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title supersetOf
KAML yaml json
YAMP yaml
wah wasm
Static Typescript typescript
Notation3 turtle
Sing Sharp spec-sharp
S-Snobol snobol4
SNOBOL4 snobol3
EFL ratfor
SBA query-by-example
Cython python
Progol prolog
GAEA prolog
CLPR prolog
Extended Pascal pascal
ADLIB pascal
cooC objective-c
Oberon-2 oberon
Cach茅 ObjectScript mumps
Modula-2+ modula-2
Cedar mesa
Mathpix Markdown markdown
Marp markdown
Superjson json
Jsonnet json
JSONiq json
JSON5 json
JSON with Comments json
Ion json
Hocon json
Speedie jeebox
TypeScript javascript
Pizza java
Deesel java
Interscript interpress
SuperTalk hypertalk
Fortran 90 fortran-77
hurl curl
Real-Time Concurrent C cpp
Tick C c
Objective-C c
C++ c
bawk awk
Turbo-Basic XL atari-basic
Mary algol-68
Executive Systems Problem Oriented Language algol-60

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