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title isOpenSource
Zuo true
zolang true
Zig true
Zephir true
Z shell true
Yum true
Yorick true
Yoix true
Yes It Is true
YAWL true
YASnippet true
YARA true
YANG true
Yacas true
Yabasic true
Xtend true
XL true
Xidoc true
Xgboost true
XeTeX true
Xbasic true
X10 true
WxBasic true
Wren true
WordPress true
WML true
wisp true
WDL true
WebAssembly true
walt true
wah true
Vyxal true
Vvvv true
Vue true
VSXu true
Volt true
Visual Studio true
visdown true
Vim script true
Vim true
video true
vi true
vdscript true
Vala true
v8 true
UrWeb true
Urbiscript true
Uno true
unison true
Unicon true
Umple true
UCL true
TypeScript true
txtzyme true
Txt2tags true
Twig true
TTM true
TScript true
Tree Notation true
TQL true
tornado true
ToonTalk true
TOML true
TOM object-oriented true
Toi true
TLA true
Tiny C Compiler true
tidyverse true
TiddlyWiki true
Thymeleaf true
Thrift true
ThinBasic true
Textile true
Tex true
Terra true
TensorFlow true
tea true
Tcl true
TAP true
Text Adventure Development System true
Swift true
Swagger true
SuperCollider true
SugarSS true
Subversion true
Stylus true
Strongtalk true
STON true
Stencil true
starpial true
Stan true
Stalin true
Script.NET true
SRL true
Squirrel true
SQLite true
Spyder true
SPIP true
SpiderMonkey true
Spatial true
SPARK true
Space true
SourcePawn true
son true
Solidity true
Snap! true
Smarty true
SmallBASIC true
Smali true
Slony true
Slim true
Slideshow true
Slash true
skulpt true
skip true
sizzle true
SIMPL true
sill true
Semantic Versioning true
semicolon true
Self true
Scsh true
Scroll true
Scratch true
SCM true
SciPy true
Scilab true
Scikit-learn true
Scala true
Scala.js true
Sass true
SaltStack true
Sage true
Rust true
Rust MIR true
RStudio true
Rpm true
roy true
Rouge true
rosie true
ROOT true
Rockstar true
RobotFramework true
RMarkdown true
Ring true
Rholang true
Ren'Py true
Redis true
Red true
REBOL true
Reason true
React Native true
RDoc true
RascalMPL true
Rascal true
Rapira true
RAML true
rainbow true
Ruby on Rails true
Ragel true
Racket true
R true
QOIR true
QMake true
QB64 true
Qalb true
Q true
PyTorch true
Python true
PureScript true
Pure Data true
Pure true
Puppet true
Pug true
psyche-c true
Protocol Buffers true
PowerShell true
PostgreSQL true
PostCSS true
popr true
Pony true
PogoScript true
Pnuts true
PIKT true
Pike true
Pig Latin true
pie-lang true
Pharo true
PgBouncer true
Perl 6 true
Pep8 true
PEG.js true
PAWN true
Parser 3 true
PARI/GP true
Parenscript true
Pandoc true
Pandas true
Pan true
Pact true
P4 true
Oz true
Org true
Orc true
OpenSCAD true
OpenCL true
Opal true
oopsilon true
ooc true
onnx true
Omgrofl true
Om true
oil true
ohm true
Ohayo true
OGNL true
GNU Octave true
OCaml true
Objective-J true
nylo true
NumPy true
Nu true
Not Quite C true
npm true
noulith true
Notepad++ true
Note true
Node.js true
Natural Language Toolkit true
Nit true
Ninja true
Nim true
Nickle true
NGS true
Nginx true
Nextflow true
NeXML format true
Newspeak true
NewLisp true
NetLogo true
netbeans-editor true
nesC true
Neko true
Nearley true
NCAR Command Language true
Netwide Assembler true
GNU nano true
MySQL true
myia true
MyBB true
MVEL true
mustache true
Mu true
MPS true
Motif true
MoonScript true
monte true
MongoDB true
Monaco Editor true
Modula-3 true
mochi true
mochajs true
Mirah true
MiniZinc true
minikanren true
Microsoft Small Basic true
MicroPython true
Meson true
Mercury true
Mercurial true
MediaWiki true
Maxima true
Apache Maven true
Matplotlib true
mathics true
Mask true
Marko true
MariaDB true
Manim true
Mama true
LyX true
Apache Lucene true
Lua true
lobster true
LLVM IR true
LiveScript true
Lite-C true
LispMe true
Liquid true
Linux true
Linotte true
Links true
Linden Scripting Language true
Limbo true
LilyPond true
Lily true
LFE true
lever true
Less true
Lean true
Latte true
latino true
LaTeX true
Kotlin true
Koka true
ko true
Knitr true
kitten true
KiCad Legacy Layout true
Keras true
Kawa true
KaTeX true
juniper true
Julia true
Jule true
juicy true
Judoscript true
JSON5 true
json->url true
JSON-LD true
jsil-compiler true
JRuby true
JQuery true
jq true
Jison true
Jison Lex true
Jinja true
JFlex true
JavaScript true
JavaFX Script true
JavaCC true
Java true
jasmine true
J true
Isabelle true
Ioke true
Inno Setup true
inko true
ink true
Impala true
Ikarus Scheme implementation true
Idris true
Idio true
icarus true
iCalendar true
HyPhy true
Hy true
hurl true
Homa true
Hodor true
High Level Assembly true
Hjson true
HHVM true
hexagony true
HCL true
hazel true
Haxe true
hashlink true
Harbour true
HAML true
Halide true
HAL Format true
Hackett true
Hack true
Gzip true
Gwion true
Guile true
Groovy true
grep true
Gremlin true
gravity true
GraphIt true
Grammar true
Gradle true
Gosu true
Golo true
Godot true
Go true
Gnuplot true
GNU E true
GLBasic true
Git true
Ghostscript true
Gettext Catalog true
GEL Genius true
Genie true
GN true
GNU Data Language true
GDB true
GCC true
Gauche Scheme implementation true
GNU Assembler true
GAP true
Gambas true
G-Portugol true
FutureBASIC true
Futhark true
F* true
Frege true
FreeMarker true
Free Pascal true
FpgaC true
Fortress true
FLUX true
FLEX true
fish true
Filebench WML true
fetlang true
fay true
FAUST true
Fardlang true
Fantom true
Fancy true
Factor true
FaCT true
F# true
F-Script true
Ezhil true
Extensible Embeddable Language true
Ext4 true
Explorer true
Expect true
Eve true
Euphoria true
Etoys true
Erlang true
Epigram true
Emojicode true
EmberScript true
Emacs Lisp true
Emacs true
Elm true
Elixir true
elegance true
EJS true
egel true
EDN true
Eclipse true
eC true
Easybuild true
E true
dyvil true
Dynamo true
Drupal true
Dojo true
Dogescript true
Djot true
Django true
Differential Datalog true
DEVIL true
Descript true
Dern true
datafun true
Dart true
Dafny true
D4 true
D3.js true
Cython true
CWEB true
CUDA true
Csound true
CSON true
Crystal true
Cryptol true
CouchDB true
Corman Common Lisp true
cor true
Coq true
Cone true
CWL true
CoffeeScript true
CodeMirror true
codecept true
Coconut true
Coco/R true
Cobra true
CMake true
Closure Templates true
ClojureScript true
Clojure true
CLISP true
clike true
Click true
chevrotain true
CheetahTemplate true
chatterbot true
Chapel true
CFEngine true
Ceylon true
Cell true
carp true
capybara true
Cap'n Proto true
C3 true
C true
C shell true
buzz true
Bucardo true
Boron true
Boo true
BlitzMax true
BitBake true
Bison true
BeanShell true
Basic4GL true
Basic-256 true
Bash true
Ballerina true
Axiom true
AviSynth true
AutoIt true
AutoHotkey true
Augeas true
ATS true
Atom true
Asymptote true
astroml true
astro true
Asterisk true
AspectJ true
AsciiDots true
AsciiDoc true
aretext true
APT Debian true
A+ true
API Blueprint true
Velocity true
ANTLR true
Ante true
Ante true
Android true
AMOS true
Alice true
Aldor true
Aheui true
Agda true
Ad-hoc true
ActivityPub true
ActiveVFP true
acorn-lang true
ACL2 true
Aardvark true
A# true
51forth true
Xojo false
Wolfram Language false
Winbatch false
Visual Test false
Visual Prolog false
VisSim false
UniVerse false
Unity false
Turbo Assembler false
Sublime Text false
Stata false
Sinclair BASIC false
Simulink false
SimCode false
Sibelius false
SequenceL false
SenseTalk false
SAC false
S-PLUS false
Autodesk Revit false
QBasic false
Prograph false
PowerHouse false
PLEX false
Pick operating system false
OX false
OpenLisp false
OpenEdge ABL false
Omnis Studio false
NS Basic false
muPad false
Multics false
Mojo false
MIRC scripting language false
MEDUSA false
Max false
Mathematica false
Wolfram Mathematica false
Mathcad false
MapBasic false
MAGMA false
MacBASIC false
Locomotive BASIC false
LIMDEP false
Liberty BASIC false
Le-Lisp false
Lasso false
LabVIEW G false
iOS false
HyperCard false
Google Cloud Platform false
Google File System false
GeneXus false
GAMS false
Framework office suite false
Delphi false
DBase false
datev false
ColdFusion false
Ch computer programming false
Beta BASIC false
Basic4android false
Microsoft Azure false
Atari Microsoft BASIC false
ASP false
Applescript false
AMPL false
Acornsoft Logo false

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