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Arden syntax

Arden syntax - Data notation

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Arden syntax is a data notation created in 1992.

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Example from the web:
maintenance: title: To check the diastolic blood pressure of the patient;; mlmname: Hypotension;; arden: version 2.7;; version: 1.00;; institution: Latrobe University Bundoora;; author: Lakshmi Devineni;; specialist: ;; date: 2013-06-02;; validation: testing;; library: purpose: check if the diastolic blood pressure of the patient is within limits;; explanation: This MLM is an example for reading data and writing a message;; keywords: hypotension; categorization;; citations: ;; links:;; knowledge: type: data_driven;; data: /* read the diastolic blood pressure */ diastolic_blood_pressure := read last {diastolic blood pressure}; /* the value in braces is specific to your runtime environment */ /* If the height is lower than height_threshold, output a message */ diastolic_pressure_threshold := 60; stdout_dest := destination {stdout}; ;; evoke: null_event;; logic: if (diastolic_blood_pressure is not number) then conclude false; endif; if (diastolic_blood_pressure >= diastolic_pressure_threshold) then conclude true; else conclude false; endif; ;; action: write "Your Diastolic Blood Pressure is too low (hypotension)" at stdout_dest; ;; resources: default: de ;; language: en 'msg' : "The normal range from 60 to 90"; ;; language: de 'msg' : "Der Normalbereich von 60 bis 90"; ;; end:

Language features

Feature Supported Token Example
Booleans true false
/* A comment
MultiLine Comments /* */
/* A comment
Semantic Indentation X
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