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APT Debian packageManager
AUR packageManager
ballerina-central-pm packageManager
Bioconductor packageManager
bpkg-pm packageManager
chocolatey-pm packageManager
clojars-pm packageManager
cocoapods-pm packageManager
Conan Center packageManager
Conan packageManager
cpan-pm packageManager
cran-pm packageManager
crates-pm packageManager
ctan-pm packageManager
dart-pm packageManager
dub-pm packageManager
dynamo-pm packageManager
Elm Packages packageManager
Emacs Lisp Package Archive packageManager
ForgeBox packageManager
forthnet-pm packageManager
hackage-pm packageManager
Haxe Library Manager packageManager
Hex packageManager
Homebrew packageManager
JuliaHub Packages packageManager
luarocks-pm packageManager
Maplesoft Application Center packageManager
mathematica-packagedata-pm packageManager
MathWorks File Exchange packageManager
Maven Central Repository packageManager
melpha-pm packageManager
nimble-pm packageManager
Nix packageManager
npm packageManager
NuGet packageManager
opam-pm packageManager
package-control-pm packageManager
packagist-pm packageManager
PEAR packageManager
powershell-gallery-pm packageManager
Prolog Pack packageManager
Pursuit PureScript Package Repository packageManager
PyPI packageManager
quicklisp-pm packageManager
raco-pm packageManager
Rpm packageManager
RubyGems packageManager
Scoop packageManager
smalltalkhub-pm packageManager
solaris-pm packageManager
spark-pm packageManager
Boston College Statistical Software Components packageManager
tea packageManager
ultralisp-pm packageManager
Vcpkg packageManager
Vim Scripts packageManager
Visual Studio Marketplace packageManager
Yum packageManager

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