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Velocity - Template language

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Velocity is a template language created in 2003.

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Apache Velocity is a Java-based template engine that provides a template language to reference objects defined in Java code. It aims to ensure clean separation between the presentation tier and business tiers in a Web application (the model–view–controller design pattern). Velocity is an open source software project hosted by the Apache Software Foundation. Read more on Wikipedia...

<HTML> <!-- Hello World in Velocity --> <BODY> #set( $foo = "Hello World" ) $foo </BODY> </HTML>
Example from Wikipedia:
<html> <body> Hello Velocity World! </body> </html>

Language features

Feature Supported Token Example
Strings "
"Hello world"

Books about Velocity from ISBNdb

title authors year publisher
Accelerating Development Velocity Using Docker: Docker Across Microservices Jangla, Kinnary 2018 Apress
Surfcam Velocity III Su-Chen Jonathon Lin; Dave Zamora 2022 Scholars International Publishing Corp.

Publications about Velocity from Semantic Scholar

title authors year citations influentialCitations
A PDL Approach for Qualitative Velocity A. Burrieza and Emilio Muñoz-Velasco and M. Ojeda‐Aciego 2011 12 0
High velocity impact and fragmentation of concrete : numerical simulation B. Irhan 2014 4 0
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