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title influencedBy
Flare xml python java cpp eiffel common-lisp scheme perl haskell
Vim vi-editor
AssemblyScript typescript
Explorer treesheets
Homa tcp
TQL sql
Slope scheme
Alumina rust
YESS rss
Boron rebol
Zuo racket
ed qed-editor
Mojo python c mlir
Please Build python
High Level Assembly pascal ada modula-2 cpp
Virt pascal
PLZ pascal
Maude obj
proto-GNOSIS mumps prolog
Typst markdown tex latex
Markwhen markdown
buzz lua
Kamby lisp
Speedie javascript python c lua cpp visual-basic hypercard html css xml json
JavaScript java self scheme
Applescript hypertalk
Lil hypercard
tea homebrew-pm
Scrapscript haskell json elm roc hackage-pm
Curry haskell
Tree Notation haml treesheets racket lisp haskell antlr typescript mathematica scheme python csharp red cobol rebol apl r html css xml json cpp forth fortran sql
EXPLOR fortran
vi ex-editor
ex ed-editor
hurl curl
Nemerle csharp ml lisp
Djot commonmark
C3 c2 c
Jule c cpp rust go
Java c cpp
semicolon brainfuck
U apl j k nial
Goal apl j k
Futhark apl
BQN apl
Grammar antlr yacc ebnf bnf
lllpg antlr
Simula algol-60
BALGOL algol-58 fortran
Farcaster activity-pub ssb

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