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3D Manufacturing Format xmlFormat
BML xmlFormat
BPEL xmlFormat
Content Assembly Mechanism xmlFormat
Continuity of Care Document xmlFormat
Continuity of Care Record xmlFormat
Clinical Document Architecture xmlFormat
CLiX markup xmlFormat
ColdFusion Components xmlFormat
DARPA Agent Markup Language xmlFormat
DDML xmlFormat
Document Structure Description xmlFormat
Ecological Metadata Language xmlFormat
Election Markup Language xmlFormat
Fuzzy Markup Language xmlFormat
FOAF xmlFormat
FXML xmlFormat
Geography Markup Language xmlFormat
GraphML xmlFormat
HCard xmlFormat
hsaml-format xmlFormat
GML xmlFormat
ICML xmlFormat
JSML xmlFormat
KML xmlFormat
Legal Knowledge Interchange Format xmlFormat
MARIA XML xmlFormat
MathML xmlFormat
metalex xmlFormat
Marine Trading Markup Language xmlFormat
MXML xmlFormat
Nested Context Language xmlFormat
NeXML format xmlFormat
Namespace Routing Language xmlFormat
Namespace-based Validation Dispatching Language xmlFormat
Open Financial Exchange xmlFormat
Office Open XML xmlFormat
opengraph xmlFormat
OWL DL xmlFormat
OWL xmlFormat
PhyloXML xmlFormat
R2ML xmlFormat
RDFa xmlFormat
Security Assertion Markup Language xmlFormat
Systems Biology Markup Language xmlFormat
The Synthetic Biology Open Language xmlFormat
Schematron xmlFormat
sdf-format xmlFormat
Sitemap xmlFormat
SOAP xmlFormat
Soar Markup Language xmlFormat
Schema for Object-Oriented XML xmlFormat
Structured Product Labeling xmlFormat
Speech Synthesis Markup Language xmlFormat
Semantic Web Rule Language xmlFormat
UIML xmlFormat
UML xmlFormat
VML xmlFormat
WML xmlFormat
WSDL xmlFormat
XAML xmlFormat
XML Binding Language xmlFormat
XBRL xmlFormat
xCard xmlFormat
XDR Schema xmlFormat
XML Metadata Interchange xmlFormat
Xmind Format xmlFormat
XSLT xmlFormat
xTAO Modeling Language xmlFormat

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