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title linkedInSkill
YAML yaml
Yacc yacc
XML xml
x86-64 x86
WordPress wordpress
Swift swift
SQL sql
SPSS spss
Scala scala
SAS sas
Ruby on Rails ruby-on-rails
Ruby ruby
Redis redis
Racket racket
R r
Python python
Prolog prolog
PowerPC powerpc
PostgreSQL postgresql
PHP php
Perl perl
MySQL mysql
MediaWiki mediawiki
MATLAB matlab
Mathematica mathematica
Maple maple
Lua lua
LLVM IR llvm
Lisp lisp
Linux linux
JSON json
JQuery jquery
JavaScript javascript
JavaCC javacc
Java java
iOS ios
HTML html
Qualcomm Hexagon hexagon
Haskell haskell
Go go
Git git
Fortran fortran
Erlang erlang
Drupal drupal
CUDA cuda
CSS css
CoffeeScript coffeescript
COBOL cobol
Clojure clojure
C++ c++
C c
Microsoft Azure azure
AWS aws
ARM arm
ANTLR antlr
Android android
MongoDB MongoDB

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