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BANCStar - Programming language

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BANCStar is a programming language created in 1996.

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BANCStar is a specialist computer programming language for financial applications. The language is an internal language for the National Financial Computer Services, Inc (later Broadway & Seymour) BANCStar application, which is software to automate the operations of a bank branch.The language is a fixed format four integer command language NFCS internally referred to as "Screen Code". It resembles an esoteric programming language; so much so that it has sometimes been mistaken for a joke language. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from Wikipedia:
8607,,,1 11547,15475,22002,22002 1316,1629,1,1649 3001,1316,3,30078 11528,22052,22002,22002 9301,0,1528,1528 31568,10001,800,107 8560,,,1568 8550,210,, 3001,,, 3100,1316,3,30089 11547,15475,22002,22002 3001,1316,3,30089 3001,1317,3,10000 8400,,, 8550,700,801, 3001,,, 9301,0,522,522 3000,1284,3,10001 8500,,3, 8500,,5, 1547,,1,-2301
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