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buzz zig
Bun zig
bog zig
Xoc zeta
SectorC x86-assembly
V vim-script
Eve typescript
Speedie speedie cpp
Rholang scala c cpp python
weebasic rust freebasic
UCG rust
noulith rust
KavaScript rust
Deno rust
Brain-Flak ruby
Red red
Readable red
hazel reason
Slideshow racket scheme
video racket
turnstile-plus racket
Liso racket
SciPy python fortran c cpp
TensorFlow python cpp cuda
Scikit-learn python c cpp
NumPy python c
Tea python
Sqlalchemy python
Pygments python
Pandas python
Natural Language Toolkit python
Mindsdb python
Manim python
lamderp python
Coconut python
Charcoal python
Simplicity php c tcl haskell
Yes It Is php
WordPress php
Typoscript php
Functional PHP Preprocessor php
Reason ocaml
Nim nim
datev mps kernel
MoonScript lua
Djot lua
Dendral lisp
Typecast.js javascript
Taijilang javascript
Sweet.js javascript
Prism javascript
noisecraft javascript
Nearley javascript
LiteScript javascript
Jammy javascript
highlight.js javascript
Ham javascript
GorillaScript javascript
Dojo javascript
ColaScript javascript
Differential Datalog java c python
Hadoop Distributed File System java
Ceylon java
Apache Hbase java
Z haskell
Pandoc haskell
Pact haskell
Megaparsec haskell
Lucid haskell
Koka haskell
JSON lambda haskell
Idris haskell
Elm haskell
carp haskell
attoparsec haskell
TQL grammar javascript
gogs-editor go java
Jule go c cpp
Slope go
Goal go
aretext go
Macchiato elixir
Elixir elixir
Quaint earl-grey
Iode d
Dafny csharp
invokator cpp javascript
CouchDB cpp c javascript erlang python elixir
MongoDB cpp c javascript
Zeta cpp
Yacas cpp
XGBoost cpp
WebAssembly cpp
vdscript cpp
v8 cpp
tiledb cpp
Stan cpp
Squirrel cpp
Solidity cpp
ROOT cpp
Qt cpp
OpenNN cpp
Om cpp
mdl cpp
lobster cpp
GNU Data Language cpp
Ciel cpp
AviSynth cpp
Parenscript common-lisp
Chapel chapel
Iterm2 c python
Textadept c lua
Node.js c cpp javascript
QOIR c cpp go
Homa c cpp
GCC c cpp
ugBASIC c assembly-language
Zuo c
Yacc c
Wren c
Toy c
SQLite c
Sprite Operating System c
Redis c
PostgreSQL c
I c
GNU Linear Programming Kit c
FFmpeg c
ex c
ed c
Broccoli c
Berkeley DB c
tea bash typescript c
SubL allegro-common-lisp

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