created in 1973 by Vaughan Ronald Pratt.

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CGOL (pronounced "see goll") is an alternative syntax featuring an extensible algebraic notation for the Lisp programming language. It was designed for MACLISP by Vaughan Pratt and subsequently ported to Common Lisp.The notation of CGOL is a traditional infix notation, in the style of ALGOL, rather than Lisp's traditional, uniformly-parenthesized prefix notation syntax. The CGOL parser is based on Pratt's design for top-down operator precedence parsing, sometimes informally referred to as a "Pratt parser". Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from the web:
for i in 1 to n do for k in 1 to n do (ac := 0; for j in 1 to n do ac := ac + a(i,j)*b(j,k); c(i,k) := ac)
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