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BLISS - Programming language

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BLISS is a programming language created in 1969 by William Wulf.

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BLISS is a system programming language developed at Carnegie Mellon University by W. A. Wulf, D. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from Wikipedia:
MODULE E1 (MAIN = CTRL) = BEGIN FORWARD ROUTINE CTRL, STEP; ROUTINE CTRL = !+ ! This routine inputs a value, operates on it, and ! then outputs the result. !- BEGIN EXTERNAL ROUTINE GETNUM, ! Input a number from terminal PUTNUM; ! Output a number to terminal LOCAL X, ! Storage for input value Y; ! Storage for output value GETNUM(X); Y = STEP(.X); PUTNUM(.Y) END; ROUTINE STEP(A) = !+ ! This routine adds 1 to the given value. !- (.A+1); END ELUDOM

Language features

Feature Supported Token Example
! A comment
Line Comments !
! A comment
Semantic Indentation X
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