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Object-Z z-notation zpp
Z++ z-notation
Alloy z-notation
Lex yacc unix c regex bison ragel
S/SL yacc pl-i euclid turing ada cobol
JSONiq xquery sql json xml isbn
HAL/S xpl pl-i ada fortran fortress
YAWL xpath xquery
XQuery xpath sql lisp prolog xml java csharp jsoniq json isbn
Xupdate xml xquery
Service Modeling Language xml xpath
UIML xml xaml java
XAML xml visual-studio-editor csharp xbl html javascript linux
BPML xml uml bpel bpmn
Protocol Buffers xml thrift java csharp python go ruby objective-c perl php scala julia
Nested Context Language xml synchronized-multimedia-integration-language
Edge Side Includes xml ssi
WSDL xml soap bpel
Geography Markup Language xml rdf kml
Systems Biology Markup Language xml rdf java python mathematica matlab mime
Kid templating language xml python template-attribute-language php genshi
Genshi xml python html kid
XBEL xml python
Parser 3 xml pcre
VML xml ooxml svg javascript excel-app html
PhyloXML xml nexus-format newick-format
Creole xml mediawiki tiddlywiki
Ini xml linux unix php unicode c json yaml
IBM HAScript xml jvm
XProc xml java xquery xpath
Unicode xml java utf-8 isbn rfc ascii freebsd seed7 python jvm html mime
DTD xml html
XGMML xml graph-modeling-language sgml
KML xml geo-ml collada
Office Open XML xml excel-app
Enterprise Mashup Markup Language xml eclipse-editor json javascript jruby groovy xquery html xpath
MusicXML xml dtd sibelius-software javascript
COLLADA xml delphi kml godot-game-engine unity-engine maple python objective-c javascript webgl vrml
XML Binding Language xml css svg
SVG xml css javascript pdf synchronized-multimedia-integration-language ecmascript gzip url html android dxf gnuplot vml
XPath xml css java csharp python javascript xproc xquery json unicode c free-pascal perl php ruby scheme sql mysql postgresql tcl
TOM xml c java
Scriptol xml
RuleML xml
o:XML xml
FXML xml
Fuzzy Markup Language xml
Election Markup Language xml
3D Manufacturing Format xml
XBase++ xbase clipper visual-foxpro visual-objects
Clipper xbase c visual-objects visual-basic delphi xbasepp linux unix visual-foxpro sql dbase
Turbo Assembler x86-isa turbo-pascal turbo-basic microsoft-macro-assembler
F-Script x86-isa smalltalk apl
Racket x86-isa powerpc sparc mips arm scheme eiffel rust clojure lisp java unicode json unix linux arc
Turbo Pascal x86-isa pascal assembly-language ucsd-pascal turbo-assembler microsoft-macro-assembler java modula-2 object-pascal free-pascal c visual-studio-editor delphi
x86-64 x86-isa mips sparc ia-32 freebsd linux opengl powerpc solaris visual-studio-editor
Nu x86-isa lisp objective-c ruby linux f-script
ARM x86-isa java-bytecode bbc-basic verilog c assembly-language java csharp perl python mmx javascript android unix ios freebsd linux
Assembly language x86-isa fortran algol lisp gas x86-assembly punched-tape ia-32 autocoder pl-i cobol c unix espol turbo-pascal visual-basic pascal hla wasm
SequenceL x86-isa arm linux opencl c csharp fortran java python lisp haskell pascal eclipse-editor
Object Pascal x86-isa arm free-pascal powerpc sparc mips oxygene java javascript turbo-pascal pascal simula smalltalk csharp genie nim ios linux freebsd solaris ecmascript morfik visual-studio-editor android delphi
IA-32 x86-isa
Microsoft Macro Assembler x86-assembly c visual-studio-editor mmx turbo-assembler assembly-language
Netwide Assembler x86-assembly assembly-language x86-isa ia-32 linux coff elf powerpc sparc
X PixMap x-bitmap c ascii
REST wsdl soap url xml html json http javascript
Mathematica wolfram linux c java modelica sql fortran cuda opencl http eclipse-editor visual-studio-editor haskell applescript racket visual-basic python clojure excel-app matlab sagemath mongodb wsdl labview
Wolfram Mathematica wolfram linux c java modelica sql fortran cuda opencl http eclipse-editor visual-studio-editor haskell applescript racket visual-basic python clojure excel-app matlab sagemath mongodb wsdl labview
WML wml xml html wmlscript
WML wireless-markup-language c perl unix html haml
Chrome wasm object-pascal csharp eiffel java f-sharp delphi swift free-pascal
Visual Studio Code visual-studio-editor typescript javascript linux ia-32 git json c csharp clojure coffeescript css f-sharp go groovy html ini java less lua makefile markdown objective-c perl php powershell python r ruby rust sql swift visual-basic xml yaml
Visual Studio visual-studio-code-editor csharp git c f-sharp javascript typescript xml html css python ruby mumps java jsharp regex uml linq cli-assembly visual-basic visual-foxpro sql asp jvm cil linux vba ml solidity xaml azure microsoft-small-basic
FoxPRO visual-foxpro dbase linux freebsd
Visual Basic visual-studio-editor basic gambas xojo basic4ppc ns-basic vba perl pascal fortran vbscript ruby quickbasic autocad-app asp winwrap-basic lotusscript
WinWrap Basic visual-basic vbscript jscript vba hummingbird-quickscript
Visual DialogScript visual-basic delphi
Basic4ppc visual-basic basic xml
LotusScript visual-basic
Zimbu vim-editor vi-editor python
Property Specification Language vhdl verilog systemverilog
SystemVerilog verilog vhdl openvera java c property-specification-language axiom
VHDL verilog ada pascal vhdl-ams property-specification-language isbn
CHIP-8 verilog
General feature format vcf-format
ASP vbscript jscript html csharp java-server-pages php
Extensible Linking Format unix x86-isa ascii linux solaris freebsd sparc mips powerpc arm risc-v coff preferred-executable-format android atmel-avr ia-32
MUSIC/SP unix watfiv pascal pl-i basic apl algol ibm-rpg gpss rexx multics
Daisy Systems unix vhdl
Microsoft Notepad unix unicode utf-8 ascii
Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format unix unicode ascii
Unicon unix uml unicode rebol curl
grep unix regex perl
Ciao unix prolog c java
Little Implementation Language unix pl360
TMG unix pl-i fortran b bcpl yacc
Regular Expressions unix perl sed awk ascii snobol grep vi-editor emacs-editor tcl postgresql unicode perl-6 peg sgml pcre php java python ecmascript linux vim-editor javascript ruby c lisp utf-8 isbn
Visual DataFlex unix mysql postgresql linux visual-dataflex visual-basic
PIKT unix linux solaris freebsd
S-PLUS unix linux s excel-app spss solaris eclipse-editor r
UniVerse unix linux pick-operating-system xml ascii
LINC 4GL unix linux java asp cobol work-flow-language jade newp
Text Adventure Development System unix linux inform c pascal java utf-8 z-machine csharp
ProvideX unix linux business-basic
Yabasic unix linux
Easytrieve unix linux
Asymptote unix latex postscript pdf svg tex python
Diff unix grep emacs-editor regex c bourne-shell fortran modula-2 lisp isbn doi
DEMOS unix freebsd ios linux android solaris
Common Object File Format unix elf c
Troff unix bcpl assembly-language c latex scheme unicode tex scribe
Yacc unix b c bison ocaml ratfor ada pascal java python ruby go common-lisp
JCL unix assembly-language clist
Bourne shell unix algol-68 c almquist-shell bash rc linux
ObjDump unix
Coco/R unicode utf-8 java csharp pascal modula-2 modula-3 codegear-delphi python ruby eclipse-editor antlr javacc
HFS Plus unicode ios linux hfs ntfs powerpc x86-isa
IBM 1620 unicode assembly-language fortran
UTF-8 unicode ascii xml html css mysql java tcl unix
DRAKON uml perl tcl linux c csharp d erlang go java javascript lua processing python verilog isbn
XUML uml mysql isbn
SysML uml energese-notation
DIAGRAM uml drakon ladder-logic
BPMN uml bpel xml yawl
Avionics Architecture Design Language uml
TCP udp ftp http smtp tls linux
BASIC09 ucsd-pascal microsoft-basic
SuperBASIC tymshare-superbasic isbn
TXL turing yacc refal
Turbo Basic turbo-basic-xl turbo-basic basic qbasic quickbasic algol assembly-language x86-isa mmx
PowerBASIC turbo-basic-xl turbo-basic basic qbasic quickbasic algol assembly-language x86-isa mmx
Turbo-Basic XL turbo-basic atari-basic optimized-systems-software
Linda tuple-space c fortran csharp erlang go java javascript lisp lua prolog python ruby swift ada doi
SAM file format tsv bam-format fastq-format
CSV tsv ascii unicode utf-8 fortran html xml excel-app unix emacs-editor awk
Color BASIC trs-80-color-computer microsoft-basic basic c assembly-language ascii
Advanced Message Queuing Protocol tls erlang
Li-Chen Wang tiny-basic processor-technology
ARexx tex rexx
LaTeX tex pdf xml css html xetex solaris freebsd linux postscript lyx-editor perl unix bibtex
CWEB tex c java pascal
Real-time Cmix tcp linux minc c supercollider
Expect tcl unix regex python ruby perl
Tea tcl java scheme xml jvm
XOTcl tcl clos
Snit tcl
Tandem Advanced Command Language tal
Scheme t lisp algol clojure common-lisp dylan eulisp haskell javascript julia lua r s racket ruby rust scala planner ikarus larceny unicode s-expressions fortran c guile emacs-lisp android
Verilog systemverilog c vhdl openvera property-specification-language
OpenVera systemverilog
AMOS stos-basic basic blitzbasic arexx
Logo starlogo netlogo smalltalk etoys scratch rebol lisp trs-80-color-computer objectlogo acornsoft-logo python jquery squeak
NetLogo starlogo logo isbn scala java
Isabelle standard-ml coq
ML standard-ml caml iswim clojure coq cyclone elm f-sharp fstar haskell idris miranda nemerle ocaml opa erlang rust scala lisp ats alice dependent-ml lazyml clean
Extended ML standard-ml
Newsqueak squeak newspeak c csp alef go limbo rust smalltalk
Etoys squeak logo smalltalk hypercard starlogo scratch lisp python
Scratch squeak actionscript linux logo smalltalk hypercard starlogo etoys snap android python java basic arduino javascript blockly kodu-game-lab microsoft-small-basic
SQL sql-92 datalog linq powershell c sql-psm sqlpl transact-sql mysql pl-sql ada postgresql plpgsql java perl python tcl javascript xml xquery dot-ql isbl quel mumps isbn doi
Data Access Language sql unix pl-sql transact-sql hypercard
PL/SQL sql transact-sql postgresql plpgsql sql-psm object-pascal free-pascal java sqlite sqlpl
SQLPL sql sql-psm pl-sql
Cypher Query Language sql sparql
Nomad software sql ramis-software assembly-language focus cobol unix excel-app
Transact-SQL sql pl-sql plpgsql sql-psm
OpenEdge ABL sql isbn
Query by Example sql graphql
Structured Query Reporter sql c cobol
SQL-92 sql c ada mumps sql-psm
Clarion sql ascii csv foxpro dbase xml html pdf turbo-pascal
QUEL sql
Pro*C sql*C
OpenROAD sql
SNOBOL spitbol icon lua comit trac javascript awk perl regex algol cobol prolog apl basic fortran c ada unicon
Laning and Zierler system speedcoding punched-tape
Fortran speedcoding algol-58 basic c chapel cms-2 pl-i pact-i mumps ratfor assembly-language laning-and-zierler-system 1620sps ucsd-pascal watfiv ascii modula-2 ada mortran ratfiv jcl simscript f
PACT I speedcoding
C# spec-sharp eiffel java modula-3 object-pascal ml visual-basic icon haskell rust jsharp f-sharp chapel crystal d dart hack kotlin monkey nemerle oxygene swift vala unity-engine c turbo-pascal smalltalk linq a-sharp ada cil fortran visual-studio-editor morfik
Ada spark ravenscar-profile algol-68 pascal smalltalk java eiffel chapel nim pl-sql plpgsql ruby rust seed7 sql-psm vhdl unicode lisp setl algol algol-60 apse
Tymshare SuperBasic sparc solaris basic
Mary sparc algol-68 c algol
CLU sparc algol-60 lisp simula ada argus lua ruby sather swift algol ml cpl java python csharp perl
Secure Operations Language solidity
DTrace solaris freebsd linux c assembly-language java erlang javascript perl php python ruby tcl mysql postgresql
SPITBOL snobol sparc
COMIT snobol perl
Snowball snobol java ascii c
Icon snobol algol python unicon c pascal java smalltalk clu
DNS Zone smtp
ObjectPAL smalltalk visual-basic
Visual Smalltalk Enterprise smalltalk squeak
CLAIRE smalltalk setl ops5 lisp ml c java ocaml scala f-sharp
Strongtalk smalltalk self java javascript
Newspeak smalltalk self beta
Io smalltalk newtonscript self lua lisp python ioke
Self smalltalk newtonscript javascript io agora squeak lisaac lua factor rebol java solaris linux c cecil ioke
Squeak smalltalk newsqueak ios pharo lisp logo simula self etoys scratch linux
VisualWorks smalltalk linux unix fortran pascal ada squeak ntfs
Pharo smalltalk linux squeak newspeak visualworks
Lingo smalltalk hypertalk javascript actionscript
Smalltalk MT smalltalk c
ThingLab smalltalk
Lithe smalltalk
Flex language smalltalk
Microsoft Small Basic smallbasic logo qbasic basic csharp xml visual-studio-editor visual-basic visual-studio-code-editor robomind scratch
SBASIC smallbasic basic mbasic
SAC sisal c haskell nesl nial fortran
Beta BASIC sinclair-basic bbc-basic sam-coupe
BETA simula eiffel
QUIKSCRIPT simscript
Mathcad si mathematica maple
AGC si assembly-language
International System of Quantities si
XML sgml unicode soap ooxml utf-8 ascii html regex xpath xquery scala java smalltalk php python ecmascript rdf javascript hytime json yaml s-expressions
HTML sgml css javascript webgl dtd rfc xml unicode utf-8 http fat
ABC setl algol-68 python basic pascal awk c unix isbn
ProSet setl
Ladder Logic sequential-function-chart basic c
Urbiscript self io c
REBOL self forth lisp logo json red javascript c algol s-expressions peg
NewtonScript self dylan smalltalk javascript lisp lua io
Chomski sed unix grep unicode c
Sieve mail filtering language sed awk unicode smtp
GML script sgml xml ipf
Hopscotch scratch python
MOO scheme smalltalk self c ada muf lpc pike linden-scripting-language
K scheme q apl sql j sql-92 solaris linux
LilyPond scheme metafont postscript python linux freebsd musicxml pdf svg guile latex tex utf-8 emacs-editor org mediawiki sibelius-software
Qalb scheme lisp
CHICKEN scheme linux ios android stalin
Joy scheme fp factor forth unlambda c symbol
T scheme eulisp joule c common-lisp
Cadence SKILL scheme common-lisp lisp
MDL scheme common-lisp java prolog smalltalk simula
Gauche Scheme implementation scheme clos guile
Stalin scheme chicken
Ikarus Scheme implementation scheme c llvmir c--
UNLAMBDA scheme c java
Larceny Scheme implementation scheme arm c sparc
PICO scheme
MacroML scheme
Game Oriented Assembly Lisp scheme
SPARK scala java python linux ada eiffel z-notation
Stylus sass css jade python
TRAC sam76 emacs-editor ttm
CRAM file format sam-format bam-format python java c
SA-C sac-programming-language
PS-algol s-algol
RDoc ruby-document-format
Sass ruby yaml haml less stylus css php c java go eclipse-editor emacs-editor visual-studio-editor vim-editor visual-studio-code-editor
Ruby Document format ruby rdoc pod
Ruby on Rails ruby json xml html javascript jquery coffeescript sass rest nginx-config soap erb jruby mysql postgresql scala
HAML ruby html php asp java-server-pages erb ascii utf-8 rails css bbcode yaml sass wml
EML rfc unix mime
Dc reverse-polish-notation unix c
Mouse reverse-polish-notation assembly-language pascal isbn
GEORGE reverse-polish-notation
reStructuredText rest java pod perl python cmake markdown org textile html asciidoc txt2tags
Swagger rest
Gremlin regex xpath sparql sql java jvm groovy scala
PCRE regex c perl php r cmake unicode ascii utf-8 python
PEG regex
Augmented Backus-Naur Form regex–Naur_form
MakeDoc rebol html xml vi-editor emacs-editor
Gellish rdf xml owl
OWL rdf xml html axiom turtle sql prolog uml
SPARQL rdf sql xquery turtle geo-ml
Turtle rdf sparql xml utf-8
Adenine rdf python lisp rdf owl turtle json csv url
Ruby rails c yarv jruby ada clu dylan eiffel lisp lua perl python smalltalk clojure coffeescript crystal d elixir falcon groovy ioke julia mirah nu rust swift unicode regex yaml json xml java csharp jvm llvmir javascript objective-c parrot-vm linux solaris
S r s-plus c apl polymorphic-programming-language fortran unix postscript
Sweave r latex lyx-editor knitr
Knitr r latex lyx-editor html markdown asciidoc restructuredtext sweave python perl coffeescript rstudio-editor
VBA quickbasic visual-basic excel-app autocad-app basic microsoft-basic vbscript jscript csharp visual-studio-editor
QBasic quickbasic gw-basic qb64 microsoft-small-basic linux freebsd
XBLite quickbasic basic m4
Alpha quel sql
LyX qt latex linux xetex bibtex subversion
QuickBASIC qbasic basic gw-basic visual-basic linux freebasic qb64 powerbasic turbo-basic
Q q-equational-programming-language scheme k apl sql
Python for S60 python unix opl
Meson python unix c d java rust vala visual-studio-editor cmake ninja
Keras python tensorflow ios android
AsciiDoc python ruby xml html tex unix java
Judoscript python ruby perl smalltalk java
Django python regex html xml json nginx-config postgresql mysql sqlite mongodb jython ruby perl php erlang isbn
Spyder python qt linux numpy scipy matplotlib pandas cython regex vim-editor
Matplotlib python numpy qt opengl matlab scipy gnuplot julia octave maxima excel-app jython sagemath
Sublime Text python linux textmate-editor regex wordpress emacs-editor vim-editor visual-studio-code-editor
BitBake python linux subversion
Jython python java c java-bytecode
CheetahTemplate python html linux
Txt2tags python html latex mediawiki
SciPy python fortran c numpy matplotlib pandas matlab octave scilab sagemath
Cobra python eiffel csharp objective-c
Jinja python django smarty unix isbn
Sage python cython linux solaris android ios ia-32 arm sparc maple mathematica matlab maxima scipy numpy r latex sql fortran c common-lisp pari-gp sqlite matplotlib
Ren'Py python cython linux freebsd android ios utf-8'Py
Pandas python cython c matplotlib numpy scipy r scikit-learn
Scikit-learn python cython c linux numpy scipy nltk tensorflow matplotlib pandas
PyTorch python cuda linux numpy
TensorFlow python cuda linux android ios
Ninja python cmake meson
Cython python c linux pyrex sagemath xml scipy pandas scikit-learn
NumPy python c jython scipy matlab simulink matplotlib cython
Mercurial python c freebsd linux subversion http rust clisp octave nginx-config
Pyrex python c cython
Genie python boo d object-pascal vala java c
Natural Language Toolkit python
HAGGIS python
BuddyScript python
UPIC puredata supercollider csound
ASCII punched-tape c vi-editor multics unix ftp utf-8 unicode java perl
ASN.1 protobuf thrift ascii json xml
Erlang prolog smalltalk plex f-sharp clojure rust scala opa elixir dart oz java ascii occam csp lfe lisp
Logtalk prolog smalltalk objective-c swi-prolog mercury oz visual-prolog
INFER prolog owl axiom
Refal prolog lisp
Datalog prolog java owl c python ruby lua clojure racket tcl haskell dot-ql rdf sparql
Visual Prolog prolog isbn mercury
GeneXus prolog cobol java objective-c ibm-rpg ruby visual-basic visual-foxpro postgresql mysql
CHIP prolog c
ABSYS prolog abset
Strand prolog
ΛProlog prolog
Janus prolog
CLPR prolog
DIGITAL Command Language powershell fortran unix isbn
Preferred Executable Format powerpc x86-isa
THINK C powerpc
IBM POWER Instruction Set Architecture powerpc
PowerPC powerisa solaris unix linux x86-isa freebsd
METAFONT postscript tex asymptote
Knowledge Interchange Format postscript kqml
PDF postscript html javascript ascii gzip csv xml linux ghostscript latex
ESC/P postscript
Gist postgresql
REDUCE portable-standard-lisp lisp algol unix linux camal
Prolog poplog swi-prolog visual-prolog mercury oz erlang datalog unicode lambda-prolog html xml rdf owl actionscript lisp planner agentspeak
Pop-11 poplog pop-2 forth prolog common-lisp standard-ml cowsel
Rapira pop-2 setl algol
PLANNER pop-2 lisp prolog
POPLOG pop-11 common-lisp prolog standard-ml spss scheme sparc solaris powerpc pop-2
PL-11 pl360
PL/pgSQL pl-sql ada postgresql sql-psm sql bison
PL/I pl-m xpl pl-p pl-c cobol fortran algol cms-2 sp-k b rexx autocoder comtran george multics basic pascal daisy-systems linux hal-s unix java c isbn doi
CBASIC pl-m basic mbasic
BASIC-E pl-m basic mbasic
SP/k pl-i turing pl-c watfiv
Algol pl-i simula bcpl b pascal c lisp cobol algol-58 algol-60 algol-68 algol-w scheme ml elliott-algol jovial ada act-iii s-algol espol newp ascii alcor unicode atlas-autocode coral edinburgh-imp iswim neliac
NetRexx pl-i rexx object-rexx java jvm
PL/0 pl-i pascal lex yacc python modula-2 csp isbn
XPL pl-i fortran cobol algol systemz c java bcpl pl360 yacc hal-s freebsd linux pl-m
PL/C pl-i cornell-university-programming-language sp-k watfiv
PL/P pl-i c
Multics pl-i assembly-language unix linux algol
File Oriented Interpretive Language pilot basic abc forth
Flowcode pic-microcontroller atmel-avr arduino c blockly
JAL compiler pic-microcontroller
Newick format phyloxml-format
Yes It Is php wsdl isbn
ActiveVFP php visual-foxpro mysql rest html
SPIP php sql sqlite postgresql html xml csv yaml url
Hack php ocaml java csharp scala haskell actionscript html parrot-vm
MyBB php mysql postgresql sqlite subversion javascript jquery twig wordpress xml
WordPress php mysql html css ftp android ios
WebDNA php mysql
MediaWiki php linux freebsd solaris wordpress perl mysql rails javascript html python xml json latex ocaml jquery lua mariadb postgresql sqlite
Twig php jinja django eclipse-editor emacs-editor sublime-editor textmate-editor vim-editor smarty
Linotte php java-server-pages
Smarty php isbn twig
VlibTemplate php html mysql postgresql
Texy! php html css java!
Drupal php gettext twig html wordpress mysql
Smalltalk pharo squeak visualworks lisp simula euler imp planner logo applescript dart dylan erlang etoys falcon go groovy io ioke java lasso lisaac newtonscript object-rexx objective-c php perl-6 python ruby scala scratch self sql flavors clos prolog ascii javascript visual-smalltalk-enterprise smalltalk-mt jvm strongtalk
Pod perl xml tex markdown parrot-vm bash tiddlywiki mediawiki ascii utf-8
Maya Embedded Language perl tcl python
YARA perl regex elf
SMX perl php sql
Falcon perl lua smalltalk php lisp python ruby unicode xml postgresql sqlite json regex linux solaris
COFFEE Cinema 4D perl javascript
System 2 perl http
Perl 6 perl haskell javascript ruby smalltalk rfc python java squeak regex peg antlr icon isbn
PowerShell perl csharp digital-command-language sql tcl puppet jscript vbscript linux ascii awk grep sed xml cli-assembly ooxml bash
XS perl c pod
TAP perl
PEARL perl
Perl pearl c lisp pascal sed coffeescript ecmascript falcon groovy javascript julia lpc perl-6 php python ruby powershell unix bourne-shell regex unicode haskell parrot-vm dtrace json awk fortran s-expressions yacc bison sql html xs rfc jvm apl perl-data-language pod
BASIC Stamp pbasic basic java parallax-propeller arduino
EBNF pascal xml regex–Naur_form
Compact Application Solution Language pascal visual-basic
M2001 pascal modula-2
Tex pascal metafont troff unix latex m4 c linux xetex unicode bibtex pdf emacs-editor lyx-editor vim-editor mediawiki isbn
Euclid pascal mesa turing
Alphard pascal lisp
Karel pascal java javascript robomind
IP Pascal pascal csharp unicode utf-8 java ucsd-pascal visual-basic turbo-pascal linux isbn
XeTeX pascal c tex unicode utf-8 latex linux postscript
SISAL pascal c fortran haskell sac-programming-language grep
XPL0 pascal c basic pl-0 algol assembly-language
Datapoint's Advanced Systems Language pascal c assembly-language
Spice Lisp pascal c ada common-lisp
Plus pascal c
Draco pascal c
KUKA Robot Language pascal ascii rapid
Modula pascal alma-0 go modula-2
Protel pascal algol-68
HyperTalk pascal actionscript applescript ecmascript javascript lingo livecode sensetalk supertalk hypercard
PASCAL/MT+ pascal
EasyLanguage pascal
CYBIL pascal
C/AL pascal
RDF owl xml turtle json unicode sparql sql python
WOL owl
BASIC A+ optimized-systems-software atari-basic turbo-basic-xl
Action! optimized-systems-software algol-68 atari-basic!_(programming_language)
CLIPS ops5 c lisp java isbn
OpenSCAD opengl linux freebsd ia-32 dxf
HLSL opengl cg
GLSL opengl c linux javascript delphi java webgl cg
OpenCL opengl android freebsd linux ia-32 cuda c python java llvmir mathematica javascript arm x86-isa ptx metal sequencel
DEVIL opengl
OpenGL opencl c javascript webgl ios java android isbn qt linux glsl metal
CSP occam limbo go crystal clojure ada
OCaml occam c ia-32 sparc arm unix f-sharp caml cool standard-ml ats elm fstar haxe opa rust scala ml python perl java csharp fortran javascript jvm pic-microcontroller emacs-editor vim-editor opengl hack php ios android coq wasm haskell
SR occam
HHVM ocaml php hack csharp jvm java parrot-vm
Caml ocaml ml f-sharp lisp c standard-ml
Occam ocaml ease go csp pascal haskell python
Coq ocaml agda idris c isabelle
CECIL objective-c modula-3 self cesil
Objective-J objective-c javascript c smalltalk
ABAP objective-c cobol sql java unix solaris linux systemz eclipse-editor
TOM object-oriented objective-c c ruby
CodeGear Delphi object-pascal pascal ia-32 ios android linux turbo-pascal assembly-language java uml xml cil php visual-basic oxygene free-pascal
Delphi object-pascal pascal ia-32 ios android linux mercurial turbo-pascal x86-isa assembly-language java uml xml cil php visual-basic oxygene free-pascal
Oxygene object-pascal csharp eiffel java f-sharp delphi swift free-pascal
Free Pascal object-pascal assembly-language pascal turbo-pascal delphi objective-c linux powerpc arm sparc x86-isa ios elf freebsd solaris android atmel-avr jvm mips ipf visual-studio-code-editor morfik
Zonnon oberon pascal modula
Object Oberon oberon oberon-2
Oberon-2 oberon modula-2 pascal go object-oberon smalltalk python java algol yacc javascript powerpc
ExFAT ntfs linux fat freebsd android
NeXML format nexus-format xml
Nexus file newick-format nexml phyloxml-format
Morse code nato-phonetic-alphabet tap-code
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Meditech Interpretive Information System mumps
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OX linux r
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Formulating On-Line Calculations in Algebraic Language joss basic mumps
JOSS Extended and Adapted for Nineteen-hundred joss
xBase jet-propulsion-laboratory-display-information-system
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Just Another Scripting Syntax java
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SI isq symbol unicode
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RenderMan Shading Language isbn
Processor Technology isbn
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Common Data Format hdf
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FpgaC handel-c
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FL fp j ml c
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CMS-2 fortran jovial pl-i ada
Jet Propulsion Laboratory Display Information System fortran foxpro dbase
PLEX fortran erlang
Axiom fortran coq acl2 emacs-editor aldor
RATFOR fortran c unix ratfiv
Ratfiv fortran c ratfor
SLIP fortran algol
WATFIV fortran 1620sps cobol watcom
Mortran fortran
Advanced Continuous Simulation Language fortran
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Ramis software focus cobol
COMTRAN flow-matic cobol
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FX-87 fibonacci
New Technology File System fat linux powershell freebsd
Binary Alignment Map fastq-format sam-format cram-format
Stockholm format fasta-format
F f-sharp fstar fortran
FAT exfat ntfs linux freebsd ext4 ascii x86-assembly rexx java android
EXEC exec-2 rexx
DAX excel-app
Turing euclid pascal sp-k mips txl
Lustre esterel signal
SIGNAL esterel lustre simulink isbn
Averest esterel
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EUMEL elan powerpc
Business Object Notation eiffel uml
Sather eiffel clu common-lisp scheme cool rust c
Ubercode eiffel basic
IMP edinburgh-imp algol
QtScript ecmascript
JavaFX Script eclipse-editor java curl
Angelscript eclipse-editor
Amiga E e c
Joule e ascii unicode
SFC drakon
Eurisko doi isbn
PIC diagram troff tex linux
Prograph diagram prolog labview doi isbn
ATS dependent-ml ml ocaml c
Inno Setup delphi ia-32 ini pascal unicode
Pascal delphi free-pascal turbo-pascal ucsd-pascal algol-w ada go java modula modula-2 modula-3 oberon object-pascal oxygene seed7 algol-60 euler lisp algol-68 assembly-language tex simula fortran watcom c x86-isa ip-pascal csharp algol pl-i ios android unicode linux freebsd
Shapefile dbase autocad-app xbase unicode
.QL datalog sql java
B32 Business Basic data-general-business-basic unix
Tiny BASIC dartmouth-basic microsoft-basic li-chen-wang
HP Time-Shared BASIC dartmouth-basic integer-basic basic punched-tape c rocky-mountain-basic
HP BASIC for OpenVMS dartmouth-basic cobol basic-plus java
MiniD d lua squirrel python io ecmascript c
Croc d lua squirrel python io ecmascript c
cql cypher
C cyclone unified-parallel-c split-c cilk b bcpl cpl algol-68 assembly-language pl-i ampl awk c-- csharp objective-c d go java javascript julia limbo lpc perl php pike processing python rust seed7 vala verilog unix algol swift multics unicode fortran pascal mathematica matlab ch smalltalk
CA-Telon cullinet cobol pl-i synon
Ease csp occam
XCore Architecture csp
SAOL csound
D4 csharp sql pascal xml
Dafny csharp spec-sharp spark idris agda
Boo csharp python genie vala unicode unity-engine fantom groovy nemerle rebol
Nemerle csharp ml lisp java ocaml haskell sql
Unity csharp linux ia-32 arm boo javascript opengl webgl metal cg hlsl ios android
PowerBuilder csharp json xml sql
Fantom csharp java scala ruby erlang javascript boo ceylon gosu groovy kotlin
LINQ csharp f-sharp sql haskell php javascript typescript actionscript xml oxygene nemerle
Dart csharp erlang javascript smalltalk strongtalk c android ios eclipse-editor linux sublime-editor emacs-editor vim-editor visual-studio-code-editor algol ruby self coffeescript elm fantom go haxe opa typescript
Spec Sharp csharp eiffel java
Sing Sharp csharp eiffel java
SimCode csharp arduino eagle kicad subversion gerber-image
D data language specification csharp
COWSEL cpl lisp pop-2 reverse-polish-notation pop-11 poplog
BCPL cpl b c go pascal java fortran cpl
POP-2 cowsel algol-60 pop-11 unix prolog poplog common-lisp standard-ml
Agda coq epigram haskell idris emacs-editor unicode javascript
Harwell-Boeing file format coordinate-format
COBOL comtran eiffel flow-matic smalltalk pl-i plb algol-58 fact algol unicode xml unix utf-8 jcl pascal
UNCOL compiler-compiler llvmir
Maxima common-lisp unix linux android algol lisp gnuplot fortran jupyter-editor python qt sagemath r lyx-editor emacs-editor isbn
CLISP common-lisp unix c
R common-lisp s scheme julia c fortran java python latex apl matlab octave knitr sweave utf-8 rstudio-editor eclipse-editor emacs-editor lyx-editor perl ruby f-sharp spss stata mathematica
CLOS common-lisp java commonloops eulisp emacs-lisp flavors interlisp dylan guile islisp cadence-skill
CommonLoops common-lisp java clos
Interlisp common-lisp flavors sparc
ISLISP common-lisp eulisp le-lisp scheme clos openlisp
ACL2 common-lisp axiom
Corman Common Lisp common-lisp
Actor-Based Concurrent Language common-lisp
Graphics BASIC commodore-basic gw-basic amigabasic unix
Simons' BASIC commodore-basic
TRS-80 Color Computer color-basic microsoft-basic basic09 c pascal
WDDX coldfusion ruby python php java haskell perl xml ftp javascript json
CFML coldfusion java cfscript javascript xml java-server-pages soap
PowerHouse cobol sql
TUTOR cobol python c pascal ascii
RPG cobol pl-i pascal assembly-language algol autocoder java
Programming Language for Business cobol java unix linux visual-basic sql xml
Synon cobol csharp java ibm-rpg
CHILL cobol ada plex erlang
Met-English cobol
MARK IV cobol
Fully Automated Compiling Technique cobol
CobolScript cobol
EXEC 2 cms-exec rexx
Lua clu modula-2 scheme snobol falcon gamemonkey-script io javascript julia minid red ruby squirrel tcl lisp python modula awk ada eiffel haskell sql vhdl self perl-6 parrot-vm android c
Argus clu
Puppet clojure ruby linux rest solaris
Classroom Object Oriented Language clips sather java ml pascal ocaml mips
Harbour clipper dbase linux unix ios android tcp mysql postgresql sqlite xbase c java visual-foxpro visual-objects xbasepp
Visual Objects clipper c xbase
CIL cli-assembly assembly-language csharp x86-isa java-bytecode
Haskell clean fp hope id iswim krc lisp miranda ml standard-ml scheme sisal agda csharp linq cayenne clojure coffeescript curry elm epigram f-sharp frege hack idris java livescript mercury perl-6 python rust scala swift c c-- llvmir opengl javascript lazyml pandoc-app cryptol jvm
Assembly CLI cil visual-studio-editor fat ntfs
CFScript cfml javascript html
FleXML c yacc xml perl
Augeas c xml xpath python ruby ocaml perl haskell java php tcl puppet
X BitMap c x-pixmap
CMake c visual-studio-editor eclipse-editor linux ninja unix falcon kicad llvmir mysql mariadb qt amqp root-lib meson qmake
Esterel c vhdl verilog
GAP c unix sagemath
GNU Assembler c unix powerpc mips arm linux ia-32 x86-isa
Vim script c unix linux ios android vi-editor tcl lua perl python racket ruby regex gzip ftp http unicode
Vim c unix linux ios android vi-editor tcl lua perl python racket ruby regex gzip ftp http unicode
ScriptBasic c unix linux html tex pdf mysql postgresql regex
Gzip c unix freebsd html rfc
vi c unix emacs-editor ruby solaris freebsd vim-editor utf-8
basic calculator c unix dc reverse-polish-notation yacc bash
Korn shell c unix bourne-shell emacs-editor vi-editor bash motif-software tcl arexx
Small-C c unix assembly-language tinyc-compiler
Algebraic Logic Functional c unix
VisSim c udp matlab simulink
SQLite c sql postgresql tcl json sql-92 perl unicode jscript vbscript django drupal rails solaris android freebsd ios autoit basic freebasic purebasic xojo csharp clipper curl d elixir emacs-lisp f-sharp go haskell haxe java javascript julia lisp common-lisp openlisp livecode labview lua matlab nim objective-c ocaml pascal free-pascal delphi php pike python r racket rebol ruby scheme smalltalk swift isbn doi
UPC c split-c cilk chapel x10
awk c snobol bourne-shell tcl ampl perl lua regex unix sed freebsd solaris java isbn
Objective-C c smalltalk groovy java nu objective-j tom-oopl swift ios simula ada self ruby llvmir linux vala
Julia c scheme llvmir fortran ia-32 linux freebsd lisp lua mathematica wolfram matlab perl python r ruby regex unicode utf-8 common-lisp dylan algol fortress html xml json arm powerpc
Csound c saol python java lisp tcl haskell bison max emacs-editor
Cyclone c rust ml
YARV c ruby subversion parrot-vm
GNU nano c regex
Action Code Script c quakec
eC c python llvmir linux freebsd android javascript wasm
Stackless Python c python linux erlang limbo go
P4 c python
SWI Prolog c prolog java rdf unix linux lisp emacs-editor
Ghostscript c postscript pdf
Slony c postgresql linux sql plpgsql pl-sql perl javascript
LOLCODE c php javascript parrot-vm
Git c perl tcl python linux ia-32 mercurial http ftp subversion
Interactive C Interpreter c perl regex tcl
MINC c perl python tcl
Rpm c perl linux fat gzip
Miva c perl java xml dbase mysql
MariaDB c perl bash solaris linux mysql freebsd
ZOPL c pascal unix
PARI/GP c pascal fortran perl python sagemath
Limbo c pascal csp alef newsqueak stackless-python go rust ada isbn
Parrot c parrot-assembly parrot-internal-representation perl perl-6 python jvm llvmir java java-bytecode joy lua php ruby scheme tcl wmlscript arc apl common-lisp lisp ecmascript forth quickbasic smalltalk cil befunge brainfuck lolcode unlambda unicode
Parrot BASIC c parrot-assembly parrot-internal-representation perl perl-6 python jvm llvmir java java-bytecode joy lua php ruby scheme tcl wmlscript arc apl common-lisp lisp ecmascript forth quickbasic smalltalk cil befunge brainfuck lolcode unlambda unicode
Cg c opengl unity-engine
Lite-C c opengl
CIL c opencl nesl unified-parallel-c
XC c occam
Neko c ocaml ia-32 linux haxe jvm groovy
iOS c objective-c swift android arm tls
ALEF c newsqueak limbo rust go csp
PIC microcontroller c mips flowcode basic-stamp atmel-avr arduino msp430
Bison c m4 java yacc ruby php go bash lilypond postgresql mysql octave
LPC c lisp perl pike java php
Nickle c lisp modula-3 ml java
Gnuplot c linux unix svg latex lua maxima octave perl perl-data-language python sagemath julia java ruby ch haskell smalltalk squeak matplotlib
THEOS c linux unix pick-operating-system
PostgreSQL c linux sql gist xml xpath json julia go r d erlang plpgsql pl-sql sql-psm perl python tcl java javascript ruby regex tls freebsd solaris x86-isa powerpc systemz sparc arm mips visual-basic mysql aws
Nginx c linux solaris tls wordpress
Ch computer programming c linux solaris freebsd x86-isa sparc labview pike
MySQL c linux solaris freebsd sql perl php python wordpress mybb drupal yacc mariadb sql-psm unicode csv postgresql csharp visual-basic asp utf-8
Max c linux puredata opengl csound supercollider java javascript
Ring c linux lua python ruby csharp basic qml xbase
Asterisk c linux freebsd solaris
Godot c linux freebsd ios android csharp python lua squirrel wasm webgl
Lasso c linux dylan smalltalk scala html php python java sql unicode utf-8 cfml applescript mysql eclipse-editor asp
C shell c linux bourne-shell algol-68 unicode grep bash
Stata c linux ascii excel-app
QuakeC c linux
Not Quite C c linux
CouchDB c javascript linux solaris freebsd json nginx-config sql mongodb postgresql
MongoDB c javascript linux solaris freebsd json nginx-config sql
Node.js c javascript linux freebsd npm-pm tcp tls udp ecmascript unix coffeescript dart typescript php mps visual-studio-editor eclipse-editor visual-studio-code-editor postgresql mongodb json
Robot Battle c javascript
Yoix c java postscript perl unix linux html
Eclipse c java linux solaris ada abap csharp cobol d fortran haskell javascript julia lasso lua perl php prolog python r ruby rails rust scala clojure groovy scheme erlang latex mathematica smalltalk visual-studio-editor uml sysml bpmn android jquery vala
Maple c java linux pascal csharp fortran matlab visual-basic excel-app watcom sql http javascript julia perl python r java-server-pages mathcad mupad sagemath
Scilab c java fortran freebsd linux matlab octave modelica simulink sagemath
PHP c hhvm parrot-vm java perl tcl falcon hack html x86-isa unicode wordpress json mysql mime javascript xml parrot-internal-representation cil ftp postgresql sqlite aws java-server-pages linux python mediawiki drupal
Curry c haskell prolog
Bash c gettext bourne-shell login linux almquist-shell android regex perl awk unix emacs-editor
Subversion c free-pascal freebsd xml csharp php python perl ruby java mime unix
Yorick c fortran perl-data-language
Gettext Catalog c emacs-editor unix csharp perl php python scala
Nios II c eclipse-editor linux
NSIS c eclipse-editor delphi visual-studio-editor python
Ragel c d go ruby java regex ascii xuml umple
Handel-C c csp occam fpgac
Vala c csharp d java boo emacs-editor sublime-editor textmate-editor eclipse-editor vim-editor visual-studio-code-editor genie python
Portable Standard Lisp c common-lisp
DBase c clipper foxpro xbase sql jet-propulsion-laboratory-display-information-system assembly-language shapefile excel-app emacs-editor visual-foxpro
Split-C c cilk
sed c chomski perl awk unix regex grep ecmascript vi-editor vim-editor
Z shell c bourne-shell bash korn-shell tcp ftp
Almquist shell c bourne-shell bash freebsd korn-shell
Proteus c basic clipper unix linux regex csv
Tiny C Compiler c assembly-language linux unix x86-isa small-c
Linux c assembly-language arc-isa arm hexagon mips nios powerpc risc-v sparc x86-isa android unix freebsd makefile ftp qt elf ada go fortran php perl java rust haskell llvmir basic visual-basic gambas freebasic quickbasic qb64 sed grep emacs-lisp csharp vala scheme eclipse-editor vim-editor nano-editor emacs-editor mariadb mysql python ios opengl lisp
C-- c ascii assembly-language modula-3 bcpl llvmir
NetLinx c ascii
MicroPython c arduino python arm
TAL c algol pascal
GDB c ada objective-c free-pascal fortran java arm atmel-avr x86-isa mips powerpc sparc arc-isa python guile freebsd vim-editor linux
LLVM IR c actionscript ada csharp common-lisp crystal d delphi fortran glsl haskell java-bytecode julia lua objective-c python r ruby rust cuda scala swift xojo ios assembly-language java opengl cil standard-ml arm hexagon mips ptx powerpc sparc x86-isa elf c-- pure opencl isbn
Treelang c
nesC c
Makefile c
IGOR Pro c
GameMonkey Script c
Aztec C c
BPEL business-process-modeling-language wsdl xpath bpmn yawl
Rexon business-basic
MAI Basic Four business-basic
Malbolge brainfuck intercal befunge ascii
P′′ brainfuck′′
UML bpmn sysml
Rc bourne-shell c algol bash
CS-Script boo visual-studio-editor
FLEX bison yacc c ratfor pl-0
KRC bcpl c unix isbn
MUDDL bcpl
CLIST batch cobol pl-i jcl rexx
SdlBasic basic wxbasic
OPL basic visual-basic python python-for-s60
Visual Test basic visual-basic html unix
CA-Realizer basic visual-basic
StarOffice Basic basic vba isbn
Business application language basic unix
AutoIt basic tcp udp autohotkey kixtart thinbasic visual-basic winbatch expect
FutureBASIC basic powerpc c zbasic pascal applescript
Cornell University Programming Language basic pl-i pl-c
COMAL basic pascal logo isbn bbc-basic unix doi action
CEEMAC basic pascal
GRASS basic opengl c true-basic
Vilnius BASIC basic msx-basic
Sinclair BASIC basic microsoft-basic beta-basic superbasic sam-coupe unix groovy linux
Galaksija BASIC basic microsoft-basic ascii
Commodore BASIC basic microsoft-basic applesoft-basic simons-basic graphics-basic
Family BASIC basic microsoft-basic
AmigaBASIC basic metacomco arexx rexx assembly-language amos blitzbasic gfa-basic true-basic
Bywater BASIC basic metacomco abc-80 alphabasic altair-basic amigabasic blitzbasic stos-basic apple-basic applesoft-basic commodore-basic asic-programming-language basic-programming atari-basic atari-microsoft-basic atmel-avr acorn-atom autoit b32-business-basic unix linux seed7 gw-basic mbasic basic-ap optimized-systems-software ibm-basica basic4gl basic-11 basic-256 basic-e hp-basic-for-openvms basic-plus rocky-mountain-basic basic09 basicode visual-basic batari-basic bbc-basic c business-basic bcx beta-basic sinclair-basic blitz3d blitzplus opengl reverse-polish-notation tiny-basic bywater-basic ca-realizer casio-basic cbasic chinese-basic chipmunk-basic color-basic trs-80-color-computer microsoft-basic creative-basic darkbasic dartmouth-basic data-general-business-basic freebasic quickbasic futurebasic galaksija-basic gambas gfa-basic glbasic graphics-basic pic-microcontroller high-tech-basic hp-time-shared-basic winwrap-basic music-sp integer-basic liberty-basic locomotive-basic lotusscript ios macbasic mai-basic-four mallard-basic mapbasic microsoft-macro-assembler microsoft-small-basic monkey morfik msx-basic processor-technology northstar-basic x86-isa ns-basic opl owbasic parrot-basic parrot-vm pbasic basic-stamp phoenix-object-basic pick-operating-system powerbasic providex purebasic qb64 qbasic rapidq solaris sparc android xojo run-basic sam-coupe sbasic scriptbasic sdlbasic wxbasic simons-basic smallbasic southampton-basic-system ibm-rational-sqabasic staroffice-basic superbasic arduino theos-multi-user-basic thinbasic ti-basic tiger-basic true-basic turbo-basic turbo-basic-xl tymshare-superbasic ubasic universe vbscript asp batch vilnius-basic haskell vba visual-test watcom xblite yabasic zbasic algol comal euphoria
Business Basic basic mai-basic-four data-general-business-basic unix linux alphabasic b32-business-basic rexon dartmouth-basic true-basic providex
PureBasic basic linux x86-isa powerpc isbn
BlitzPlus basic linux monkey opengl ascii lua unicode csharp purebasic ios
BlitzBasic basic linux monkey opengl ascii lua unicode csharp purebasic ios
Blitz3D basic linux monkey opengl ascii lua unicode csharp purebasic ios
GLBasic basic linux c opengl ios android sdlbasic fenix-project
BasicX basic isbn
ZBasic basic futurebasic visual-basic
Digital Interactive Business Oriented Language basic fortran cobol
NorthStar BASIC basic fortran atari-basic unix
BASIC Programming basic family-basic
BASIC-PLUS basic dartmouth-basic microsoft-basic hp-basic-for-openvms
True BASIC basic dartmouth-basic microsoft-basic gw-basic trs-80-color-computer assembly-language cbasic isbn
Data General Business Basic basic cobol b32-business-basic unix
Mallard BASIC basic cbasic zbasic x86-assembly locomotive-basic
ThinBasic basic c visual-basic powerbasic opengl opencl xml freebasic microsoft-macro-assembler
Xbasic basic c unix linux assembly-language xblite
Sam Coupé basic beta-basic fat linux unix
BBC BASIC basic bcpl acorn-atom comal arm assembly-language c
PBASIC basic basic-stamp
Multi-user BASIC basic basic-11 basic-plus
GFA BASIC basic atari-st-basic ascii visual-basic
Rocky Mountain BASIC basic assembly-language pascal hp-time-shared-basic
High Tech BASIC basic assembly-language pascal hp-time-shared-basic
TI-BASIC basic assembly-language c bbcode xml tcl perl rpl
Acorn Atom basic assembly-language bbc-basic
ABC 80 basic assembly-language
Chinese BASIC basic applesoft-basic
STOS BASIC basic amos
BASICODE basic acorn-atom pascal java pdf ascii isbn
UBASIC basic
Tiger-BASIC basic
Tektronix 4050 basic
Southampton BASIC System basic
PILOT basic
OWBasic basic
MacBASIC basic
Langage Sans Espoir basic
Casio BASIC basic
Basic-256 basic
BASIC-11 basic
fish bash z-shell
Gentoo Ebuild bash
Text Executive Programming Language awk tex ascii
Tcl awk lisp php tea powershell c python expect unicode regex java unix linux bourne-shell xotcl snit verilog vhdl udp mysql postgresql sqlite
Winbatch autoit kixtart
Autocode autocoder cobol fortran dartmouth-basic algol atlas-autocode cpl bcpl b c
Mercury autocode mercurial ia-32 arm unix linux solaris freebsd android prolog hope haskell c java csharp erlang assembly-language cil vim-editor emacs-editor eclipse-editor curry alice standard-ml oz visual-prolog
AUTOCODER autocode assembly-language
AutoLISP autocad-app vba lisp interlisp lisp-machine-lisp scheme common-lisp t emacs-lisp islisp openlisp picolisp eulisp newlisp racket clojure arc lfe
.dwg autocad-app dxf
AutoCAD DXF autocad-app dwg ascii
DML ats
Arduino Programming Language atmel-avr x86-isa c processing basic-stamp arm java linux ia-32
NXT-G atmel-avr labview csharp nxc nqc assembly-language c robomind java matlab simulink ravenscar-profile ruby haskell python ch perl ada arduino
Atmel AVR instruction set atmel-avr
Atari BASIC atari-microsoft-basic atari-st-basic basic-programming microsoft-basic basic applesoft-basic basic-plus hp-time-shared-basic optimized-systems-software turbo-basic-xl
Atari Microsoft BASIC atari-basic microsoft-basic turbo-basic-xl optimized-systems-software
BASIC atari-basic dartmouth-basic apple-basic sinclair-basic commodore-basic bbc-basic ti-basic casio-basic microsoft-basic liberty-basic visual-basic freebasic powerbasic gambas algol-60 fortran joss comal grass autoit autohotkey basic-plus hp-time-shared-basic pick-operating-system msx-basic tiny-basic li-chen-wang altair-basic mbasic ibm-basica qbasic pascal turbo-basic amigabasic c excel-app vbscript csharp java qb64 rapidq purebasic xojo true-basic microsoft-small-basic quickbasic gw-basic lotusscript vba chipmunk-basic hp-basic-for-openvms superbasic staroffice-basic forth
Optimized Systems Software atari-basic action fat basic-ap algol c isbn
x86 Assembly assembly-language x86-isa mmx unix nasm gas
Parallax Propeller assembly-language verilog python basic-stamp pbasic c basic forth jvm pascal ladder-logic
MACRO-11 assembly-language unix
Model 204 assembly-language sql
Pick operating system assembly-language solaris linux sql basic dartmouth-basic unix mumps
M4 assembly-language ratfor unix fortran html freebsd
Analytical engine assembly-language punched-tape
Parrot Assembly assembly-language parrot-vm parrot-internal-representation
PIR assembly-language parrot-vm parrot-assembly
Sibelius assembly-language musicxml qt powerpc
Altair BASIC assembly-language microsoft-basic punched-tape
Information Processing Language assembly-language lisp
Go assembly-language linux freebsd solaris alef apl bcpl c csp limbo modula newsqueak oberon occam pascal python smalltalk crystal algol unix java utf-8 csharp rust erlang chapel cilk mongodb standard-ml cobol fortran scala dart
High Level Assembly assembly-language linux freebsd ia-32 pascal ada modula-2 microsoft-macro-assembler turbo-assembler x86-isa c nasm gas coff elf
DYNAMO assembly-language isbn doi
Speedcoding assembly-language fortran algol-58 basic c pl-i pact-i mumps ratfor short-code-computer-language
51forth assembly-language forth
TI MSP430 assembly-language eclipse-editor arduino llvmir vissim
PTX assembly-language cuda
LC-3 assembly-language c x86-isa ascii
Not eXactly C assembly-language c nqc
Framework office suite assembly-language c lisp dbase isbn
Cambridge Algebra System assembly-language bcpl
Batari Basic assembly-language basic isbn
Shakespeare assembly-language
Shakespeare assembly-language
Redcode assembly-language
MACRO-10 assembly-language
Cesil assembly-language
AlphaBasic assembly-language
VBScript asp visual-basic powershell jscript batch regex javascript mumps applescript fasttrack-scripting-host
MHEG-5 asn-1
WebAssembly asmjs assembly-language javascript unity-engine llvmir c rust java csharp go s-expressions doi
Property list ascii xml json applescript
3DS ascii wavefront-object
INTERCAL ascii utf-8 c
JIS X 0201 ascii unicode
Matrix Market Coordinate Format ascii harwell-boeing-format
FASTA ascii fastq-format r python ruby perl
FASTQ ascii fasta-format
Brainfuck ascii c
HP-GL ascii basic
Yacas ascii
Wavefront Object ascii
Transaction Language 1 ascii
RFC ascii
Punched tape ascii
Gerber Image ascii
A-0 system arith-matic math-matic flow-matic
FLOW-MATIC arith-matic math-matic cobol
Rexx arexx netrexx object-rexx pl-i algol cms-exec exec-2 perl assembly-language tcl python java linux unix solaris visual-basic jscript
Atmel AVR arduino arm avr c pic-microcontroller linux freebsd assembly-language vhdl verilog
Lisp arc autolisp clojure common-lisp emacs-lisp eulisp interlisp islisp lfe newlisp portable-standard-lisp racket rpl scheme cadence-skill spice-lisp t information-processing-language clips clu cowsel dylan elixir falcon forth haskell io ioke javascript julia logo lua ml nim nu ops5 perl pop-2 pop-11 python r ruby scala swift smalltalk tcl wolfram fortran s-expressions lisp-machine-lisp openlisp picolisp lisp-2 multics acl2 jvm yarv emacs-editor autocad-app lilypond algol flavors c xml
APL aplx j go k matlab nial polymorphic-programming-language q s sac-programming-language speakeasy wolfram 1620sps basic music-sp unix isbn ascii cobol java linux ruby r unicode c fortran csharp cil excel-app octave scilab lyapas rpl
Polymorphic Programming Language apl s
Vvvv apl puredata xml csharp
APLX apl linux xml
A+ apl k unix linux j
Perl Data Language apl idl perl matlab numpy perl-6 gnuplot opengl c xs fortran
FP apl fl haskell j
Watcom apl cobol pascal sql powerbuilder foxpro
Z notation apl ascii latex unicode zpp object-z alloy
LYaPAS apl
General Purpose Simulation System apl
GOLD antlr visual-basic assembly-language csharp d java pascal python regex
Compiler-Compiler antlr basic algol-60 atlas-autocode coco-r bison javacc lisp-2 lisp yacc xpl peg doi isbn
Visual Basic .NET android linux solaris unix microsoft-small-basic visual-basic f-sharp csharp linq vba
Basic4android android java visual-basic isbn
Microsoft Excel android ios vba visual-basic ooxml xml csv dbase mysql c fortran python javascript
Qt android ios linux sql xml json visual-studio-editor qml javascript sibelius-software qmake solaris opengl qtscript xpath xquery unix emacs-editor
RenderScript android cuda
NL ampl netlib
Microsoft BASIC altair-basic commodore-basic atari-microsoft-basic basic-plus punched-tape atari-basic gw-basic applesoft-basic mbasic fat color-basic trs-80-color-computer msx-basic qbasic csharp microsoft-small-basic visual-basic amigabasic galaksija-basic quickbasic vba freebasic gambas locomotive-basic integer-basic tiny-basic
Standard ML alice dependent-ml hope elm fstar ocaml rust scala ml caml c poplog pop-11 common-lisp prolog emacs-editor isabelle extended-ml f-sharp
ALGOL 68 algol-68-r flacc algol-60 c bourne-shell bash python seed7 mary s3 s-algol pascal unix perl lisp unicode bcpl algol ascii java jovial simula coral pearl rtl-2 hal-s fortran cobol cms-2 bliss algol-w sparc solaris multics algol-n ada
FLACC algol-68 watfiv
ALGOL 68-R algol-68 punched-tape
ELAN algol-68 basic
S3 algol-68
AMBIT algol-60 snobol
S-algol algol-60 ps-algol unix pascal c napier88 algol
ALGOL W algol-60 pascal modula-2
Simula algol-60 object-pascal java csharp algol smalltalk beta doi isbn
Executive Systems Problem Oriented Language algol-60 newp
ALGO algol-60 neliac algol-58
ISWIM algol-60 lisp haskell clean lucid krc hope miranda
ACT-III algol-60 isbn
CPL algol-60 bcpl pop-2 b c
ALGOL N algol-60 algol-68
SETL algol-60 abc ada python
ISETL algol-60 abc ada python
LEAP algol-60
Euler algol-60
Elliott ALGOL algol-60
ALCOR algol-60
ALGOL 60 algol-58 simula cpl pascal ada c algol cpl bcpl b algol-w algol-68 cobol scheme lisp synchronized-multimedia-integration-language act-iii elliott-algol espol newp algol-n atlas-autocode coral edinburgh-imp iswim jovial neliac s-algol
NELIAC algol-58 jovial
JOSS algol-58 basic telcomp focal mumps jean
Michigan Algorithm Decoder algol-58 algol multics algol-60 pl-i isbn
BNF algol-58 algol algol-60 compiler-compiler yacc symbol ascii regex pl-i peg antlr java haskell coco-r gold bison xpl isbn–Naur_form
Plankalkul algol-58 algolĂĽl
Dylan algol scheme eulisp lasso python ruby common-lisp unix java smalltalk
PL/M algol pl-i xpl c
CORAL algol jovial algol-60 fortran pascal edinburgh-imp sparc solaris linux ada bcpl
Mesa algol java modula-2 bcpl modula-3 pascal c sparc ada solaris
Edinburgh IMP algol imp
Small algol fortran lua squirrel
Atlas Autocode algol edinburgh-imp compiler-compiler autocode
Dartmouth BASIC algol basic microsoft-basic true-basic act-iii algol-60 ascii hp-time-shared-basic basic-plus altair-basic
PL360 algol assembly-language euler
ALGOL 58 algol algol-60 act-iii jovial neliac algo ada mad
20-GATE algol
AIMMS algebraic-modeling-language xml
GAMS algebraic-modeling-language
Algebraic modeling language aimms ampl general-algebraic-modeling-system
Cayenne agda dependent-ml haskell
Idris agda coq epigram haskell ml rust perl c javascript java jvm cil ocaml llvmir
APSE ada unix
Ravenscar profile ada spark
UCSD Pascal ada smalltalk java pascal turbo-pascal doi isbn
DIANA ada pl-sql idl-sl
Nim ada modula-3 lisp object-pascal python oberon c javascript pascal delphi csharp go objective-c ios android git json opengl postgresql mysql sqlite lua scala d rust
Chapel ada csharp c fortran java fortress unified-parallel-c x10 isbn
XL ada basic c fortran java lisp prolog visual-basic smalltalk forth
C++ ada algol-68 c clu ml simula python csharp chapel d java lua perl php rust nim sql bcpl unix assembly-language regex
Langage Implementation Systeme ada
A# ada
Thrift actionscript c csharp erlang go haskell java objective-c ocaml perl php python ruby smalltalk json soap xml asn-1 protobuf
Redis actionscript c csharp clojure common-lisp d dart erlang go haskell haxe io java julia lua objective-c ocaml perl php puredata python r racket ruby rust scala smalltalk tcl aws azure
PROMAL abc python
B abc bcpl pl-i c multics algol-58 unix tmg yacc
PROIV abap focus pick-operating-system jvm linux solaris postgresql c

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