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05AB1E esolang
Aheui esolang
Ante esolang
AsciiDots esolang
baysick esolang
Beatnik esolang
Befunge esolang
blank esolang
Binary Lambda Calculus esolang
BlooP esolang
Brain-Flak esolang
Brainfuck esolang
Broccoli esolang
BullFrog esolang
Charcoal esolang
chef esolang
chicken-lang esolang
emesh esolang
emoticon esolang
Entropy esolang
Esoteric Reaction esolang
Fardlang esolang
fetlang esolang
><> esolang
FRACTRAN esolang
GolfScript esolang
h esolang
hexagony esolang
Hodor esolang
iikuse esolang
ink esolang
INTERCAL esolang
Iota-and-jot esolang
ircis esolang
JSFuck esolang
Lazy K esolang
LOLCODE esolang
Malbolge esolang
Mewl esolang
MewMew esolang
Omgrofl esolang
Ook esolang
oopsilon esolang
orca-pl esolang
parenthetic esolang
Piet esolang
pikachu esolang
Pyth esolang
quexal esolang
Rockstar esolang
Sclipting esolang
semicolon esolang
Shakespeare esolang
Stutter esolang
swizzle esolang
Tabloid esolang
taktentus esolang
Thue esolang
toadskin esolang
twoducks esolang
UNLAMBDA esolang
V esolang
Velato esolang
Vigil esolang
Vyxal esolang
Whitespace esolang

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