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title monaco
YAML yaml
XML xml
Visual Basic vb
TypeScript typescript
Twig twig
Tcl tcl
SystemVerilog systemverilog
Swift swift
SQL sql
SPARQL sparql
Sophia sophia
Solidity solidity
Bash shell
SCSS scss
Scheme scheme
Scala scala
Rust rust
Ruby ruby
reStructuredText restructuredtext
Amazon Redshift redshift
Redis redis
Razor razor
R r
Q# qsharp
Python python
Pug pug
Protocol Buffers protobuf
PowerShell powershell
PowerQuery M powerquery
ATS postiats
PHP php
PostgreSQL pgsql
Perl perl
Ligo pascaligo
Pascal pascal
Objective-C objective-c
MySQL mysql
DAX msdax
MIPS architecture mips
Markdown markdown
Modula-3 m3
Lua lua
Liquid liquid
Lexon lexon
Less less
Kotlin kotlin
Julia julia
JavaScript javascript
Java java
Ini ini
HTML html
HCL hcl
Handlebars handlebars
GraphQL graphql
Go go
F# fsharp
FreeMarker freemarker2
Flow9 flow9
Elixir elixir
Eclipse Command Language ecl
Dockerfile dockerfile
Dart dart
Cypher Query Language cypher
CSS css
CSP csp
C# csharp
C++ cpp
C cpp
CoffeeScript coffee
Clojure clojure
Bicep bicep
Batchfile bat
Apex apex
ABAP abap

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