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title standsFor
TSV tab-separated values
Sass syntactically awesome stylesheets
PEG parsing expression grammar
nesC network embedded systems C
KRL knowledge representation language
iOS iOS operating system
Git global information tracker
fish friendly interactive shell
EBNF extended Backus-Naur form
DTD document type definition
Dc desk calculator
Zuo derived from the Chinese word for “make.”
CSV comma-separated values
basic calculator basic calculator
AIL angr Intermediate Language
a Lisp Environment a Lisp Environment
Zork Implementation Language Zork Implementation Language
YESS You Easily Syndicate Scenes
YAWL Yet Another Workflow Language
Yet Another Scripting Language Yet Another Scripting Language
YARA Yet Another Recursive Acronym
YAMP Yet Another Macro Processor
Yacas Yet Another Computer Algebra System
Yacc Yet Another Compiler-Compiler
Yes It Is Yes It Is
YAML YAML Ain't Markup Language
XPL XPL Programming Language
XC XMOS community
XSD XML Schema Definition
XML Metadata Interchange XML Metadata Interchange
XML Binding Language XML Binding Language
Workfl Workflow Markup Language
WDL Workflow Description Language
Wolfram Data Framework Wolfram Data Framework
WMLScript Wireless Markup Language Script
WML Website Meta Language
WSDL Web Services Description Language
WCPS Web Coverage Processing Service
Wasp Web App Specification Language
VBA Visual Basic for Applications
ZOPL Version Z, Our Programming Language
Vale Verified Assembly Language for Everest
Velocity Template Language Velocity Template Language
VML Vector Markup Language
VHDL VHSIC Hardware Description Language
UDP User Datagram Protocol
UnQL Unstructured Query Language
USD Universal Scene Description
UCL Universal Configuration Language
UCG Universal Configuration Grammar
URL Uniform Resource Locator
UML Unified Modeling Language
TQL TrueBase Query Language
Tree and Tabular Combined Notation Tree and Tabular Combined Notation
Trex Tree Regular Expressions for XML
TAO Tree Annotation Operator
TLS Transport Layer Security
TCP Transmission Control Protocol
TAL Transaction Application Language
Tcl Tool Command Language
TOML Tom's Obvious, Minimal Language
hurl The name Hurl is a tribute to the awesome curl, with a focus on the HTTP protocol.
TECO Text editor character oriented
TRAC Text Reckoning And Compiling
Text Adventure Development System Text Adventure Development System
TAP Test Anything Protocol
Tandem Advanced Command Language Tandem Advanced Command Language
Tagged Image File Format Tagged Image File Format
SI Système international
SysML Systems Modeling Language
Systems Biology Markup Language Systems Biology Markup Language
System Automatycznego Kodowania Operacji System Automatycznego Kodowania Operacji
System 2 System 2
Symbolic Programming System Symbolic Programming System
SIL Swift Intermediate Language
Structured Query Reporter Structured Query Reporter
SQL Structured Query Language
Structured Control Language Structured Control Language
SAOL Structured Audio Orchestra Language
Steel Bank Common Lisp Steel Bank Common Lisp
SAS Statistical Analysis System
Statement List Statement List
SGML Standard Generalized Markup Language
Spatial Specify Parameterized Accelerators Through Inordinately Abstract Language
SoQL Social Networks Query language
SQRL Smyte Query and Rules Language
Small Small Machine Algol Like Language
SAAL Single Address Assembly Language
Smiles Simplified molecular-input line-entry system
SRL Simple Regex Language
SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
Simple Actor Language System and Architecture Simple Actor Language System and Architecture
Shared Dataspace Language Shared Dataspace Language
SSI Server Side Includes
Semantic Web Rule Language Semantic Web Rule Language
Security Assertion Markup Language Security Assertion Markup Language
SSL Secure Sockets Layer
SVG Scalable Vector Graphics
SMT Satisfiability Modulo Theories
SOSL Salesforce Object Search Language
SOQL Salesforce Object Query Language
SPARQL SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language
Slope SLOum's Programming Environment
SCAT SHARE Compiler-Assembler-Translator
Ron Rusty Object Notation
Rust MIR Rust Mid-level Intermediate Representation
Rust HIR Rust High-level Intermediate Representation
RAISE Specification Language Rigorous Approach to Industrial Software Engineering Specification Language
RTF Rich Text Format
RPL Reverse Polish Lisp
RDF Resource Description Framework
RFC Request for Comments
RPT Report Writer Language
RPG Report Program Generator
ROSCOE Remote OS Conversational Operating Environment
REBOL Relative Expression-Based Object Language
RSS Really Simple Syndication
Rapid Development and Maintenance Language Rapid Development and Maintenance Language
RAML RESTful API Modeling Language
Quicken Interchange Format Quicken Interchange Format
QBasic Quick Beginners All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
QML Qt Modeling Language
PyPI Python Package Index
PVS Prototype Verification System
Plot Programming Language for Old Timers
PL/M Programming Language for Microcomputers
Programming Language for Business Programming Language for Business
PL/I Programming Language One
PILOT Programmed Instruction, Learning, or Teaching
PEARL Process and Experiment Automation Real-Time Language
PML Practical Markup Language
PNG Portable Network Graphics
PDF Portable Document Format
PRQL Pipelined Relational Query Language
PHP Personal Home Page
PCRE Perl Compatible Regular Expressions
Partial Differential Equation Language Partial Differential Equation Language
Ordered graph data language Ordered graph data language
OPL Open Programming Language
OWL One World Language
OPS5 Official Production System version 5
Object-oriented Structured Query Language Object-oriented Structured Query Language
OMAR Object Modelling And Rendering
OEM Object Exchange Model
OMG IDL OMG Interface Definition Language
NSIS Nullsoft Software Install Script
Not Quite C Not Quite C
NAKL Not Another Keypunch Language
NGS Next Generation Shell
New Technology File System New Technology File System
The New Hampshire X Format New Hampshire X
Network Time Protocol Network Time Protocol
Nial Nested Interactive Array Language
NELIAC Navy Electronics Laboratory International ALGOL Compiler
NSS Native Structured Storage
Namespace-based Validation Dispatching Language Namespace-based Validation Dispatching Language
NCAR Command Language NCAR Command Language
MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
Multi-User Forth Multi-User Forth
Modified Integration Digital Analog Simulator Modified Integration Digital Analog Simulator
mdl Microarchitecture Description Language
Michigan Algorithm Decoder Michigan Algorithm Decoder
MPS Meta programming System
ML Meta Language
Meta Expressions Meta Expressions
Message Queuing Telemetry Transport Message Queuing Telemetry Transport
Meditech Interpretive Information System Meditech Interpretive Information System
MXF Material Exchange Format
MAP Macro Assembly Program Language
MOO MUD, object-oriented
MIT Algebraic Compiler MIT Algebraic Compiler
LES Loyc Expression Syntax
Linoleum ( Low-level INterfaced OverLanguage for Extremely Universal Machine-coding
Little Implementation Language Little Implementation Language
Lush Lisp Universal Shell
Lisp Object-Oriented Programming System Lisp Object-Oriented Programming System
LFE Lisp Flavored Erlang
Linden Scripting Language Linden Scripting Language
LPC Lars Pensjö C
Large-scale Atomic/Molecular Massively Parallel Simulator Format Large-scale Atomic/Molecular Massively Parallel Simulator Format
Language for Your Remote Instruction by Computer Language for Your Remote Instruction by Computer
Language Server Index Format Language Server Index Format
Livr Language Independent Validation Rules
Langage Sans Espoir Langage Sans Espoir
Langage Implementation Systeme Langage Implementation Systeme
Knowledge Query and Manipulation Language Knowledge Query and Manipulation Language
Knowledge Acquisition and Representation Language Knowledge Acquisition and Representation Language
KML Keyhole Markup Language
KRC Kent Recursive Calculator
Keep It Short and Simple Keep It Short and Simple
KAML KAML ain't markup language
Jesth Just Extract Sections Then Hack !
Just Another Scripting Syntax Just Another Scripting Syntax
JCL Job Control Language
JSON-LD JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data
JVM Java Virtual Machine
JSML Java Speech Markup Language
Jolie Java Orchestration Language Interpreter Engine
JCOF JSON-like Compact Object Format
JMAP JSON Meta Application Protocol
JOSS Extended and Adapted for Nineteen-hundred JOSS Extended and Adapted for Nineteen-hundred
JOSS JOHNNIAC Open Shop System
JSL JMP Scripting Language
Irvine Dataflow Irvine Dataflow
IPL Intuitionistic Programming Language
Intuit Interchange Format Intuit Interchange Format
IMAP Internet Message Access Protocol
International System of Quantities International System of Quantities
IDL Interactive Data Language
Interactive C Interpreter Interactive C Interpreter
ILU Inter-Language Unification
Integrated Data Store Integrated Data Store
Integrated Civil Engineering System Integrated Civil Engineering System
Information Processing Language Information Processing Language
Information Presentation Facility Information Presentation Facility
Industrial Modeling and Programming Language Industrial Modeling and Programming Language
ICML InCopy Markup Language
ISWIM If you See What I Mean
ISAC ISAbelle for Calculations in applied mathematics
ICD-10-CM diagnosis ICD-10-CM diagnosis
HLASM IBM High Level Assembler
GML IBM Generalised Markup Language
Hocon Human-Optimized Config Object Notation
Hilltop How I’d Like (Love!) to Program
High-Level Virtual Machine High-Level Virtual Machine
High Level Assembly High Level Assembly
HEIC High Efficiency Image File Format
Hierarchical File System Hierarchical File System
Hierarchical Data Format Hierarchical Data Format
Header Dictionary Triples Header Dictionary Triples
HCL HashiCorp configuration language
HMMM Harvey Mudd Miniature Machine
Hadoop Distributed File System Hadoop Distributed File System
HAML HTML Abstraction Markup Language
Guix Workflow Language Guix Workflow Language
GAP Groups, Algorithms and Programming
Google File System Google File System
GHC Glasgow Haskell Compiler
Generic Expression Language Generic Expression Language
GLMS Generalized Linear Model Script
General purpose General purpose
General Purpose Simulation System General Purpose Simulation System
General Activity Simulation Program General Activity Simulation Program
Guile GNU Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extensions
GNS GNU Name System
GNU Linear Programming Kit GNU Linear Programming Kit
GNU Data Language GNU Data Language
GCC GNU Compiler Collection
Fuzzy Markup Language Fuzzy Markup Language
fp Functional Programming
FP Functional Programming
FML Function Manipulation Language
FL Function Level
Fully Automated Compiling Technique Fully Automated Compiling Technique
Friendly Enough Expression Language Friendly Enough Expression Language
Formulating On-Line Calculations in Algebraic Language Formulating On-Line Calculations in Algebraic Language
FCL Flow chart language
FTP File Transfer Protocol
File Oriented Interpretive Language File Oriented Interpretive Language
FAT File Allocation Table
FORTRAN assembly program FORTRAN assembly program
XML Extensible Markup Language
Extensible Linking Format Extensible Linking Format
EDN Extensible Data Notation
Executive Systems Problem Oriented Language Executive Systems Problem Oriented Language
EGL Enterprise Generation Language
Euphoria End User Programming Hierarchial Objects for Robust Interpreted Applications
eC Ecere C
Em Easy Markup
DNS Domain Name System
DDML Document Definition Markup Language
Distributed Application Specification Language Distributed Application Specification Language
Dimensional Script Dimensional Script
DOI Digital Object Identifier
Digital Interactive Business Oriented Language Digital Interactive Business Oriented Language
DIANA Descriptive Intermediate Attributed Notation for Ada
D2 Declarative Diagramming
DAX Data analysis expressions
DOML Data Oriented Markup Language
Darcs Advanced Revision Control System Darcs Advanced Revision Control System
DARPA Agent Markup Language DARPA Agent Markup Language
cloc Count Lines Of Code
CORAL Computer On-line Real-time Applications Language
CUDA Compute Unified Device Architecture
CSP Communicating Sequential Processes
Common Object File Format Common Object File Format
Common Lisp with Arc Macros and Procedures Common Lisp with Arc Macros and Procedures
CIL Common Intermediate Language
Common Data Format Common Data Format
Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures
CPL Combined Programming Language
CFML ColdFusion Markup Language
CSON CoffeeScript Object Notation
Clear Language for Expressing Orders Clear Language for Expressing Orders
Classroom Object Oriented Language Classroom Object Oriented Language
CIR Clang IR
Caml Categorical abstract machine language
CSS Cascading Style Sheets
Cheri Capability Hardware Enhanced RISC Instructions
CSVw CSV on the Web
COBOL COmmon Business Oriented Language
CBOR data definition language CBOR data definition language
C∀ C-for-all
Cg C for Graphics
CLIPS C Language Integrated Production System
BPMN Business Process Model and Notation
BPEL Business Process Execution Language
Browser Extensible Data Format Browser Extensible Data
BRUIN Brown University Interactive Language
BEAM Erlang virtual machine Bogdan's Erlang Abstract Machine
Biological Expression Language Biological Expression Language
Bro Big Red One
BQN Big Questions Notation
BML Behavior Markup Language
BASIC Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BCPL Basic Combined Programming Language
BNF Backus–Naur Form
Avionics Architecture Design Language Avionics Architecture Design Language
Automatically Programmed Tool Automatically Programmed Tool
Augmented Backus-Naur Form Augmented Backus-Naur Form
aQasm Atos Quantum Assembly
AIR Assembly Intermediate Representation
AIML Artificial Intelligence Markup Language
Armed Bear Common Lisp Armed Bear Common Lisp
AUR Archlinux User Repository
ATS Applied Type System
AGC Apollo Guidance Computer
AFS Andrew File System
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
AWS Amazon Web Services
Algebraic Logic Functional Algebraic Logic Functional
awk Aho, Weinberger, Kernighan
Advanced Message Queuing Protocol Advanced Message Queuing Protocol
AIMMS Advanced Interactive Multidimensional Modeling System
ABAP Advanced Business Application Programming
Actor-Based Concurrent Language Actor-Based Concurrent Language
ASP Active Server Pages
ARM Acorn RISC Machine
APL A Programming Language
AMPL A Mathematical Programming Language
ACL2 A Computational Logic for Applicative Common Lisp
3D Manufacturing Format 3D Manufacturing Format

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