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Algol - Programming language

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Algol is a programming language created in 1958.

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ALGOL (short for Algorithmic Language) is a family of imperative computer programming languages, originally developed in the mid-1950s, which greatly influenced many other languages and was the standard method for algorithm description used by the ACM in textbooks and academic sources for more than thirty years. In the sense that the syntax of most modern languages is "Algol-like", it was arguably the most influential of the four high-level programming languages among which it was roughly contemporary: FORTRAN, Lisp, and COBOL. It was designed to avoid some of the perceived problems with FORTRAN and eventually gave rise to many other programming languages, including PL/I, Simula, BCPL, B, Pascal, and C. Read more on Wikipedia...

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print(("Hello, world!",new line))
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Language features

Feature Supported Token Example
Assignment :=

Books about Algol on goodreads

title author year reviews ratings rating
primer of ALGOL 60 programming. Edsger W. Dijkstra 1962 1 4 4.25
Algol-Like Languages Peter O'Hearn 1996 0 1 5.00
Algol 60 Implementation: The Translation And Use Of Algol 60 Programs On A Computer B. Randell 1 1 4.00
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Introductory Algol 68 Programming D. F Brailsford 1979 0 0 0.0
Programming: ALGOL, D.J. Malcolme-Lawes 1969 0 0 0.0
Programming In Algol J.S. Rohl 1970 0 0 0.0

Books about Algol from ISBNdb

title authors year publisher
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Articles On Algol Programming Language Family, Including Hephaestus Books 2011
Introductory Algol 68 Programming (computers And Their Applications) D. F Brailsford 1979 Halsted Press
Programming And Problem-solving In Algol 68 (macmillan Computer Science Series) Andrew John Theodore Colin 1977 Macmillan
Introduction To The Formal Definition Of Algol 68 (annual Review In Automatic Programming) Andrew D. Mcgettrick 1978 Elsevier
Compilers By Programming Language: Algol 60 Compilers, Assemblers, Basic Compilers, C++ Compilers, Cfml Compilers, C Compilers Group and Books and LLC 2010

Publications about Algol from Semantic Scholar

title authors year citations influentialCitations
Report on the Algorithmic Language ALGOL the ACM committee on programming languages and the GAMM committee on programming A. Perlis and K. Samelson 1959 32 1
Note on Algol and conservatively extending functional programming P. O'Hearn 1996 8 0
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Embracing the Algol Effort in Czechoslovakia Helena Durnova 2014 1 0
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A course in Algol programming : including the revised report on the algorithmiclanguage Algol 60 : including the revised report on the algorithmic language Algol 60 G. F. Schaefler 1966 1 0
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