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AIML dataNotation
ArchieML dataNotation
Arden syntax dataNotation
Bayer Expressions dataNotation
bml dataNotation
Concise Encoding dataNotation
CSON dataNotation
CSV dataNotation
CSV++ dataNotation
Cue dataNotation
DDF dataNotation
Devicetree dataNotation
Dhall dataNotation
Dixy dataNotation
DOML dataNotation
EDN dataNotation
EXPRESS dataNotation
Formatted Table dataNotation
HCL dataNotation
Hjson dataNotation
Hocon dataNotation
HuJSON dataNotation
I-expressions dataNotation
Indental dataNotation
Ini dataNotation
Java Properties dataNotation
JCOF dataNotation
Jesth dataNotation
Jevko dataNotation
JSON with Comments dataNotation
JSON dataNotation
JSON5 dataNotation
Jsonnet dataNotation
KAML dataNotation
JSON Lines dataNotation
Liso dataNotation
Meta Expressions dataNotation
Manchester syntax dataNotation
N-Triples dataNotation
NestedText dataNotation
Notation3 dataNotation
Note dataNotation
Planguage dataNotation
RDF dataNotation
Recfiles dataNotation
Ren dataNotation
Ron dataNotation
S-expressions dataNotation
Space dataNotation
Superjson dataNotation
Sweet Expressions dataNotation
Todotxt dataNotation
TOML dataNotation
TAO dataNotation
Tree Notation dataNotation
TriG syntax dataNotation
Truth dataNotation
TSV dataNotation
Turtle dataNotation
Typoscript dataNotation
UCG dataNotation
UCL dataNotation
Uniform eXchange Format dataNotation
Wolfram Data Framework dataNotation
[x]it! dataNotation
XHTML dataNotation
XML dataNotation
YAML dataNotation
YAMP dataNotation
zish dataNotation

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