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title ubuntuPackage
Z shell zsh
Yorick yorick
Tcl tcl
Prolog swi-prolog
Squirrel squirrel3
sed sed
Scala scala
Rust rustc
Ruby ruby
Rexx regina-rexx
R r-base
Python python
Pike pike8.0
PHP php-cli
Parser 3 parser3-cgi
PARI/GP pari-gp
Java openjdk-8-jdk
COBOL open-cobol
GNU Octave octave
OCaml ocaml
JavaScript nodejs
TypeScript node-typescript
Nim nim
Visual Basic mono-vbnc
Standard ML mlton
MiniZinc minizinc
Makefile make
M4 m4
Lua lua5.3
LLVM IR llvm
Julia julia
Verilog iverilog
INTERCAL intercal
Icon icont
Haxe haxe
Gzip gzip
Scheme guile-2.0
Groovy groovy
G-Portugol gpt
Go golang
Objective-C gobjc
Gnuplot gnuplot
Smalltalk gnu-smalltalk
Ada gnat
PostScript ghostscript
Haskell ghc
Forth gforth
GEL Genius genius
D gdc
GDB gdb
C gcc
awk gawk
C++ g++
F# fsharp
Pascal fp-compiler
Erlang erlang
Emacs Lisp emacs25
Elixir elixir
Dafny dafny
CoffeeScript coffeescript
Clojure clojure
Common Lisp clisp
Brainfuck bf
Bash bash
AspectJ aspectj

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