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title id
zz zz
Zuo zuo
Z++ zpp
ZPL zpl
Zot zot
ZOPL zopl
Zope zope
Zonnon zonnon
DNS Zone zone
zolang zolang
Zoem zoem
zlang zlang
zl zl
zish zish
Zip file format zip-format
Zimpl zimpl
Zimbu zimbu
ZIM Format zim-format
Zork Implementation Language zil
ZigZag zigzag
Zig zig
ZGRASS zgrass
Zeta zeta
zephyr-asdl zephyr-asdl
Zephir zephir
zenscript zenscript
ZENO zeno
Zeek zeek
Zed zed
ZCCS zccs
ZBasic zbasic
z80 z80
z2 z2
Z shell z-shell
Z notation z-notation
Z-machine z-machine
Z-flat z-flat
Z z-expressions
Z z
Yum yum-pm
YugabyteDB yugabytedb
Yorick yorick
YoptaScript yoptascript
Yoix yoix
yoga yoga
yinyang yinyang
Yes It Is yii
yeti yeti
YESS yess
Yedalog yedalog
ycp ycp
YAWL yawl
YASnippet yasnippet
Yet Another Scripting Language yasl
YARV yarv
YARA yara
YAP yap-prolog
YANG yang
YAMP yamp
YAML yaml
Yakou Lang yakou-lang
Yacc yacc
Yacas yacas
Yabasic yabasic
y-lang y-lang
Y y
xxl xxl
Xupdate xupdate
XUML xuml
XTRAN xtran
Xtext xtext
Xtend xtend
Ecstasy xtclang
xTAO Modeling Language xtao
xt3d xt3d
xsv-app xsv-app
XSLT xslt
XSIM xsim
xsharp xsharp
XSD xsd
xs xs-lang
XS xs
XQuery xquery
XQL xql-lang
XQL xql
XProfan xprofan
XProc xproc
XPOP xpop
X PixMap xpm-format
XPL0 xpl0
XPL xpl
XPath xpath
XPages xpages
XOTcl xotcl
Xojo xojo
xodio xodio
Xoc xoc-compiler
XMTC xmtc
xmpp-protocol xmpp-protocol
The Algebra xml-query-algebra
XML Query Language xml-ql
XML-GL xml-gl
XML xml
Xmind Format xmind
XML Metadata Interchange xmi
xlwings-editor xlwings-editor
XL xl-lang
xl xl
Xidoc xidoc
XHTML xhtml
XGMML xgmml
Xgboost xgboost-model
XGBoost xgboost
XeTeX xetex
XE xe
xduce xduce
XDR Schema xdr
XCY xcy
XCore Architecture xcore
XCompose xcompose
XCAS xcas
xCard xcard
XC xc
XBRL xbrl
XBLite xblite
XML Binding Language xbl
XBEL xbel
Xbasic xbasic
XBase++ xbasepp
xBase xbase
XAML xaml
xADL xadl
X86 x86-isa
x86 Assembly x86-assembly
x86-64 x86-64-isa
X11-Basic x11-basic
X10 x10
X PixMap x-pixmap
X-KLAIM x-klaim
[x]it! x-it
X Font Directory Index x-font-directory-index
X BitMap x-bitmap-format
X BitMap x-bitmap
X-BASIC x-basic
Wyvern wyvern
WYLBUR wylbur
WxBasic wxbasic
Wu wu
WSFN wsfn-programming-language
WSDL wsdl
WRITEACOURSE writeacourse
Wren wren
Worst worst
World of Warcraft Addon Data world-of-warcraft-addon-data
world world
Workfl workfl
WFL work-flow-language
WordPress wordpress
woofjs woofjs
Wonkey wonkey
Wolontis-Bell Interpreter wolontis-bell-interpreter
Wolfram Language wolfram
WOL wol
woe woe
WMLScript wmlscript
WML wml
Wlanguage wlanguage
WLambda wlambda
WIZOR wizor
wizml wizml
Wiswesser line notation wiswesser-line-notation
wisp wisp
Wirth syntax notation wirth-syntax-notation
WML wireless-markup-language
winxed winxed
WinWrap Basic winwrap-basic
Wing wing
Windows Registry Entries windows-registry-entries
WinDev windev
Winbatch winbatch
Wikitax wikitax
WHOIS whois-protocol
Whitespace whitespace
Whirlwind whirlwind
WHIRL whirl
Whiley whiley
whalecalf whalecalf
whack whack
WebGPU Shading Language wgsl
wescheme wescheme
weebasic weebasic
WebStorm webstorm-editor
webql webql
WebP webp-format
WebL webl
WebKit webkit
WebGL webgl
WebDNA webdna
WebIDL web-idl
WDL wdl
Wolfram Data Framework wdf
WDDX wddx
WCPS wcps
WCL wcl
Wavefront Object wavefront-object
Wavefront Material wavefront-material
wats wats
WATFOR watfor
WATFIV watfiv
Water water
Watcom watcom
WATBOL watbol
WebAssembly Text Format wast
Wasp wasp-lang
wasmer wasmer
WebAssembly wasm
Wart wart
walt walt
wah wah
w w
Vyxal vyxal
vyper vyper
Vvvv vvvv
VULCAN vulcan
Vue vuejs
Visual Tool Markup Language vtml
Velocity Template Language vtl-lang
Very Tiny Language vtl
VSXu vsxu
VSPL vspl
VRML vrml
VPL vpl
VoxML voxml
Vortex vortex
Volt volt
VML vml
VlibTemplate vlibtemplate
viz viz
vivaldi vivaldi
VIVA viva
VisualWorks visualworks
Visual Test visual-test
Visual Studio Marketplace visual-studio-marketplace-pm
Visual Studio visual-studio-editor
Visual Studio Code visual-studio-code-editor
Visual Smalltalk Enterprise visual-smalltalk-enterprise
Visual Prolog visual-prolog
Visual Paradigm visual-paradigm-app
Visual Occam visual-occam
Visual Objects visual-objects
Visual Logic visual-logic
Visual FoxPro visual-foxpro
Visual Eiffel visual-eiffel
Visual DialogScript visual-dialogscript
Visual DataFlex visual-dataflex
Visual Basic .NET
Visual Basic visual-basic
Visual visual
VisSim vissim
visdown visdown
VisaVis visavis
Virt virt
Viron viron
Virgil virgil
VIPTRAN viptran
Violent ES violent-es
Vimwiki vimwiki
Vim Scripts vim-scripts-pm
Vim script vim-script
Vim vim-editor
Vilnius BASIC vilnius-basic
Vigil vigil
Vienna Fortran vienna-fortran
Vienna Definition Language vienna-definition-language
video video
vi vi-editor
VHDL-AMS vhdl-ams
VHDL vhdl
Video Graphics Array vga-standard
VEX vex
verve verve
versioned-text-markup-language versioned-text-markup-language
Verse verse
verona verona
Verilog verilog
verifpal verifpal
VENUS venus
Vely vely
Velato velato
vega-editor-app vega-editor-app
Vector PASCAL vector-pascal
vdscript vdscript
Vienna Development Method Specification Language vdm-sl
Vcpkg vcpkg-pm
Varnish Configuration Language vcl
VCF vcf-format
vCard vcard
VBScript vbscript
VBA vba
VARLIST varlist
Vale vale-assembly
Vale vale
Vala vala
VAL II val-ii
VAL val
v8torque v8torque
v8 v8
V v-visual-language
V-Promela v-promela
V v-golf
V v
Uniform eXchange Format uxf
Utopia 84 utopia-84
UTF-8 utf-8
UTC utc-format
USSA ussa
USD usd
uscript2 uscript2
uscript uscript
USB usb-standard
UrWeb urweb
urn urn
URL url
Urbiscript urbiscript
UPIC upic
Up-arrow notation up-arrow-notation
unseemly unseemly
UnrealScript unrealscript
UNRAVEL unravel
UnQL unql-lang
UnQL unql
Uno uno
unlws unlws
UNLAMBDA unlambda
Unix unix
UniVerse universe
Unity3D Asset unity3d-asset
Unity unity-engine
UNITY unity
unison unison
UNISIM unisim
UPC unified-parallel-c
Unified Diff unified-diff
Uniface uniface
UNICORN unicorn
unicon-adl unicon-adl
Unicon unicon
Unicode unicode-lang
Unicode unicode
underlay underlay
UNCOL uncol
UMTA umta
Umple umple
uml2-sp uml2-sp
UML uml
Umka umka
ultralisp-pm ultralisp-pm
ulisp ulisp
UJML ujml
UIML uiml
ugnis ugnis
ugBASIC ugbasic
UFO ufo
UFL ufl
UDP udp
UCSD Pascal ucsd-pascal
UCL ucl
UCG ucg
UC uc
UBJSON ubjson
Ubik ubik
UberScript uberscript
Ubercode ubercode
UBASIC ubasic
UAN uan
U-Datalog u-datalog
U u
TyRuBa tyruba
Typst typst
Typoscript typoscript
Typographical Number Theory typographical-number-theory
TypeScript typescript
typedefs typedefs
typecobol typecobol
Typecast.js typecastjs
Type Language type-language
Tynker tynker
Tymshare SuperBasic tymshare-superbasic
Tyco tyco
txtzyme txtzyme
Txt2tags txt2tags
txr txr
TXL txl
twoducks twoducks
TWO-D two-d
TWiki twiki
Twig twig
Twelf twelf
Tutorial D tutorial-d
TUTOR tutor
Turtle turtle
turnstile-plus turnstile-plus
turnstile turnstile
Turing Plus turing-plus
Turing turing
Turbo Pascal turbo-pascal
Turbo-Basic XL turbo-basic-xl
Turbo Basic turbo-basic
Turbo Assembler turbo-assembler
tuplemarkup tuplemarkup
Tuple space tuple-space
ttsneo ttsneo
TTM ttm
Tree and Tabular Combined Notation ttcn
TSV tsv
tsquery tsquery
TSQL2 tsql2
TSL tsl
TScript tscript
tsar tsar
TS ts
Truth truth
True BASIC true-basic
truck truck
TRS-80 Color Computer trs-80-color-computer
Lambda Diagrams tromp-diagrams
Troff troff
Triton triton
triroff triroff
TRIPLE triple
TRIO trio
TriG syntax trig-syntax
tridash tridash
Trex trex
tremor-query tremor-query
Trellis trellis
TREET treet
TreeSheets treesheets
Tree Notation treenotation
Treelang treelang
TAO tree-annotation-operator
TRANSLANG translang
Transforma transforma
TRANSCODE transcode
Transaction Language 1 transaction-language-1
Transact-SQL transact-sql
TRANQUIL tranquil
TRAMP tramp
Traits traits
Trafola-H trafola-h
TRACE trace
TRAC trac
TQL tql
TPDL* tpdl-star
Toy toy-lang
TouchDevelop touchdevelop
Touch touch
Tosh tosh
tornado tornado
torchscript torchscript
topshell topshell
Topaz topaz-lang
topaz topaz
ToonTalk toontalk
TOOLBUS toolbus
TOML toml
TOMAL tomal
TOM object-oriented tom-oopl
TOM tom
toki sona toki-sona
Toi toi
ToffeeScript toffeescript
Todotxt todotxt
toadskin toadskin
TMTP tmtp
TextMate Language tmlanguage
TMG tmg
TLS tls
tldr tldr
Tag Line Commands tlc
TLA tla
Timeless Instruction Set (TL ISA) tl-isa
Typed Lua tl
Titanium titanium
titan titan
TIScript tiscript
tinygo-compiler tinygo-compiler
Tiny C Compiler tinyc-compiler
Tiny BASIC tiny-basic
Tinkertoy tinkertoy
Timpani timpani
Timed CSP timed-csp
Timber timber-programming-language
tilton tilton
tiledb tiledb
Tiki Wiki Markup tikiwiki
Tiger-BASIC tiger-basic
Tagged Image File Format tiff-format
tidyverse tidyverse
TiddlyWiki tiddlywiki
tiddler tiddler
TiDB tidb
TICS tics
Tick C tick-c
tibet tibet
Tibbo BASIC tibbo-basic
TI Program ti-basic-assembly
TI-BASIC ti-basic
TI-89 series ti-89-basic
Thymeleaf thymeleaf
thune thune
Thue thue-programming-language
tht tht
Thrift thrift
THREADED LISTS threaded-lists
thorn thorn
THINK C think-c
ThingLab thinglab
ThinBasic thinbasic
THEOS theos-multi-user-basic
The Message System the-message-system
TFL tfl
Texy! texy
TextMate textmate-editor
Textile textile
texti texti
TextFrame textframe
Textadept textadept-editor
Text Executive Programming Language text-executive-programming-language
texpr texpr
Tex tex
tetruss-app tetruss-app
tetra tetra
terse terse
Terra terra
Ternary numeral system ternary-notation
tern tern
Teradata Aster teradata-aster
Teradata teradata
TensorFlow tensorflow
tengo tengo
ten ten
Temporal Prolog temporal-prolog
TEMPO tempo
Template Attribute Language template-attribute-language
Templar templar
TELSIM telsim
TELOS telos
Telnet telnet-protocol
telefile-assembly telefile-assembly
TELCOMP telcomp
TeLa tela
Tektronix 4050 tektronix
Tefkat tefkat
TECO teco
TeaSharp teasharp
teal teal
tea tea-pm
Tea tea-pl
Tea tea
TDMS tdms
TDFL tdfl
TCSP tcsp
tcsh tcsh
TCP tcp
TCOZ tcoz
Tcl tcl
tcc tcc
tbox-lib tbox-lib
Taxis taxis
taxa taxa
Tawa tawa
TASM tasm
tarot tarot
Tarmac tarmac
Table Query Language taql
Tap code tap-code
TAP tap
tao3d tao3d
Tao tao-lang
TAO tao
tangledown tangledown
tampio tampio
tamgu tamgu
TALL tall
TALE tale
TAL tal
taktentus taktentus
Taijilang taijilang
Taichi taichi
Tahoe-LAFS tahoe-lafs
taf taf
Text Adventure Development System tads
TACTICS tactics
TACPOL tacpol-programming-language
Tandem Advanced Command Language tacl
TAC tac
TABTRAN tabtran
TABSOL tabsol
Tabloid tabloid
TABLOG tablog
Tableau Software tableau-app
tablatal tablatal
tablam tablam
tab tab
T3X t3x
t2b t2b
t-lang t-lang
T t
IBM System z systemz
SystemVerilog systemverilog
System V ABI system-v-abi
SysML sysml
SYNTOL syntol
SYNTEX syntex
SYNPROC synproc
Synon synon
SYNGLISH synglish
synergist synergist
syndicate syndicate
SMIL synchronized-multimedia-integration-language
SYNAPSE synapse
SymPy sympy
SYMPL sympl
SYMBOLIC ASSEMBLY symbolic-assembly
SYMBOL symbol
SymbMath symbmath
SYMBAL symbal
SYBYL line notation sybyl-notation
Swym swym
Semantic Web Rule Language swrl
swizzle swizzle
SIL swift-il
Swift swift
SWI Prolog swi-prolog
Sweet.js sweetjs
Sweet Expressions sweet-expressions
Sweave sweave
Swallow swallow
Swagger swagger
SW2 sw2
SVL svl
svgbob svgbob
SVG svg
Svelte svelte
SURGE surge
Superx++ superxpp
SuperTalk supertalk
Superplan superplan
SUPERMAC supermac
Superjson superjson
SuperForth superforth
SuperCollider supercollider
SuperBASIC superbasic
Suneido suneido
Sun Raster sun-raster-format
SUMMER summer
Sugi sugi
sugartex sugartex
SugarSS sugarss
sugarj sugarj
Sugar sugar
Sue sue
SubX subx
Subversion subversion
Subtext subtext
subscript subscript
SubRip Text subrip-text
Sublime Syntax Test Lang sublime-syntax-test
Sublime Syntax sublime-syntax
Sublime Text sublime-editor
Subleq subleq
SubL subl
sub sub
Stylus stylus
stx stx
Stutter stutter-lang
StruQL struql
STRUDL strudl
strudel strudel
Structured text structured-text
COM Structured Storage structured-storage
Strongtalk strongtalk
Strips strips
Stripe company stripe
STRINGCOMP stringcomp
stringbean stringbean
String diagram string-diagrams-notation
STRESS stress
STREMA strema
Streem streem
StreamIt streamit
STRCMACS strcmacs
Stratego/XT stratego
strat strat
Strand strand-programming-language
STOS BASIC stos-basic
storyscript storyscript
Storymatic storymatic
stoneknifeforth stoneknifeforth
StoneCutter stonecutter
STON ston
STOICAL stoical
Stockholm format stockholm-format
Statement List stl
Stencil stencil
stella stella
Steinhaus-Moser notation steinhaus-moser-notation
status-quo-script status-quo-script
SQF status-quo-function
Statsplorer statsplorer
Static Typescript static-typescript
Statemate statemate
statebox statebox
Stata stata
starpial starpial
StarOffice Basic staroffice-basic
StarLogo starlogo
starlark starlark
*Prolog star-prolog
Star star
STAPLE staple
Standard ML standard-ml
Standard Lisp standard-lisp
Stan stan
Stalin stalin
STAGE2 stage2
Stackless Python stackless-python
stacklang stacklang
Speech Synthesis Markup Language ssml
ssl-lang ssl-lang
SSL ssl
SSI ssi
Script.NET ssharp
Boston College Statistical Software Components ssc-pm
Secure Scuttlebutt ssb
srv srv
SRL srl
SRecode Template srecode-template
SR sr-programming-language
SR sr
SQURL squrl
SQUOZE squoze
Squirrel squirrel
Squire squire
squiggle squiggle
SquidConf squidconf
Squeak squeak
SQUARE square
SQRL sqrl
Structured Query Reporter sqr
SQLPL sqlpl
SQLMP sqlmp
sqlite-storage-format sqlite-storage-format
SQLite sqlite
sqlar-format sqlar-format
Sqlalchemy sqlalchemy
SQL/PSM sql-psm
SQL-92 sql-92
SQL sql
SQHTML sqhtml
Spyder spyder-editor
SPSS spss
Symbolic Programming System sps
spry spry
Sprite Operating System sprite-os
SPRINT sprint
sporth sporth
Split-C split-c
Spline Font Database spline-font-database
SPLAW splaw
Structured Product Labeling spl
SPITBOL spitbol
spiral spiral
spir-v spir-v
Standard Portable Intermediate Representation spir
SPIP spip
Spin spin
Spill spill
SPIL spil
SpiderMonkey spidermonkey
SpiderBasic spiderbasic
spider spider
Spice Lisp spice-lisp
Spice spice
Sender Policy Framework spf-standard
Speedie speedie
Speedcoding speedcoding
specrtl specrtl
SPECOL specol
SPECL specl
Spec Sharp spec-sharp
Spec spec
Speakeasy speakeasy
Spatial spatial
SPARQL sparql
SPARQCode sparqcode
spark-pm spark-pm
SPARK spark
SPARC sparc
SPADE spade
Space space
SP/k sp-k
Soy soy
Schema for Object-Oriented XML sox
Southampton BASIC System southampton-basic-system
Sourcetree sourcetree
SourcePawn sourcepawn
sourcelair-editor sourcelair-editor
souper souper
Soulver soulver
soul soul
souffle souffle
SOSL sosl
Sort Merge Generator sort-merge-generator
SORCA sorca
sora sora
Socrata Query Language soql-lang
SOQL soql
Sophia sophia
son son
SOLMAR solmar
Solidity solidity
solid solid
solaris-pm solaris-pm
Solaris solaris
socialite socialite
SoQL social-networks-query-language
Soar Markup Language soar-ml
Symbolic Optimal Assembly Program soaplang
SOAP soap
SNQL: A Social Network Query and Transformation Language snql
Snowman snowman-decompiler
Snowball snowball-programming-language
Snostorm snostorm
SNOOP snoop
SNOBOL4 snobol4
SNOBOL3 snobol3
SNOBOL snobol
SNOBAT snobat
Snit snit
SNBT snbt
SnapTag snaptag
Snap! snap
snakemake snakemake
SMX smx-computer-language
SMTP smtp
SMT smt
SMSL smsl
Semantic Patch Language smpl
SMoLCS smolcs
SMOKE smoke
Smithy smithy
Smiles smiles-format
Smile data interchange format smile
SMDL smdl
Smarty smarty
Smartsheet smartsheet-app
SMILES arbitrary target specification smarts
SmartGameFormat smartgameformat
SMART smart
SmallVDM smallvdm
smalltalkhub-pm smalltalkhub-pm
Smalltalk YX smalltalk-yx
Smalltalk/V smalltalk-v
Smalltalk MT smalltalk-mt
Smalltalk-80 smalltalk-80
Smalltalk-76 smalltalk-76
Smalltalk smalltalk
SmallBASIC smallbasic
SMALL-X small-x
Small Euclid small-euclid
Small-C small-c
Small small
Smali smali
SMALGOL smalgol
SLPL slpl
Slope slope
Slony slony
SLOG slog
SLIPS slips
SLIP slip
slim-pl slim-pl
Slim slim-lang
slim slim
Slideshow slideshow
Slick slick
Slice slice
SLEUTH sleuth
Slash slash
SLANG slang
SLAM II slam-ii
SL5 sl5
SL sl
SKY sky
skulpt skulpt
skookumscript skookumscript
skip skip
SKIL skil
skew skew
Sketchpad III sketchpad-iii
Sketchpad sketchpad
SK8 sk8
sizzle sizzle
sixten sixten
Sitemap sitemap
SISC sisc
SISAL sisal
Siri siri
Siprol siprol
SipHash siphash-hash-function
singular singular
Sing Sharp sing-sharp
Sinclair BASIC sinclair-basic
sina sina
Simulink simulink
SIMULA 67 simula-67
Simula simula
SIMUL simul
SIMSCRIPT simscript
Sim++ simpp
Simplicity simplictiy
SimpleScript simplescript
Simple Stackless Lisp simple-stackless-lisp
Simple Binary Encoding simple-binary-encoding
SIMPLE simple
SIMPL simpl
SIMPAS simpas
Simons' BASIC simons-basic
SIMODULA simodula
SIMNET simnet
SIML/I siml-i
Simkin simkin-programming-language
simit simit
SIMFACTORY simfactory
SIMDIS simdis
SimCode simcode
SIMCAL simcal
SIMAN IV siman-iv
SIMAN siman
sill sill
silk silk
sile sile
SIL sil
SIGNAL signal
SIGMA 76 sigma-76
Sieve mail filtering language sieve
sierra sierra
SIDOPS+ sidopsp
Sibilant sibilant
Sibelius sibelius-software
SI Library si-library
SI si
SHRDLU shrdlu
Short Code computer language short-code-computer-language
SHOE shoe
shml shml
shiv shiv
shill shill
SHIFT shift
ShEx shex
Shen shen
SheerPower4GL sheerpower4gl
SheerPower 4GL sheerpower-4gl
Sheep sheep-lang
SHEEP sheep
sharpscript sharpscript
Shared Prolog shared-prolog
ShapeUp shapeup
Shapefile shapefile
sham sham
shakti shakti
Shakespeare shakespeare-programming-language
Shakespeare shakespeare
SHADOW shadow
ShaderLab shaderlab
shade shade
shadama shadama
SHA-3 sha-3-hash-function
SHA-2 sha-2-hash-function
SHA-1 sha-1-hash-function
sh sh
SGML sgml
Seymour seymour
SEVAL seval
Setun setun
setlx setlx
SetLog setlog
SETL setl
Set-builder notation set-builder-notation
SESPOOL sespool
SESPATH sespath
Service Modeling Language service-modeling-language
Serious serious
Sequential Pascal sequential-pascal
SFC sequential-function-chart
SequenceL sequencel
SEQUEL 2 sequel-2
Seque seque
Seq seq
sepi sepi
Seph seph-programming-language
seph seph
sentient sentient
SenseTalk sensetalk
Standard for Exchange of Non-clinical Data send-standard
Semantic Versioning semver
semicolon semicolon
Semi-Thue semi-thue-system
SEMANOL semanol
Self self
SEGRAS segras
Seed7 seed7
sed sed
Secure Operations Language secure-operations-language
SectorC sectorc
SEARCH search
SDTM sdtm
SDMS sdms
SdlBasic sdlbasic
Shared Dataspace Language sdl
sdf-format sdf-format
SDF sdf
SCSS scss
Scsh scsh
SCROLL scroll-lang
Scroll scroll
ScriptX scriptx
Scriptol scriptol
ScriptEase scriptease
ScriptBasic scriptbasic
SCRIPT markup script
Scrimshaw scrimshaw
Scribe scribe
scribble scribble
SCREAMER screamer
Scratchpad II scratchpad-ii
Scratchpad scratchpad
Scratch scratch
Scrapscript scrapscript
score score
scopes scopes
Scoop scoop-pm
SCOOP scoop
SCM scm
Sclipting sclipting
Structured Control Language scl
SciPy scipy
Scilab scilab
SCIL-VP scil-vp
Scikit-learn scikit-learn
Scieneer Common Lisp scieneer-common-lisp
Schrödinger's Equation schrodingers-equation
Schoonschip schoonschip
School school
Scheme 2-D scheme-2-d
Scheme scheme
Schematron schematron schemaorg
SCHEMAL schemal
Scenic scenic
SCAT scat
SCAN scan
Scala Markup Language scaml
SCALPEL scalpel
Scala.js scala-js
Scala scala
The Synthetic Biology Open Language sbol
Systems Biology Markup Language sbml
Steel Bank Common Lisp sbcl
SBASIC sbasic
SBA sba
SB-ONE sb-one
Sawzall sawzall
Savi savi
SAUSTALL saustall
SATySFi satysfi
Sather-K sather-k
Sather sather
Sassy sassy
Sass sass
SASL sasl-programming-language
SAS sas
SARTEX sartex
SARL sarl
Sapphire sapphire
SAP HANA sap-hana
SAOL saol
Sampletalk sampletalk
Security Assertion Markup Language saml
SAM76 sam76
SAM file format sam-format
Sam Coupé sam-coupe
SaltStack saltstack
Simple Actor Language System and Architecture salsa
SALEM salem
SALE sale
System Automatycznego Kodowania Operacji sako
Sage sagemath
Safari safari
SAC sac-programming-language
SAC-2 sac-2
SAC-1 sac-1
SAAL saal
SA-C sa-c-programming-language
SA sa
S3 s3
System 2 s2
S-Snobol s-snobol
S/SL s-sl
S-PLUS s-plus
s-lang s-lang
S-expressions s-expressions
S-algol s-algol
S s
Rye rye
RUTH ruth
RustScript rustscript
Rust MIR rust-mir
Rust HIR rust-hir
Rust rust
RUSSELL russell
Ruri ruri
RunRev runrev
RUNOFF runoff
runiq runiq
runic runic
runescript runescript
RUNCIBLE runcible
Run BASIC run-basic
RuleML ruleml
RubyGems rubygems-pm
ruby-mine-editor ruby-mine-editor
Ruby Document format ruby-document-format
Ruby ruby
ru ru
Real-time Transport Protocol rtp-protocol
RTL/2 rtl-2
RTF rtf
RT-Z rt-z
RT-CDL rt-cdl
RT-ASLAN rt-aslan
RStudio rstudio-editor
RSS rss
RAISE Specification Language rsl
rsharp rsharp
RQL rql
Restricted Python rpython
rpscript rpscript
R++ rpp
RPM Spec rpm-spec
Rpm rpm-package-manager
Reactive Plan Language rpl-lang
RPL rpl
RPG III rpg-iii
RPG II rpg-ii
RoyalScript royalscript
roy roy
Rouge rouge
Roslyn compiler roslyn-compiler
rosie rosie
rosette-lang rosette-lang
Rosette rosette
Rosetta SMALLTALK rosetta-smalltalk
Rosetta-2 rosetta-2
ROSCOE roscoe
ROS Message ros-msg
ROOT root-lib
root-format root-format
ROOP roop
Ron ron
Roman numerals roman-numerals
Roman abacus roman-abacus-machine
ROL2 rol2
ROL rol
Brightscript roku-brightscript
ROFF roff
Rocky Mountain BASIC rocky-mountain-basic
rockstar-rkt rockstar-rkt
Rockstar rockstar
rocket rocket
Roc roc
Robots.txt robots.txt
RobotFramework robotframework
robotc robotc
RoboTalk robotalk
Robot Battle robot-battle
RoboMind robomind
Robic robic
RMarkdown rmarkdown
rlox rlox
rlmeta rlmeta
RLISP rlisp
RLaB rlab
Rita rita
rise rise
RISC-V risc-v
Ripple ripple
rio rio
Ring ring
RigC rigc
RIGAL rigal
Riff riff
rider-editor rider-editor
RicScript ricscript
RHTML rhtml
rhoscript rhoscript
Rholang rholang
rhine rhine
RHET rhet
Silicon Graphics Image rgb-format
RFC rfc
RF-Maple rf-maple
Rexx rexx
Rexon rexon
Revolution revolution-programming-language
Autodesk Revit revit-app
Reverse Polish notation reverse-polish-notation
Reuse Description Language reuse-description-language
retroforth retroforth
RetDec retdec
reStructuredText restructuredtext
REST rest
resharper-editor resharper-editor
Rescript rescript
RPT report-writer-language
Ren'Py renpy
RenderScript renderscript
RenderMan Shading Language renderman-shading-language
Ren ren-notation
Ren-C ren-c
remix remix
Relix relix
RELFUN relfun
RELAX NG relaxng
relax relax
Relationlog relationlog
RPL relational-production-language
Relational Data File relational-data-file
rel-lang rel-lang
REL English rel-english
REL rel
Reko reko-decompiler
Reia reia
REGULUS regulus
Regina regina
Regular Expressions regex
REGENT regent
reforth reforth
RefLisp reflisp
reflex-framework reflex-framework
Refined C refined-c
Refer refer
Refal refal
REF-ARF ref-arf
REDUCE reduce
Amazon Redshift redshift
redscript redscript
redprl redprl
redpanda-app redpanda-app
Redis redis
Redcode redcode
Red red-lang
Red red
RECOL recol
Recfiles recfiles
REC Studio rec-studio
REC/SM rec-sm
Rebus rebus
REBOL rebol
Rebeca Modeling Language rebeca-modeling-language
Reason reason
REALBasic (now Xojo) realbasic
Real-Time Mentat real-time-mentat
Real-Time Euclid real-time-euclid
Real-Time Concurrent C real-time-concurrent-c
Real-time Cmix real-time-cmix
readable-lisp readable-lisp
Readable readable
React Native react-native
rds-format rds-format
RDoc rdoc
Rapid Development and Maintenance Language rdml
RDFa rdfa
RDF Schema rdf-schema
RDF rdf
rdata-format rdata-format
RC++ rcpp
Rc rc
rbscript rbscript
rbs rbs
rbasic rbasic
Razor razor
Ravenscar profile ravenscar-profile
RATSNO ratsno
RATFOR ratfor
Ratfiv ratfiv
RASP rasp
rason rason
RascalMPL rascalmpl
Rascal rascal
raptorjit raptorjit
raptor raptor
Rapira rapira
RAPIDWRITE rapidwrite
RapidQ rapidq
rapidgen-rpl rapidgen-rpl
RapidBatch rapidbatch
RAPID rapid
rant rant
RAND-ABEL rand-abel
RAML raml
Ramis software ramis-software
ramen ramen
RamdaScript ramdascript
ralph ralph
Raku raku
rainbow rainbow
Ruby on Rails rails
Ragel ragel
Radish radish
raco-pm raco-pm
Racket racket
RACK rack
ra ra
r4 r4
r3 r3
R2ML r2ml
R r
Quty quty
QUTE qute
quorum quorum
Qunity qunity
QUILT quilt
QUIKTRAN quiktran
QUIKSCRIPT quikscript
quicksight-app quicksight-app
quicklisp-pm quicklisp-pm
QuickBASIC quickbasic
Quick Macros quick-macros
quexal quexal
Query by Example query-by-example
QUEL quel
Quanta quanta
QuakeC quakec
Quake quake
quaint-lang quaint-lang
Quaint quaint
QUADRIL quadril
QtScript qtscript
Qt qt
QR code qr-code
Qore qore
QOIR qoir
QML qml
QMake qmake
QLISP qlisp
Quicken Interchange Format qif
QFX file format qfx
qed-lang qed-lang
QED qed-editor
QCL qcl
qbe qbe
QBasic qbasic
QB64 qb64
QAS qas
Qalb qalb
QA4 qa4
Q# q-sharp
Q-GERT q-gert
Q q-equational-programming-language
Q q
PyTorch pytorch
Python Format Specification python-format-spec
Python for S60 python-for-s60
python-cl-compiler python-cl-compiler
Python python
Pythagorean Equation pythagorean-equation
Pyth pyth
Pyrex pyrex
Pyret pyret-lang
pyret pyret
PyPI pypi-pm
pyke pyke
Pygments pygments
Pygmalion pygmalion
Pycket pycket
pycharm-editor pycharm-editor
Py py
PVS pvs
PV-Wave pv-wave
Push push
Pursuit PureScript Package Repository pursuit-pm
PureScript purescript
Pure Data puredata
PureBasic purebasic
Pure pure
Puppet puppet
Punycode punycode
Punched tape punched-tape
PUMPKIN pumpkin
Pug pug
PUFFT pufft
Public Key File public-key-file
PTX ptx
PT pt
PSYCO psyco
psyche-c psyche-c
psyche psyche
PSL psl
PSI psi
PSG psg
PSeInt pseint
pSather psather
PS-algol ps-algol
PRQL prql
Proxy proxy
PROW prow
ProvideX providex
ProVerif proverif-lang
Protosynthex protosynthex
PROTOS-L protos-l
Protocol Buffers protobuf
proto-GNOSIS proto-gnosis
protium protium
Proteus proteus-programming-language
Protel protel
PROSPER prosper
ProSet proset
PROPLAN proplan
PROPHET prophet
Property Specification Language property-specification-language
PromQL promql
prompter prompter
PROMETHEUS prometheus
Promela promela
PROMAL promal
Prolog++ prologpp
Prolog Pack prolog-pack-pm
Prolog-Linda prolog-linda
Prolog/KR prolog-kr
Prolog III prolog-iii
Prolog-ELF prolog-elf
Prolog-D-Linda prolog-d-linda
Prolog prolog
Project Mentat project-mentat
PROIV proiv
progsbase progsbase
PROGRES progres
Prograph prograph
Progol progol
ProFIT profit
prodel prodel
PROCOL procol
Procfile procfile
Processor Technology processor-technology
Processing processing
PROC procedure language proc-procedure-language
ProbeVue probevue
Pro*C pro-star-c
PRIZ priz
Prism prismjs
Prisma Schema Language prisma-schema-language
PRISM prism
Principle of sufficient reason principle-of-sufficient-reason
Price Equation price-equation
PRESTO presto
preforth preforth
Preferred Executable Format preferred-executable-format
praxis-lang praxis-lang
PRAXIS praxis
Praat Script praat-script
P′′ pqq
ppm-format ppm-format
powershell-gallery-pm powershell-gallery-pm
PowerShell powershell
PowerPC powerpc
powerloom-knowledgeBase powerloom-knowledgebase
PowerLanguage powerlanguage
IBM POWER Instruction Set Architecture powerisa
PowerHouse powerhouse-programming-language
PowerBuilder powerbuilder
PowerBASIC powerbasic
PowerQuery M power-query-m
Power BI power-bi-app
POV-Ray SDL pov-ray-sdl
Potion potion
potential potential
PostScript postscript
PostgreSQL postgresql
PostCSS postcss
Post-X post-x
Post production post-canonical-system
POSE pose
Portal langage portal-langage
Portable Standard Lisp portable-standard-lisp
PORT-ALG port-alg
POPSY popsy
popr popr
POPLOG poplog
popcorn-linux popcorn-linux
PopAsm popasm
Post Office Protocol pop-protocol
Patient-Oriented Prescription Programming Language pop-pl
POP-2 pop-2
Pop-11 pop-11
Pony pony
Pomsky pomsky
PolyTOIL polytoil
PolyP polyp
Polymorphic Programming Language polymorphic-programming-language
polymath polymath
Polylith polylith
polyglot-compiler polyglot-compiler
poly poly
polly polly
POLAC polac
pointless pointless
PogoScript pogoscript
POGOL pogol
Pod6 pod6
Pod pod
Pocket Smalltalk pocket-smalltalk
PO po
Pnuts pnuts
PNG png-format
PML pml
PM2 pm2
PLZ plz
Plush plush
Plus plus
Pλ⍵NK plunk
plumb plumb
Programming Language for the University of Maryland plum
Pluk pluk
PL/pgSQL plpgsql
Plot plot-lang
plot plot
Property list plist
plink-ped-format plink-ped-format
plink-map-format plink-map-format
plink-fam-format plink-fam-format
plink-bim-format plink-bim-format
plink-bed-format plink-bed-format
pliant pliant
PLEXIL plexil
PLEX plex
Please Build please-build
PLEASE please
Programming Language for Business plb
Playground playground
plasma plasma
plantuml plantuml
PLANNER-73 planner-73
PLANNER planner
Plankalkul plankalkul
PLANIT planit
Planguage planguage
PLAN2D plan2d
plam plam
Plain English plain-english
PLAIN plain
Plaid plaid-programming-language
PLACA placa
PL4 pl4
PL360 pl360
PL-X pl-x
PL/SQL pl-sql
PL/S-II pl-s-ii
PL/S pl-s
PL/P pl-p
PL/M pl-m
PL/LL pl-ll
PL/I pl-i-subset-g
PL/I-FORMAC pl-i-formac
PL/I pl-i
PL/EXUS pl-exus
PL/C pl-c
IBM Programming Language/Advanced Systems pl-as
PL-11 pl-11
PL/0 pl-0
PkgConfig pkgconfig
Pizza pizza
PIXIN pixin
PIT pit
pisc pisc
pipelines pipelines
pinto pinto
PIN pin
PILOT pilot
PiLib pilib
PIKT pikt
pikelet pikelet
Pike pike
pikachu pikachu
Pig Latin pig
Piet piet-programming-language
pie-lang pie-lang
PIE pie
PICTUREBALM picturebalm
PICTOL pictol
PICT pict
PicoLisp picolisp
PICO pico
Pickle pickle-format
PickCode pickcode
Pick operating system pick-operating-system
piccola piccola
Picat picat
PICASSO picasso
PIC microcontroller pic-microcontroller
PIC pic
Pi Calculus pi-calculus
PHYSICTRAN physictran
PhyloXML phyloxml-format
phylip phylip
PhpStorm phpstorm-editor
PHP php
phorth phorth
Phoenix Object Basic phoenix-object-basic
PHOCUS phocus
PHIGS phigs
Phel phel
Pharo pharo
Pharen pharen
pgql pgql
pGOLOG pgolog
Netpbm grayscale image format pgm-format
PGen pgen
PgBouncer pgbouncer
Pfortran pfortran
PFORT pfort
Petr petr
Perl Data Language perl-data-language
Perl 6 perl-6
Perl perl
Peridot peridot
Perfectscript perfectscript
Pep8 pep8
PEP pep
PeopleCode peoplecode
penrose penrose
penguor penguor
PEI pei
PEG.js pegjs
Pegasus AUTOCODE pegasus-autocode
PEG peg
Pebble pebble
Pearson correlation coefficient equation pearson-correlation-coefficient-equation
PearScript pearscript
PEARL pearl
PEAR pear-pm
PDP-11 pdp-11-machine
PDL/Ada pdl-ada
PDL pdl
PDF pdf
Partial Differential Equation Language pdel
PCRE pcre
PCrap pcrap
pC++ pcpp
PCOL pcol
PCN pcn
PCLOS pclos
Omega pbt-omega
Portable Bit Map Format pbm-format
PBASIC pbasic
paxScript paxscript
Pawn pawn-scripting-language
PAWN pawn
Path Pascal path-pascal
Patchwork patchwork
patch patch
pasukon pasukon
Passerine passerine
passambler passambler
PASRO pasro
PASION pasion
Pascal's calculator pascals-calculator-machine
Pascal-XSC pascal-xsc
Pascal Script pascal-script
Pascal-SC pascal-sc
Pascal-S pascal-s
Pascal Plus pascal-plus
PASCAL/MT+ pascal-mtp
PASCAL-I pascal-i
Pascal-FC pascal-fc
Pascal pascal
partiql partiql
Parser 3 parser
Parse Tree Notation parse-tree-notation
Parrot parrot-vm
PIR parrot-internal-representation
Parrot BASIC parrot-basic
Parrot Assembly parrot-assembly
parquet parquet
ParMod parmod
Parlog parlog
PARI/GP pari-gp
parenthetic parenthetic
Parenscript parenscript
Parasolid parasolid
parasail parasail
ParaLog_e paralog-e
Parallel Pascal parallel-pascal
Parallel ELLPACK parallel-ellpack
Parallax Propeller parallax-propeller
Paragon paragon
par par
Papyrus papyrus
paperalgo paperalgo
panther-lang panther-lang
PANON-1B panon-1b
PANON-1 panon-1
Pandora pandora
Pandoc pandoc-app
Pandas pandas
PANCODE pancode
Pan pan
PAMELA pamela
Palingol palingol
PALcode palcode
PALASM palasm
PAISley paisley
PaiLisp pailisp
PADL-1 padl-1
PACTOLUS pactolus
PACT IA pact-ia
PACT I pact-i
Pact pact
PACOL pacol
PacmanConf pacmanconf
packagist-pm packagist-pm
package-control-pm package-control-pm
p4p p4p
P4 p4
P3L p3l
P-TAC p-tac
P* p-star
P-Prolog p-prolog
P/CL p-cl
P p
Oz oz
Oxyl oxyl
Oxygene oxygene
Oxide oxide
OX ox
OWL DL owl-dl
OWL owl
owen-lang owen-lang
OWBasic owbasic
Otter otter
Ottawa Euclid ottawa-euclid
Object-oriented Structured Query Language osql
OSL/2 osl-2
OSIRIS osiris
Orlog orlog
Orient84/K orient84-k
OrientDB orient-db
Org org
OREGANO oregano
order order
orca-pl orca-pl
orca-lang orca-lang
orca orca
Orc orc-lang
Optimized Row Columnar orc-format
orange orange
Oracle Java oracle-java
Oracle oracle
OptimJ optimj
Optimized Systems Software optimized-systems-software
Optimization Programming Language optimization-programming-language
OPS5 ops5
OPS-3 ops-3
OPS ops
O++ opp
OPL opl-langage-informatique
OPL opl
operon operon
Operational Control Language operational-control-language
OpenVera openvera
OpenType Feature File opentype-feature-file
OpenSpice openspice
OpenSCAD openscad
OpenROAD openroad
OpenRC runscript openrc-runscript
OpenMusic openmusic
OpenLisp openlisp
opengraph opengraph
OpenGL opengl
OpenEXR openexr-format
OpenEdge ABL openedge-advanced-business-language
OpenDoc opendoc-protocol
OpenComal opencomal
OpenCL opencl
OpenAda openada
Open Shading Language open-shading-language
OpenNN open-nn
opam-pm opam-pm
Opal opal
Opa opa
Office Open XML ooxml
OOPS+ oopsp
oopsilon oopsilon
OOPS oops
OOPAL oopal
OOLP oolp
Ook ook
ooc ooc
Onyx onyx
onnx onnx
oniguruma oniguruma
onex onex
One-man-language one-man-language
OMNITAB II omnitab-ii
OMNITAB 80 omnitab-80
OMNITAB omnitab
Omnis Studio omnis-studio
OMNIMARK omnimark
Omikron BASIC omikron-basic
Omgrofl omgrofl
OMG IDL omg-idl
OMeta ometa
omega omega
OMAR omar
Om om
olog olog
OLIVER oliver
OLI oli
OLGA olga
Object Linking and Embedding ole-protocol
OLDAS oldas
OK ok
oil oil
ohm ohm
Ohayo ohayo
O'Haskell ohaskell
OGNL ognl
Ordered graph data language ogdl
Open Financial Exchange ofx
oforth oforth
OFL ofl
OEM oem
ODRL odrl
odin odin
oden oden
Open Database Connectivity odbc
Open Data Protcol odata
Octune octune
Octopus octopus
GNU Octave octave
OCL ocl
Occam π occam-pi
Occam 2 occam-2
Occam occam
OCaml ocaml
obsidian obsidian
Observable observable-lang
OBSCURE obscure
Obliq obliq
ObjVProlog objvprolog
ObjVlisp objvlisp
ObjectWorld objectworld
ObjectScript objectscript
ObjectPAL objectpal
ObjectLOGO objectlogo
Objective-S objective-s
objective-modula-2 objective-modula-2
Objective-J objective-j
Objective C++ objective-cpp
Objective-C objective-c
Objectcharts objectcharts
Object-Z object-z
Object Rexx object-rexx
OQL object-query-language
Object Pascal object-pascal
Object Oberon object-oberon
Object Definition Language object-definition-language
ObjDump objdump
OBJ2 obj2
OBJ obj
Oberon-2 oberon-2
Oberon oberon
oasis-operating-system oasis-operating-system
OASIS oasis
Oaklisp oaklisp
Oak oak
o42a o42a
o2 o2
o:XML o-xml
O-Matrix o-matrix
O o
Nyquist nyquist
Nymph nymph
nylo nylo
nydp nydp
NXT-G nxt-g
Not eXactly C nxc
NWScript nwscript
Namespace-based Validation Dispatching Language nvdl
Nuua nuua
NUT nut
Nushell nushell
Nuprl nuprl
NumPy numpy
NumPad numpad
Numerica numerica
Numbers numbers-app
Numba numba
nulan nulan
Navigational User's Language nul-lang
NuGet nuget-pm
NUA-Prolog nua-prolog
NU-Prolog nu-prolog
Nu nu
Network Time Protocol ntp
New Technology File System ntfs
NSL nsl
NSIS nsis
NS Basic ns-basic
nroff nroff
Namespace Routing Language nrl
Not Quite C nqc
npy npy
npm npm-pm
NPL npl-lang
NPL npl
np np
Noweb noweb
Nova nova-editor
noulith noulith
Notepad++ notepad-plus-plus-editor
Microsoft Notepad notepad-editor
Note note
Notation3 notation3
Nosica nosica
NorthStar BASIC northstar-basic
Normal Distribution Equation normal-distribution-equation
Nord Programming Language nord
NOP-2 nop-2
Noodle noodle
none none
noms-db noms-db
Nomad software nomad-software
noisecraft noisecraft
Node.js nodejs
NODAL nodal
NOAH noah
nML nml
Natural Language Toolkit nltk
nlpl nlpl
NL nl
NJCL njcl
NixOS nixos
Nix nix
Nit nit
nirvana nirvana
Nios II nios
Ninja ninja
Nimskull nimskull
nimrod nimrod
nimble-pm nimble-pm
Nim nim
NilScript nilscript
NIL nil
NIKL nikl
Nickle nickle
Nice nice
nianiolang nianiolang
Nial nial
The New Hampshire X Format nhx
NGS ngs
Noms GraphQL ngql
NGL ngl-programming-language
Nginx nginx-config
NFQL nfql
Nexus file nexus-format
Nextflow nextflow
NeXML format nexml
NewtonScript newtonscript
Newton newton
Newsqueak newsqueak
Newspeak newspeak
NEWP newp
NewLisp newlisp
Newick format newick-format
newclay newclay
never never
neutron neutron
neut neut
NeuronC neuronc
Network Control Language network-control-language
Netscript netscript
NetRexx netrexx
NetLogo netlogo
NetLinx netlinx
Netlib netlib
Netform netform
netbeans-editor netbeans-editor
NetBasic netbasic
net-format net-format
NestedText nestedtext
Nested Context Language nested-context-language
Ness ness
NESL nesl
nesC nesc
neralie-format neralie-format
neovim-editor neovim-editor
Neo4j neo4j
Nemerle nemerle
Nelua nelua
NELIAC neliac
Neko neko
neeilang neeilang
nectar nectar
NEBULA nebula
NEATER 2 neater
Nearley nearley
NDL ndl
NCAR Command Language ncl
NCAR Command Language ncar-command-language
New AWK nawk
Navier-Stokes Equation navier-stokes-equation
NATURAL natural
NATO phonetic alphabet nato-phonetic-alphabet
NSS native-structured-storage
Nassi-Shneiderman charts nassi-shneiderman-charts
Netwide Assembler nasm
Nasal nasal
NARPL narpl
NAPSS napss
Napier88 napier88
GNU nano nano-editor
NAKL nakl
Nail nail
Nadesiko nadesiko
N-Triples n-triples
N-Prolog n-prolog
N n
mythryl mythryl
MySQL mysql
mys mys
myrddin myrddin
mypy mypy
myia myia
Myghty myghty
mycroft mycroft
MyBB mybb
MXML mxml
MVL mvl
MVEL mvel
MUSYS musys
mustache mustache
MUSP musp
MuSimp musimp
MusicXML musicxml
MUSIC/SP music-sp
Mushroom mushroom
MurmurHash murmur-hash-function
muPad mupad
muon muon
MUNIN munin
mun-lang mun-lang
MUMS mums
MUMPS mumps
muMath mumath
Multihash multihash-hash-function
Multigame multigame
Multics multics
multicodec multicodec
multibase multibase
multiaddr multiaddr
Multi-user BASIC multi-user-basic
Mul-T mul-t
muFP mufp
Multi-User Forth muf
Mudlle mudlle
MUDDL muddl
Mu mu
Marine Trading Markup Language mtml
MSX BASIC msx-basic
TI MSP430 msp430
MSL msl
MSG.84 msg-84
Mscgen mscgen
MS2 ms2
MRDB mrdb
Message Queuing Telemetry Transport mqtt
MQL5 mql
MPSX mpsx
MPS mps
mpl mpl
MPGS mpgs
MP3 mp3-format
moya moya
Moxie moxie
MOUSE4 mouse4
Mouse mouse
mountain mountain
Motif motif-software
Mortran mortran
Morse code morse-code
MORPHISM morphism
Morphe morphe
Morfik morfik
morfa morfa
MOOSE moose
MoonScript moonscript
Moonrock Basic Compiler moonrock-basic-compiler
MOO moo
monte monte
MonoDevelop monodevelop-editor
Monkey monkey
MongoDB mongodb
Monesa monesa
Mond mond
Monaco Editor monaco
Molog molog
Molfile molfile-format
Molecular Query Language molecular-query-language
Mojo mojo
moinmoin moinmoin
Moescript moescript
Module Management System module-management-system
Modular Prolog modular-prolog
Modula/R modula-r
Modula-P modula-p
Modula-3* modula-3-star
Modula-3 modula-3
Modula-2+ modula-2p
Modula-2 modula-2
Modula modula
MODSIM III modsim-iii
MODLISP modlisp
modl modl
Modelica modelica
MODEL-K model-k
Model 204 model-204
MODCAP modcap
Mocklisp mocklisp
mockingbird-notation mockingbird-notation
mochi mochi
mochajs mochajs
Moby moby-programming-language
Mobl mobl-lang
MOBL mobl
MMX instruction set mmx
mmsearch mmsearch
mmix mmix
mlpolyr mlpolyr
mlite mlite
MLISP2 mlisp2
mlir mlir
mlatu mlatu
MLAB mlab
ML ml
Mizar mizar
Miva miva
miso-framework miso-framework
mirth mirth
MIRFAC mirfac
MIRC scripting language mirc
Miranim miranim
Miranda miranda
Mirah mirah
MIRAGER mirager
mir mir
MIPS architecture mips
mint mint
MINOPT minopt
MiniZinc minizinc
MINIVITAL minivital
miniprolog miniprolog
MINION minion
miniML_error miniml-error
miniml miniml
Minilang minilang
minikanren minikanren
minihaskell minihaskell
Mindsdb minidsdb
MiniD minid
Mini-ML mini-ml
MINC minc
min min
mimix-stream-language mimix-stream-language
mimium mimium
MIMIC mimic
MIME mime
MiKe mike
Meditech Interpretive Information System miis
Modified Integration Digital Analog Simulator midas
microTAL microtal
Microsoft Small Basic microsoft-small-basic
Microsoft SQL Server microsoft-mysql-server
Microsoft Macro Assembler microsoft-macro-assembler
Microsoft Equation Editor microsoft-equation-editor
Microsoft BASIC microsoft-basic
Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB microsoft-azure-cosmos-db
Microsoft Access microsoft-access
MicroPython micropython
microPLANNER microplanner
microl microl
Microdata HTML microdata
MICRODARE microdare
mdl microarchitecture-description-language
Micro-PROLOG micro-prolog
micro-mitten micro-mitten
Micro-flowcharts micro-flowcharts
micro-editor micro-editor
ΜC++ micro-cpp
michelson michelson
MHEG-5 mheg-5
mgmt mgmt
MewMew mewmew
Mewl mewl
MDL methodology-description-language
Metaweb Query Language metaweb-query-language
METATEM metatem
METASIM metasim
METAPOST metapost
METAPI metapi
MetaML metaml
metalex metalex
Metalang99 metalang99
MetaL metal-programming-language
Metal metal
MetaH metah
METAFONT metafont
MetaComCo metacomco
META/PLUS meta-plus
META/LISP meta-lisp
Meta II meta-ii
Meta-Assembler meta-assembler
Met-English met-english
MessagePack messagepack
Meson meson
Mesa mesa
Meroon meroon
mermaid mermaid
merd merd
Mercury Programming System mercury-programming-system
Mercury mercury
Mercurial mercurial
Mentat mentat
MENDEL mendel
Memex memex-machine
Memcached memcached
melpha-pm melpha-pm
Melody melody
MELD meld
Megaparsec megaparsec
Megalog megalog
MEDUSA medusa
MEDIC medic
MediaWiki mediawiki
Mech mech-lang
MeanscriptCLI meanscriptcli
MultiDimensional eXpressions mdx-lang
MDX mdx
MDL mdl
MDBS-QRS mdbs-qrs
MD5 md5-hash-function
MCOBOL mcobol
McLeyvier Command Language mcleyvier-command-language
mckeeman-form mckeeman-form
EML mbox
MBASIC mbasic
Maya Embedded Language maya
MAXScript maxscript
Maxima maxima
Max max
mawk mawk
mavo mavo
MAVIS mavis
Apache Maven maven-pom
Maven Central Repository maven-pm
Maude maude
Matrix protocol matrix-protocol
MATRIX PASCAL matrix-pascal
Matplotlib matplotlib
MATLAB matlab
Matita matita
MathWorks File Exchange mathworks-file-exchange-pm
MathType mathtype
Mathsy mathsy
Mathpix Markdown mathpix-markdown
MathML mathml
MathLingua mathlingua
MATHLAB mathlab
MathJax mathjax
mathics mathics
mathematica-packagedata-pm mathematica-packagedata-pm
Wolfram Mathematica mathematica-editor
Mathematica mathematica
Mathcad mathcad
MATH-MATIC math-matic
MXF material-exchange-format
Mass Energy Equation mass-energy-equation
MASM masm
Mask maskjs
MASIM masim
Mascara mascara
Mary/2 mary-2
Mary mary
marten marten
MARSYAS marsyas
Marp marp
Marmot marmot
Marlais marlais
Markwhen markwhen
Markus markus
MarkovJunior markovjunior
Marko marko
MarkLogic marklogic
Markdown markdown
Markdeep markdeep
MARK IV mark-iv
MariaDB mariadb
MARIA XML maria-xml
MariaDB ColumnStore maria-db-column-store
Margin margin
maraca-lang maraca-lang
MAPS maps
MAPQUERY mapquery
MAPPER mapper
Maplesoft Application Center maplesoft-app-center-pm
Maple maple
MapBasic mapbasic
MAP map
ManuScript manuscript
manticore manticore
manool manool
Manim manim
manhood manhood
Mangle mangle
Manchester syntax manchester-syntax
MML man-machine-language
Mama mama-software
MALUS malus
Mallard BASIC mallard-basic
Malbolge malbolge
mal mal
Mako mako
Makefile makefile
MakeDoc makedoc
Make make
MAI Basic Four mai-basic-four
mai mai
magritte magritte
Magma2 magma2
MAGMA magma
Magit magit
Magik magik
Magic Paper magic-paper
mages mages
MADS mads
MADCAP VI madcap-vi
MADCAP madcap
Michigan Algorithm Decoder mad
Project MAC’s SYmbolic MAnipulator macsyma
MacroML macroml
Macro SPITBOL macro-spitbol
MACRO-11 macro-11
MACRO-10 macro-10
MACRO macro
Macintosh macintosh-machine
Macintosh Common Lisp macintosh-common-lisp
Machiavelli machiavelli
MACE mace
Macchiato macchiato
MacBook Air macbook-air-machine
MacBASIC macbasic
MacAims macaims
MIT Algebraic Compiler mac
M4Sugar m4sugar
M4 m4
m3db m3db
M2001 m2001
M m-programming-language
M-LISP m-lisp
Meta Expressions m-expressions
LyX lyx-editor
Language for Your Remote Instruction by Computer lyric
Lynx lynx
Lygon lygon
LYaPAS lyapas
Lux lux
Lustre lustre
Lush lush
lunar lunar
Luna luna-1
Luna luna
Lucinda lucinda
Lucid representations lucid-representations
Lucid lucid-lang
Lucidchart lucid-chart-app
LUCID lucid
Apache Lucene lucene-query-syntax
luau luau
luarocks-pm luarocks-pm
LuaJIT luajit
Lua lua
Linden Scripting Language lsl
Language Server Index Format lsif-format
Langage Sans Espoir lse
lsd lsd
LRLTRAN lrltran
LPL lpl
LPC lpc
Low* lowstar
LotusScript lotusscript
LOTOS lotos
LOTIS lotis
Lorel lorel-1
Lorel lorel
LORE lore
Lisp Object-Oriented Programming System loops
LOOPN++ loopnpp
LoomScript loomscript
Loom loom
LookML lookml
LOLCODE lolcode
Lola-2 lola-2
LOLA lola
LOL lol
Logtalk logtalk
LogScheme logscheme
Logres logres
LogoWriter logowriter
Logos logos
LOGOL logol
Logo logo
loglo loglo
LOGLISP loglisp
LOGLAN loglan
LOGIST logist
LOGIN login
Logicon logicon
Logica logica
LOGAL logal
LOCS locs
Locomotive BASIC locomotive-basic
loci loci
local local
lobster lobster
LO lo
LNF lnf
lmdb lmdb
LLVM IR llvmir
lllpg lllpg
Low Level Lisp lll
llhd llhd
Legal Knowledge Interchange Format lkif
Livr livr
LiveScript livescript
LiveCode livecode
Little Smalltalk little-smalltalk
Little b little-b
little little
Lithe lithe
LiteScript litescript
Literate Haskell literate-haskell
Literate CoffeeScript literate-coffeescript
Literate Agda literate-agda
Lite-C lite-c
listdown listdown
lispyscript lispyscript
LispWorks lispworks
Lisptalk lisptalk
LispMe lispme
Lisp Machine Lisp lisp-machine-lisp
LISP A lisp-a
LISP 2 lisp-2
LISP 1.5 lisp-1-5
Lisp lisp
Liso liso
LiSEB liseb
Lisaac lisaac
Langage Implementation Systeme lis
liquidity liquidity
Liquid liquid
Linux Kernel Module linux-kernel-module
Linux linux
LINQ linq
Linotte linotte
Linoleum ( linoleum
LinkText linktext
Links links-programming-language
links links
Linker Script linker-script
Linked Markdown linked-markdown
Link link
Lingua Graphica lingua-graphica
Lingo lingo
LinearML linearml
Linden Scripting Language linden-scripting-language
Linda linda
Lincos lincos
Lincoln Reckoner lincoln-reckoner
LINC 4GL linc-4gl
LIMDEP limdep
Limbo limbo
LilyPond lilypond
Lily lily
lila-lang lila-lang
Lila lila
Lil lil-pl
Little Implementation Language lil
Ligo ligo
Lighttpd configuration file lighttpd-configuration-file
lift lift
LIFE life
libsvm-format libsvm-format
Libra libra
Liberty BASIC liberty-basic
Li-Chen Wang li-chen-wang
LGDF lgdf
LG lg
LFE lfe
lezer lezer
LEXX lexx-editor
Lexon lexon
Lex lex
levy levy
lever lever
Less less
Lesma lesma
LESK lesk
LES les
Leopard leopard
Leogo leogo
leo-editor leo-editor
lemon lemon
Lemick lemick
lem-editor lem-editor
LEGOL legol
Leda leda
Leazy leazy
LEAP leap
Lean lean
leaf leaf
Le-Lisp le-lisp
ldpl ldpl
LDL1 ldl1
LDL ldl
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol ldap
JSON Lines ld-json
LCL lcl
LCF lcf
LC-3 lc-3
Lazy ML lazyml
Lazy K lazy-k
lazarus-editor lazarus-editor
Lawvere lawvere
Lava lava
lav-format lav-format
LAURE laure
latte-js latte-js
Latte latte
latino latino
LaTeX latex
Lasso lasso
LASS lass
lasp lasp
LARP larp
LARIS laris
Larch larch
Larceny Scheme implementation larceny
Laravel laravel-framework
LAP lap
Laning and Zierler system laning-and-zierler-system
LSP language-server-protocol
Language H language-h
Language for Class Description language-for-class-description
Lanai lanai
Large-scale Atomic/Molecular Massively Parallel Simulator Format lammps-format
LAMINA lamina
lamdu-editor lamdu-editor
Lamdu lamdu
lamderp lamderp
lambda-zero lambda-zero
ΛProlog lambda-prolog
lambda-obliv lambda-obliv
lambda lambda
lambcalc lambcalc
lain lain
Lagoona lagoona
Ladder Logic ladder-logic
LabVIEW G labview
LABTRAN labtran
L6 l6
l2 l2
l l
Kyma kyma
Kylix kylix
kvsapi kvsapi
Kvikkalkul kvikkalkul
Kuroko kuroko
kumir kumir
KUKA Robot Language kuka
Kuin kuin
Kubernetes kubernetes
ktexteditor-editor ktexteditor-editor
KRYPTON krypton
KRS krs
KRL-0 krl-0
KRL krl
KRIS kris
KRC krc
Knowledge Query and Manipulation Language kqml
Kotlin kotlin
Korn shell korn-shell
KonsolScript konsolscript
Konna konna
kona kona
komodo-editor komodo-editor
Koka koka
koi koi
kogut kogut
Kodu Game Lab kodu-game-lab
koara koara
ko ko
Knowledge Interchange Format knowledge-interchange-format
Knitr knitr
Knight knight
KML kml
klong klong
klisp klisp
KLIPA klipa
Klerer-May System klerer-may-system
Klaim klaim
KL1 kl1
KL0 kl0
KL-ONE kl-one
KiXtart kixtart
kivy-lang kivy-lang
kitten kitten
kitlang kitlang
Kit kit
Keep It Short and Simple kiss
King Kong king-kong
kima kima
kilo-lisp kilo-lisp
Kiev kiev
Kid templating language kid
KiCad Legacy Layout kicad
ki ki
Khepri khepri
Agilent VEE keysight-vee
KeyKit keykit
kew kew
kernel-e kernel-e
kernel kernel
Kermeta kermeta
kerf kerf
Keras keras
keli keli
KEK-NODAL kek-nodal
kei kei
Kefir kefir
KEE kee
KB kb
kayia kayia
Kawa kawa-scheme-implementation
KavaScript kavascript
kaukatcr kaukatcr
KaTeX katex
kate-editor kate-editor
KATE kate
kasaya kasaya
Knowledge Acquisition and Representation Language karl
Karel karel
KAML kaml
KamilaLisp kamilalisp
Kami kami
Kamby kamby
Kalyn kalyn
Kaleidoscope'91 kaleidoscope91
Kaleidoscope'90 kaleidoscope90
Kaleidoscope kaleidoscope
Kaleidoquery kaleidoquery
Kal kal
Kakoune kakoune-editor
kaitai kaitai
KAIL kail
kai kai
Kaggle kaggle-app
Kaffeine kaffeine
k-framework k-framework
K k
Jython jython
JVM jvm
juvix juvix
juttle juttle
Just just
Jupyter Notebook jupyter-notebook
Project Jupyter jupyter-editor
Juno juno
juniper juniper
JuliaHub Packages juliahub-pm
Joyfully Universal Language for (Inline) Assembly julia-lang
Julia julia
Jule jule
juicy juicy
Judoscript judoscript
JSyn jsyn
JSX jsx
JS++ jspp
jsparagus jsparagus
Jsonnet jsonnet
JSONiq jsoniq
JSON5 json5
JSON with Comments json-with-comments
json->url json-url
JSON-stat json-stat
JSONScript json-script
JSON Schema json-schema
JSON-LD json-ld
JSON lambda json-lambda
JSON Graph Spec json-graph-spec
json-graph-format json-graph-format
JSON json
JSML jsml
JSLT jslt
JSL jsl
jsil-compiler jsil-compiler
J# jsharp
JSGF jsgf
JSFuck jsf
JScript jscript
JRuby jruby
JR jr
JQuery jquery
JSON Query Language jql
jq jq
Visual J++ jpp
jplace jplace
JPL jpl
JPEG jpeg-format
JOYCE+ joycep
Joyce joyce
Joy joy
JOVIAL jovial
Joule joule
JOSS II joss-ii
JOSS joss
JOSIE josie
jonprl jonprl
Jolie jolie
joker joker
Join Java join-java
Joe-E joe-e
JMSL jmsl
JMP jmp
JMESPath jmespath
JMAP jmap
JLang jlang
jiyu jiyu
Jisp jisp
Jison Lex jison-lex
Jison jison
JIS X 0201 jis-x-0201
jinx jinx
Jinja jinja
Jingo jingo
ji ji
JFugue jfugue
JFlex jflex
Jevko jevko
Jet Propulsion Laboratory Display Information System jet-propulsion-laboratory-display-information-system
Jesth jesth
Jekyll jekyll
Jeeves jeeves
jeebox jeebox
jedlang jedlang
jedit-editor jedit-editor
JOSS Extended and Adapted for Nineteen-hundred jean
JCOF jcof
JCL jcl
jcard jcard
jBC jbc
Jazz jazz
jayfor jayfor
JAWS Scripting Language jaws-scripting-language
JavaScriptCore javascriptcore
JavaScript javascript
JavaML javaml
JavaFX Script javafx-script
JavaCC javacc
JSP java-server-pages
Java Properties java-properties
Java EE version history java-ee-version-history
Java Bytecode java-bytecode
Java java
Just Another Scripting Syntax jass
jasper jasper
jasmine jasmine
Jasmin jasmin
Jargon jargon
Janus janus-programming-language
Janus janus-lang
Jank jank
janet janet
Jammy jammy
JAL compiler jal-compiler
Jakt jakt
JAI jai
JADE jade
JACL jacl
JACAL jacal
J j
Izibasic izibasic
Invisible XML ixml
IVTRAN ivtran
ITL itl
Iterm2 iterm2
IT it
ISWIM iswim
International System of Quantities isq
ISPL ispl
ISO 8601 iso-8601
ISLISP islisp
ISIS isis
ISETL isetl
iScript iscript
ISBN isbn
ISBL isbl
ISAC isac
Isabelle/HOL isabelle-hol
Isabelle-91 isabelle-91
Isabelle isabelle
ircis ircis
IRC chat logs irc-log
iqr iqr
IQF iqf
IPv4 ipv4
IPTSCRAE iptscrae
IpTables Rope iptables-rope
IPL-V ipl-v
IPhone iphone-machine
InterPlanetary File System ipfs
Information Presentation Facility ipf
IPad ipad-machine
IP Pascal ip-pascal
Iota-and-jot iota-and-jot
iota iota
iOS ios
Ion Schema Language ion-schema
Ion ion
Ioke ioke
Iode iode
Io io
invokator invokator
IPL intuitionistic
InterSystems Caché intersystems-cache
Interscript interscript
Interpress interpress
Interlisp-VAX interlisp-vax
Interlisp interlisp
Interleaved Notation interleaved-notation
InterCONS intercons
Interchange File Format interchange-file-format
INTERCELLAS intercellas
INTERCAL intercal
InterBase interbase
INTERACTIVE interactive
intellijidea-editor intellijidea-editor
Integral Equation integral-equation
Integer BASIC integer-basic
Instruction list instruction-list
Insitux insitux
INSIGHT insight
Inscan inscan
INQUIRE inquire
Inno Setup inno-setup
INMAGIC inmagic
inko inko
ink-lang ink-lang
ink ink
Ini ini
Ingres database ingres
infusion-framework infusion-framework
IBM Informix-4GL informix
Information Theory Equation information-theory-equation
Information Processing Language information-processing-language
Information Algebra information-algebra
Inform inform
INFOLOG infolog
InfluxDB influxdb
InfiniBand infiniband-standard
INFER infer
Indental indental
Incipit incipit
International Chemical Identifier inchi
INC inc
Ina Jo ina-jo
Industrial Modeling and Programming Language impl
Impala impala
IMP72 imp72
imp-lang imp-lang
IMP imp
imf imf
Imba imba
IMAP imap-protocol
Imandra Protocol Language imandra
Imaginary Number Equation imaginary-number-equation
IMAGE image
IMac imac-machine
ILX ilx
ILU ilu
ILBM ilbm
Ikarus Scheme implementation ikarus
IITRAN iitran
iikuse iikuse
Intuit Interchange Format iif
IGOR Pro igor-pro
IFPS ifps
IFO ifo
idyll idyll
Integrated Data Store ids
Idris idris
IDL specification language idl-sl
IDL idl
Idio idio
Irvine Dataflow id
ICOT icot
Icon icon
ICML icml
Interactive C Interpreter ici
ICETRAN icetran
Integrated Civil Engineering System ices-system
IcedCoffeeScript icedcoffeescript
ICD-10-CM diagnosis icd
icarus icarus
iCalendar icalendar-format
Ibuki CL ibuki-cl
ibm-system-38-language ibm-system-38-language
RPG ibm-rpg
IBM Rational SQABasic ibm-rational-sqabasic
IBM Logo ibm-logo
IBM i Control Language ibm-i-control-language
GML ibm-gml
IBM DB2 ibm-db2
IBM BASICA ibm-basica
IBM BASIC ibm-basic
IBM 1401 Symbolic Programming System ibm-1401-symbolic-programming-system
IBEX ibex
IB-Templog ib-templog
IAM iam
IAL ial
IA-32 ia-32
I-expressions i-expressions
I i
HYTRAN hytran
HyTime hytime
HyPhy hyphy
HyperTalk hypertalk
Hyperscript hyperscript-lang
Hyperscript hyperscript
Hyperlog hyperlog
Hyperlisp hyperlisp
HyperFun hyperfun
Hyperflow hyperflow
HyperCard hypercard
Hyper Basic hyper-basic
HYPAC hypac
HyCom hycom
Hybrid hybrid
Hy hy
HXML hxml
HuwCode huwcode
Hush hush
hurl hurl
Hummingbird QuickScript hummingbird-quickscript
humanhash-hash-function humanhash-hash-function
HuJSON hujson
HUGO hugo
huginn huginn
httplang httplang
HTTP/3 http-3
HTTP/2 http-2
HTTP http
htmx htmx
HTML html
HTEL htel
Hspec hspec
HSML hsml
HSL hsl
HScript hscript
hsaml-format hsaml-format
hrqr hrqr
hr-code hr-code
HPRL hprl
H++ hpp
HP Time-Shared BASIC hp-time-shared-basic
HP-PASCAL hp-pascal
HP-GL hp-gl
HP BASIC for OpenVMS hp-basic-for-openvms
Hotdog hotdog
Hot Cocoa Lisp hotcocoalisp
Horse64 horse64
Hopscotch hopscotch
HOPE hope
hop hop
hoot-smalltalk hoot-smalltalk
hoon hoon
Hook hook
honu honu
Homespring homespring
Homebrew homebrew-pm
Homa homa
holyc holyc
holonforth holonforth
Holo holo
HOLCF holcf
HOL hol
Hodor hodor
Hocon hocon
hobbes hobbes
HMSL hmsl
HMMM hmmm
High-Level Virtual Machine hlvm
HLSL hlsl
HLASM hlasm
High Level Assembly hla
HL7 hl7
Hjson hjson
HiveQL hiveql
hivemind hivemind
HiQ hiq
Hina hina
hilvl hilvl
Hilltop hilltop-lang
hilbert hilbert
highlight.js highlightjs
High Tech BASIC high-tech-basic
Hi-Visual hi-visual
HHVM hhvm
HFS Plus hfs-plus
Hierarchical File System hfs
hexagony hexagony
Qualcomm Hexagon hexagon
Hex-Rays hex-rays
Hex hex-pm
Heron heron-lang
Heron heron
Hermes hermes
Herbrand herbrand
HERAKLIT heraklit
henk henk
HELPER helper
hello hello
helium helium
helena helena
HeLang helang
HEIC heic
Hedy hedy
hecl hecl
Header Dictionary Triples hdt
HDMI hdmi-standard
Hadoop Distributed File System hdfs
Hierarchical Data Format hdf
HCL hcl
HCCB hccb
HCard hcard
Hbasic hbasic
hazel hazel
HAYSTAQ haystaq
Haxe Library Manager haxelibs-pm
Haxe haxe
haste haste
HASL hasl
hasklig hasklig
Haskell# haskell-sharp
Haskell haskell
hashlink hashlink
IBM HAScript hascript
Harwell-Boeing file format harwell-boeing-format
HARVEY harvey
harlan harlan
Hare hare
Harbour harbour
Hank hank
Handlebars handlebars
Handel-C handel-c
Hancock hancock
hamler hamler
HAML haml
hamdown hamdown
Ham ham
Halide halide
HAL/S hal-s
HAL Format hal-format
hakaru hakaru
HAGGIS haggis
hacspec hacspec
hackppl hackppl
Hackett hackett
hackage-pm hackage-pm
Hack hack
hac hac
habit habit
h h-lang
Gzip gzip
Gypsy gypsy
GXL gxl
Guix Workflow Language gwl
Gwion gwion
GW-BASIC gw-basic
GVL gvl
guru guru
gura gura
GNU Guix guix
Guile guile
GUIDO music notation guido-music-notation
GUIDE guide
Gene transfer format gtf-format
GSQL gsql
GSBL gsbl
grunt grunt
GROUPLOG grouplog
Groovy Server Pages groovy-server-pages
Groovy groovy
GROOVE groove
groff groff
GRML grml
GRIN grin
gridstudio-editor gridstudio-editor
grid-notation grid-notation
grep grep
Gren gren
Gremlin gremlin
Greenplum greenplum
Green green
Greek numerals greek-numerals
Gravity Equation gravity-equation
gravity gravity
GRASS grass
Graqula graqula
GraphQL Schema Definition Language graphql-sdl
GraphQL+- graphql-plus-minus
GraphQL graphql
GRAPHOS graphos
GraphML graphml
GraphLog graphlog
Graphics BASIC graphics-basic
Grapheasy grapheasy
Graph Modeling Language graph-modeling-language
GraphIt graph-it
Grammatical Framework grammatical-framework
Grammar grammar
grain grain
Gradle gradle
GRAD Assistant grad-assistant
Grace grace
GRAAL graal
GQL gql
GPSS FORTRAN gpss-fortran
GPSS/85 gpss-85
GPSS/360 gpss-360
General Purpose Simulation System gpss
GPS gps
GPGS gpgs
GPDS gpds
General purpose gp
Gosu gosu
GOSPEL gospel
GorillaScript gorillascript
GOQL goql
Gopher gopher-protocol
goose goose
Google Sheets google-sheets-app
google-data-studio-app google-data-studio-app
Google Cloud SQL google-cloud-mysql
Google Cloud Platform google-cloud
Google Apps Script google-apps-script
Golog golog
Golo golo
GolfScript golfscript
GOLD gold
gogs-editor gogs-editor
Gofer gofer
Godot godot-game-engine
Gödel (Goedel) godel
goby goby
Goal goal
Go! go-bang
Go go
Gnuplot gnuplot
gnu-rtl gnu-rtl
GNU E gnu-e
GNS gns
Gnome Basic gnome-basic
Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format glyph-bitmap-distribution-format
Glyph glyph
glush glush
gluon gluon
Glue-Nail glue-nail
GLU glu
GLSL glsl
GNU Linear Programming Kit glpk-lib
GLOSS gloss
GLMS glms
glitch-editor glitch-editor
Glish glish
GLIDE glide
Glicol glicol
gleam gleam
GLBasic glbasic
GKS gks
gitignore gitignore
git-config git-config
Git git
Gist gist
Giotto giotto
gintonic gintonic
GIF gif-format
Ghostscript ghostscript
Ghidra ghidra-decompiler
Gherkin gherkin
GHC ghc
Google File System gfs
Gforth gforth
gfoo gfoo
General feature format gff-format
GFA BASIC gfa-basic
Gettext Catalog gettext
GERMINAL germinal
Gerbil Scheme gerbil
Gerber Image gerber-image
Gerald gerald
GEORGE george
GeoJSON geojson
GeoGebra geogebra
Geography Markup Language geo-ml
GENTRAN 90 gentran-90
GENTRAN gentran
Gentoo Ebuild gentoo-ebuild
gentee gentee
GENSTAT genstat
Genshi Text genshi-text
Genshi genshi
GEL Genius genius-extension-language
Genie genie
GeneXus genexus
Genero Business Development Language genero
Generic Haskell generic-haskell
GN generate-ninja
GAMS general-algebraic-modeling-system
gemini-protocol gemini-protocol
General-purpose macro processor gema
GEM gem
Gello Expression Language gello
Gellish gellish
Generic Expression Language gel
gedit-editor gedit-editor
Gedanken gedanken
Gecko gecko
Geany geany-editor
GDScript gdscript
GDPL gdpl
GNU Data Language gdl
GDB gdb
Google Data Protcol gdata
GCP gcp
GCLA II gcla-ii
GCC Machine Description gcc-machine-description
GCC gcc
GaussFit gaussfit
Gauss Magnetism Formula gauss-magnetism-equation
Gauss Flux Formula gauss-flux-equation
Gauche Scheme implementation gauche
GAT gat
GASP II gasp-ii
General Activity Simulation Program gasp
GNU Assembler gas
GARP garp
Gargoyle gargoyle
GAP gap
GAMS gams
GAML gaml
GamerLanguage gamerlanguage
GameMonkey Script gamemonkey-script
Game Oriented Assembly Lisp game-oriented-assembly-lisp
Game Maker Language game-maker-language
GAME game
Gambas gambas
Galileo galileo
Galaksija BASIC galaksija-basic
Gaiman gaiman
GAEA gaea
G-Portugol g-portugol
g-fu g-fu
g-expressions g-expressions
G-code g-code
g-2 g-2
FXScript fxscript
FXML fxml
FX-87 fx-87
FuzzyCLIPS fuzzyclips
Fuzuli fuzuli
FutureScript futurescript
FutureBASIC futurebasic
Futhark futhark
funl funl
Function block diagram function-block-diagram
Fun fun
FTP ftp
F* fstar
Finite State Language fsl
fructure-editor fructure-editor
frtime frtime
Frost frost
Frink frink
Fresco fresco
Frenetic frenetic
Frege frege
FreeMarker freemarker
Freefem freefem
FreeBSD freebsd
FreeBASIC freebasic
Free Pascal free-pascal
Frank frank-lang
FRANK frank
FRAN fran
Framework office suite framework-office-suite
frame frame
FRACTRAN fractran
Functional PHP Preprocessor fpp
FpgaC fpgac
fp fp3
FP2 fp2
FP fp
FoxPRO foxpro
fox fox
foundry foundry
Fossil fossil-scm
Fortress fortress
FORTRANSIT fortransit
Fortran M fortran-m
FORTRAN IV fortran-iv
FORTRAN III fortran-iii
FORTRAN II fortran-ii
Fortran D fortran-d
FORTRAN CEP fortran-cep
Fortran 90 fortran-90
Fortran 8x fortran-8x
FORTRAN 77 fortran-77
Fortran fortran
ForthScript forthscript
forthnet-pm forthnet-pm
Forth forth
Forte 4GL forte-4gl
Formula language formula
FORMS/3 forms-3
Forml forml
Formatted Table formatted-table
formality formality
FORMAC formac
Fork95 fork95
fork-lang fork-lang
FORK fork
ForgeBox forgebox-pm
forest-lang forest-lang
forest-database forest-database
FORALL forall
FORAL LP foral-lp
FORAL foral
foogol foogol
File Oriented Interpretive Language foil
FOCUS focus
Formulating On-Line Calculations in Algebraic Language focal
FOAF foaf
fo fo
FML fml-lang
Fuzzy Markup Language fml
fmj fmj
FM broadcasting fm-standard
flux-lang flux-lang
FLUX flux
Flutter flutter-framework
flua flua
flownote flownote
FlowNet flownet
flowlog flowlog
Flowgorithm flowgorithm
Flowcode flowcode flowchart-fun
Flow9 flow9
FLOW-MATIC flow-matic
Flow flow
FloScript floscript
Floral floral
Flora flora
floorplan floorplan
Flix flix
FLIC flic
FleXML flexml
flexbuffers flexbuffers
Flex language flex-lang
FLEX flex
FLENG++ flengpp
fleck fleck
Flavors flavors
Flatline flatline
FlatBuffers flatbuffers
Flare flare
Flapjax flapjax
FLANG flang
flame-ir flame-ir
flagship flagship
FLACC flacc
FL fl
fjs fjs
Fjölnir fjolnir
fizz fizz
><> fishlang
fish fish
firrtl firrtl
Firefox firefox
Firebase Realtime Database firebase
Filterscript filterscript
filetab-d filetab-d
FILETAB filetab
Filebench WML filebench-wml
FIGlet Font figlet-font
Fickle fickle
Liber Abaci fibonacci-notation
Fibonacci fibonacci
Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources fhir
FFmpeg ffmpeg
Feynman diagram feynman-diagram
fetlang fetlang
ferret ferret
Fern fern
Ferite ferite
Fennel fennel
Fenix Project fenix-project
Forsyth-Edwards Notation fen-notation
femtolisp femtolisp
Felix felix
Friendly Enough Expression Language feel
fe fe
FCPU fcpu
FCL fcl
fay fay
Fawlty fawlty
FAUST faust
FAT fat
FastTrack Scripting Host fasttrack-scripting-host
FASTQ fastq-format
FASTA fasta-format
Fast Fourier Transform Equation fast-fourier-transform-equation
Fardlang fardlang
Farcaster farcaster
Faraday's Induction Equation faradays-induction-equation
FAR far
FORTRAN assembly program fap
Fantom fantom
Fancy fancy
Family BASIC family-basic
False false
Falcon falcon
FAD fad
Factor factor
FaCT fact-lang
Fully Automated Compiling Technique fact
Facelets facelets
FAC fac
Fable fable-lang
Fable fable
F# f-sharp
F-Script f-script
F Prime f-prime
F f
Ezhil ezhil
EZ ez
EXTRAN extran
Extensible Embeddable Language extensible-embeddable-language
Extended Pascal extended-pascal
Extended ML extended-ml
Extempore extempore
Ext4 ext4
Ext3 ext3
Ext2 ext2
Extended file system ext
expresso expresso
EXPRESS express
Explorer explorer
EXPLOR explor
EXPLAN explan
Expect expect
exkited exkited
ExFAT exfat
EXEL exel
Executable JSON executable-json
EXEC 2 exec-2
Microsoft Excel excel-app
EXAPT exapt
ex ex-editor
EverParse3D everparse3d
Eve eve
Eva eva
Eurisko eurisko
Euphoria euphoria
EUMEL eumel
EuLisp eulisp
Euler's Equation eulers-equation
Euler euler
Euclidean geometry euclidean-geometry
Euclid euclid
euboea euboea
Etude etude
Etruscan numerals etruscan-numerals
Etoys etoys
Ethernet ethernet
Ethereum Virtual Machine ethereum-vm
ETC etc
eta eta
Esterel esterel
Executive Systems Problem Oriented Language espol
ESP esp
Esoteric Reaction esoteric-reaction
eskew eskew
Escapade escapade-programming-language
ESC/P esc-p
ERROL errol
Erlang erlang
erg erg
ERB erb
EQUATE equate
EQS eqs
eqn eqn
EQLog eqlog
EqL eql
epsilon epsilon
EPILOG epilog
Epigram epigram
envoy-app envoy-app
Entropy entropy
Enterprise Mashup Markup Language enterprise-mashup-markup-language
enso enso-lang
Enso enso
eno eno
english-programming-language english-programming-language
Energy Momentum Equation energy-momentum-equation
Energy Systems Language energese-notation
Encore encore
emu emu
empirical empirical
emoticon emoticon
Emojicode emojicode
EMMA emma
Emily emily
emfatic emfatic
emesh emesh
emerald-lang emerald-lang
Emerald emerald
EmberScript emberscript
emberjs-framework emberjs-framework
Emacs Lisp emacs-lisp
Emacs emacs-editor
Em em
elymas elymas
Elvish elvish
Elpi elpi
Emacs Lisp Package Archive elpa-pm
ELMOL elmol
Elm Packages elm-packages-pm
Elm elm
ELLPACK ellpack
Elliott ALGOL elliott-algol
Ellie ellie
ELLA ella-programming-language
Elixir elixir
ELFE elfe
Extensible Linking Format elf
elena elena
Elegant elegant
elegance elegance
Electre electre
Election Markup Language election-markup-language
Elasticsearch Query DSL elastic-query-dsl
ELAN elan
EL1 el1
EJS ejs
Eiffel eiffel
EGS4 egs4
EGL egl
Egison egison
egel egel
EFL efl
eff eff
EEX eex
EDUCE* educe-star
EDUCE educe
EDSIM edsim
ed script edscript
EDSAC Initial Orders edsac-initial-orders
EDN edn
Edje Data Collection edje-data-collection
Edison edison
Edinburgh LCF edinburgh-lcf
Edinburgh IMP edinburgh-imp
Edina edina
Đ edh
edgeql edgeql
edgelisp edgelisp
edgedb edgedb
Edge Side Includes edge-side-includes
Eden eden
ed ed-editor
ECT ect
ecsharp ecsharp
Embedded Crystal ecr
Ecological Metadata Language ecological-metadata-language
eco-editor eco-editor
ECMAScript ecmascript
Eclipse eclipse-editor
Eclipse Command Language eclipse-command-language
Eclectic CSP eclectic-csp
ECL ecl
eC ec
EBNF ebnf
ebg ebg
Easytrieve easytrieve
EasyLanguage easylanguage
Easybuild easybuild
EASY ENGLISH easy-english
Easy Programming Language easy
EASL easl
Ease ease
EAS-E eas-e
Earl Grey earl-grey
Eagle eagle
E e
dyvil dyvil
DYSTAL dystal
Dynamo dynamo-visual-language
dynamo-pm dynamo-pm
DYNAMO dynamo
Dylan dylan
AutoCAD DXF dxf
.dwg dwg
Digital Visual Interface dvi-standard
Durra durra
duro duro
DUEL duel
dub-pm dub-pm
DUAL dual
TypeScript Type Declarations dts
DTrace dtrace
DTD dtd
dsym dsym
dss dss
dslx dslx
DSL/90 dsl-90
Document Structure Description dsd
Dimensional Script dscript
Drupal drupal
DROL drol
DRL drl
Dribble dribble
dreamlisp dreamlisp
DRAKON drakon
DRAGOON dragoon
DragonBASIC dragonbasic
draconian draconian
Draco draco-programming-language
DPRL dprl
D++ dpp
DOWL dowl
.QL dot-ql
Dot Product Equation dot-product-equation
DOT dot
DOPL dopl
DOODLE doodle
DOML doml
domino domino
DOLPHIN dolphin
$ dollar-sign
Dolittle dolittle
DokuWiki dokuwiki
Dojo dojo
DOI doi
DNS over HTTPS doh
Dogescript dogescript
The Dog Programming Language dog
DOE Macsyma doe-macsyma
docopt docopt
Dockerfile dockerfile
Docker docker
DNS dns
DNA dna
DML dml
DMAP dmap
DM-1 dm-1
DM dm
dlvm dlvm
DLP dlp
dllup dllup
DomainKeys Identified Mail dkim-standard
Djot djot
djangoql djangoql
Django django
Dixy dixy
DITROFF/FFORTID ditroff-ffortid
DITROFF ditroff
DITRAN ditran
Distributed Smalltalk distributed-smalltalk
Distributed Processes distributed-processes
DisplayPort displayport-standard
DISPEL dispel
DISC disc
Diplans diplans
Dipe-R dipe-r
dio dio
DINO dino
DinnerBell dinnerbell
Dink Smallwood dinkc
DIGRAF digraf
DIGITAL Command Language digital-command-language
Differential Datalog differential-datalog
Diff diff
DIET diet
DICE dice
Digital Interactive Business Oriented Language dibol
DIANA diana
DIAMAG diamag
DIALOG dialog
DIAGRAM diagram
Dhall dhall
dgraph dgraph
dfns dfns
DFL dfl
dexvis dexvis
Dexterity dexterity
dex dex
DEVIL devil
Devicetree devicetree
Device independent file format device-independent-file-format
Deva deva
DETAP detap
DETAB-X detab-x
DETAB/65 detab-65
Desmos desmos
desktop desktop
DESCRIPTRAN descriptran
Descript descript
Descartes descartes
Dern dern
DML dependent-ml
Deno deno
Dendral dendral
DEMOS demos
DEMETER demeter
DEM dem
Delta Prolog delta-prolog
Delphi delphi
Delirium delirium
DEL del
Definite clause grammar definite-clause-grammar-notation
Deesel deesel
dedukti dedukti
DECLARE declare
Decision Model & Notation decision-model-notation
dec64 dec64
DeBuMa debuma
DEBL debl
Deb file format deb
DEACON deacon
De Bruijn index de-bruijn-index-notation
DDML ddml
ddfql ddfql
DDF ddfcsv
DDA dda
Data Catalog Vocabulary dcat
Data Communications ALGOL dcalgol
Dc dc
dbml dbml
DBase dbase
DAX dax
Datomic datomic
datev datev
DataWeave dataweave
DATATRIEVE datatrieve
datascript datascript
Datapoint's Advanced Systems Language datapoint-dasl
Data Package datapackage
DATAN datan
Datalog datalog
Datalisp datalisp
datafun datafun
Dataflex dataflex
DATABUS databus
DATA-TEXT data-text
Data General Business Basic data-general-business-basic
Data Access Language data-access-language
dat-protocol dat-protocol
Dasm dasm
Distributed Application Specification Language dasl
Dashrep dashrep
DAS das
Dartmouth BASIC dartmouth-basic
DartCVL dartcvl
dart-pm dart-pm
Dart dart
darklang darklang
DarkBASIC darkbasic
Darcs Advanced Revision Control System darcs-patch
Daplex daplex
DAP FORTRAN dap-fortran
DAP-Algol dap-algol
daonode daonode
DAMN damn
DAML+OIL daml-oil
DARPA Agent Markup Language daml
dalvik-bytecode dalvik-bytecode
Dale dale
Dak dak
Daisy Systems daisy-systems
DAG dag
Dafny dafny
DAD dad
D4 d4-programming-language
D4 d4
D3.js d3
D2 d2
D data language specification d-data-language-specification
D d
cytosol cytosol
Cython cython
CypherText cyphertext
Cypher Query Language cypher
Cymbal cymbal
Cycript cycript
Cyclone cyclone
CYCL cycl
CYBIL cybil
Cyber cyber
cx cx
CWEB cweb
CVL cvl
Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures cusip
cuscus cuscus
curv curv
Curry curry
Curly curly
Curl curl
CuPit-2 cupit-2
CUPID cupid
cuneiform cuneiform
Cullinet cullinet
Culler-Fried System culler-fried-system
Cue cuelang
CueCat cuecat
CUDA cuda
CUBE cube
Steinberg Cubase cubase
ctr ctr
ctan-pm ctan-pm
ctalk-lang ctalk-lang
ctalk ctalk
cT ct
CSVw csvw
CSV++ csvpp
CSV csv
CST cst
CSSA cssa
CSS Doodle css-doodle
CSS css
CSpydr cspydr
CSP-OZ-DC csp-oz-dc
CSP-OZ csp-oz
CSP csp
Csound csound
CSON cson
CSMP csmp
CSL csl
C# csharp
CodeStudAssembler csa
CS-Script cs-script
Crystal crystal
Cryptol cryptol
crush crush
Croma croma
Croc croc
crmsh crmsh
Creole creole
Crema crema
Creative Basic creative-basic
crates-pm crates-pm
Cranelift cranelift-ir
cran-pm cran-pm
CRAM file format cram-format
crack crack
CQL++ cqlpp
CQLF cqlf
cql cql
C++ cpp
CPL cpl
cperl cperl
cpan-pm cpan-pm
CP cp
COWSEL cowsel
Coulomb's Equation coulombs-equation
CouchDB couchdb
Couchbase Mobile couchbase-mobile
Couchbase couchbase
Cotton cotton
Cosmos cosmos
COSMO cosmo
CosmicOS cosmicos
cosh cosh
CorVision corvision
Cornell University Programming Language cornell-university-programming-language
Corman Common Lisp corman-common-lisp
corescript corescript
CorelScript corelscript
CORC corc
CorbaScript corbascript
Coral++ coralpp
Coral coral-lang
CORAL 64 coral-64
CORAL coral
cor cor
Coq coq
Copilot copilot
COPE cope
COPAS copas
Matrix Market Coordinate Format coordinate-format
Classroom Object Oriented Language cool
cooC cooc
CONVERT convert
converge converge
CONTRANS contrans
Context Diff context-diff
Consul consul
CONSTRAINTS constraints
ConstraintLisp constraintlisp
CONSIM consim
CONNIVER conniver
Connection Machine LISP connection-machine-lisp
Connection Machine connection-machine
ConMan conman
CoNLL-U conll-u
CONLAN conlan
conGolog congolog
Confluence confluence
Cone cone
Concurrent Prolog concurrent-prolog
Concurrent Pascal concurrent-pascal
Concurrent ML concurrent-ml
Concurrent METATEM concurrent-metatem
Concurrent C++ concurrent-cpp
ConCurr concurr
concurnas concurnas
CONCUR concur
concordance concordance
Concise Encoding concise-encoding
Concert/C concert-c
Conceptual conceptual
concept-script concept-script
ConC conc
Conan conan-pm
Conan Center conan-center-pm
CONA cona
COMTRAN comtran
COMSOL Script comsol-script
COMSL comsl
COMSKEE comskee
COMPUTEST computest
Computer Compiler computer-compiler
COMPONENT PASCAL component-pascal
Complex-Prolog complex-prolog
Compiler-Compiler compiler-compiler
Compact Application Solution Language compact-application-solution-language
commonmark commonmark
CommonLoops commonloops
CWL common-workflow-language
Common Log Format common-log-format
Common Lisp common-lisp
Commodore BASIC commodore-basic
COMMEN commen
comm comm
COMIT comit
COMFY comfy
comby comby
Combined Log Format combined-log-format
COMAL comal
ColorForth colorforth
Color BASIC color-basic
COLLADA collada
ColdFusion Components coldfusion-components
ColdFusion coldfusion
COLD-K cold-k
COLASL colasl
ColaScript colascript
COL col
CokeScript cokescript
coi-protocol coi-protocol
Coherent Parallel C coherent-parallel-c
coherence coherence
COGO cogo
CogMap cogmap
CoffeeScript coffeescript
coffeepp coffeepp
COFFEE Cinema 4D coffee-cinema-4d
Common Object File Format coff
CODIL codil
CodeQL codeql
CodeMirror codemirror
codelite-editor codelite-editor
CodeGear Delphi codegear-delphi
codeflow codeflow
codecept codecept
code-blocks-editor code-blocks-editor
Coda web development software coda-editor
Coconut coconut
cocoapods-pm cocoapods-pm
Coco/R coco-r
Coco coco
Cobra cobra
CobolScript cobolscript
Cobol.NET cobol-net
COBOL cobol
COBLOC cobloc
co2 co2
co-dfns co-dfns
CMU Common Lisp cmu-common-lisp
CMS Pipelines cms-pipelines
EXEC cms-exec
CMS-2 cms-2
CMN cmn
CMIX cmix
CMake cmake
CLX clx
CLU clu
CLPR clpr
CLP* clp-star
clox clox
CLOVER clover
Cloud Firestore Security Rules cloud-firestore-security-rules
Closure Templates closure-templates
CLOS clos
ClojureScript clojurescript
Clojure clojure
clojars-pm clojars-pm
cloe cloe
cloc cloc
CLiX markup clix
CLIST clist
CLISP clisp
CLIPS clips
Clipper clipper
clion-editor clion-editor
clike clike
clickpath clickpath
Click click
Assembly CLI cli-assembly
CLEOPATRA cleopatra
CLeogo cleogo
Clear Language for Expressing Orders cleo
CLEAR clear
cleanlang cleanlang
Clean clean
clay clay
Clausal Language clausal-lang
Classic-Ada classic-ada
ClassiC classic
CLASS class
clash clash
Clascal clascal
Claro claro
clarity clarity
Clarion clarion
CLANGER clanger
Common Lisp with Arc Macros and Procedures clamp
CLAIRE claire
CL-I cl-i
cixl cixl
cityhash-hash-function cityhash-hash-function
Citrine citrine
Ć cito
Cish cish
Cirru cirru
circle-lang circle-lang
CIRCAL circal
circa circa
CIR cir
CIMS PL/I cims-pl-i
cimfast cimfast
CIL cilk
CIL cil
Cigale cigale
Crystallographic Information File cif
Ciel ciel
Ciao ciao-programming-language
Ch chuck
chrysaLisp chrysalisp
ChronologZ chronologz
ChronologMC chronologmc
Chronolog chronolog
Chrome chrome-programming-language
Chomski chomski
chocolatey-pm chocolatey-pm
chisel chisel
chirp chirp
Chipmunk Basic chipmunk-basic
CHIP chip-programming-language
CHIP-8 chip-8
Chinese BASIC chinese-basic
Chimera chimera
CHILL chill
Chika chika
Chicon chicon
chicken-lang chicken-lang
CHICKEN chicken
chibicc chibicc
chevrotain chevrotain
Cheri cheri
ChemTrains chemtrains
chef chef
CheetahTemplate cheetah
checkout checkout
checked-c checked-c
chatterbot chatterbot
CHARYBDIS charybdis
chartio-app chartio-app
Charrette Ada charrette-ada
CHARM++ charmpp
charly charly
Charity charity
Charcoal charcoal
chappe-code chappe-code
Chapel chapel
chaos-lang chaos-lang
CHAMP champ
chaiscript chaiscript
Conway chained arrow notation chained-arrow-notation
CHAIN chain-programming-language
chain-format chain-format
Ch computer programming ch
CGOL cgol
Cg cg
CFScript cfscript
CFML cfml
CFEngine cfengine
Ceylon ceylon
Céu ceu
Cesil cesil
Ceprol ceprol
Celsius WebScript celsius-webscript
CELLSIM cellsim
Cell cell
CELIP celip
CEEMAC ceemac
Cedar Fortran cedar-fortran
Cedar cedar
CECIL cecil
CDL++ cdlpp
CDL cdl
Common Data Format cdf
CBOR data definition language cddl
Clinical Document Architecture cda
CCS ccs
Continuity of Care Record ccr
CCEL ccel
Continuity of Care Document ccd
CCal ccal
CBOR cbor
CBASIC cbasic
CAYLEY cayley
Cayenne cayenne
categorical-query-language categorical-query-language
Catalysis catalysis
Catala catala
cat cat
CASSANDRE cassandre
Casio BASIC casio-basic
CartoCSS cartocss
carth carth
Carpet carpet
carp carp
Carbon carbon
Caramel caramel
capybara capybara
Capsule capsule
Common Authentication Protocol Specification Language capsl
Cap'n Proto capn-proto
Cantor cantor
CaPSL canon-capsl
Cane cane
Candy Codes candy-codes
Candy candy
candor candor
Caml caml
CAMIL camil
Cambridge Algebra System camal
CAMAC camac
Content Assembly Mechanism cam
Calypso calypso
Caltech Intermediate Form caltech-intermediate-form
Cali-Lang cali-lang
Calc4 calc4
calc_var calc-var
calc calc
CAL Actor Language cal
CAJOLE cajole
CAISYS caisys
CAGES cages
Caffeine caffeine
CafeObj cafeobj
cado-systems-technical-information cado-systems-technical-information
Cadence SKILL cadence-skill
Cactus cactus
Caché ObjectScript cache-objectscript
Caché Basic cache-basic
CABAL cabal
ca65 Assembly ca65-assembly
CA-Telon ca-telon
CA-Realizer ca-realizer
C3 c3
C2 c2
c-talk c-talk
c-smile c-smile
C shell c-shell
C Header Files c-headers
C∀ c-for-all
C flat c-flat
C^3 c-cubed
C/AL c-al
C-- c--
C c
Bywater BASIC bywater-basic
Bython bython
ByteLisp bytelisp
bytecode-modeling-language bytecode-modeling-language
bx bx
buzz buzz
Butterfly Common LISP butterfly-common-lisp
business-rule-language business-rule-language
BPML business-process-modeling-language
Business Object Notation business-object-notation
Business Basic business-basic
Business application language business-application-language
BUSH bush
Bun bun
BullFrog bullfrog
BUGSYS bugsys
BuddyScript buddyscript
Bucklescript bucklescript
Bucardo bucardo
BSP bsp
BSML bsml
bscript-interpreter bscript-interpreter
BScript bscript
BRUIN brown-university-interactive-language
BrouHaHa brouhaha
brooks-programming-language brooks-programming-language
Broccoli broccoli-2
Broccoli broccoli-1
Broccoli broccoli
Bro bro
BRL brl
Brisk brisk
BrightScript brightscript-lang
BridgeTalk bridgetalk
Breccia breccia
Brainfuck brainfuck
Brain-Flak brain-flak
brackets-editor brackets-editor
BQN bqn
Basic Petri Net Programming Notation bpn2
BPMN bpmn
BPL bpl
bpkg-pm bpkg-pm
BPEL bpel
Boxx boxx
Boxer boxer
Bourne shell bourne-shell
Bounce bounce-lang
Bounce bounce
Bossam Rule Language bossam
bosque bosque
Boron boron
Borneo borneo
Booster booster
Boost C++ libraries boost-lib
Boomerang Decompiler boomerang-decompiler
Boogie boogie
Boo boo
Bon bon-programming-language
BOLT bolt
Bolin bolin
BOIL boil
bog bog
Bob bob
boa boa
BNF bnf
BMP file format bmp-format
bml bml
BMD bmd
blz blz
blur-markup-language blur-markup-language
Bluespec bluespec
Blueprints blueprints
Blue blue-programming-language
blue blue
Blox blox
BlooP bloop
BLOOMS blooms
bloom bloom
blockml blockml
Blockly blockly
BlitzPlus blitzplus
BlitzMax blitzmax
BlitzBasic blitzbasic
Blitz3D blitz3d
BLISS bliss
Blender blender-app
Binary Lambda Calculus blc
BlazeX blazex
BLAZE 2 blaze-2
BLAZE blaze
blank blank
BLAKE blake-hash-function
Blade blade-lang
Blade blade
Blacklight blacklight
BlackCoffee blackcoffee
Bla bla
bjou bjou
Bizubee bizubee
BitC bitc
BitBake bitbake
Bit array bitarray
Bistro bistro-programming-language
Bison++ bisonpp
Bison bison
Birkbeck Assembly birkbeck-assembly
BIRD bird
BIPLAN biplan
BIOSSIM biossim
bioscript bioscript
BIOMOD biomod
Bioconductor bioconductor-pm
BIND bind-app
binaryen binaryen
Binary notation binary-notation
Binary Ninja binary-ninja
Binary Equation binary-equation
Bigwig Programming Language bigwig-programming-language
bigWig format bigwig-format
BIGWIG bigwig
BIGMAC bigmac
Bigloo bigloo
Biferno biferno
Bicep bicep
BibTeX bibtex
BHSL bhsl
BGRAF2 bgraf2
Beta-Prolog beta-prolog
BETA Project beta-project
Beta BASIC beta-basic
BETA beta
BESYS besys
Berry berry
Berkeley DB berkeleydb
Berkeley DB berkeley-db-lib
BER ber
Biological Expression Language bel-lang
Bel bel
BML behavior-markup-language
Befunge befunge
BEFLIX beflix
BEEF beef-lang
beef-lang beef
BeeBasic beebasic
bee bee
BEDSOCS bedsocs
Browser Extensible Data Format bed-format
BeBasic bebasic
beautiful-report-language beautiful-report-language
Beatnik beatnik
BeanShell beanshell
BEAM Erlang virtual machine beam-vm
BEAM Bytecode beam-bytecode
beagle beagle
beads-lang beads-lang
BDL bdl
BCX bcx
BCPL bcpl
BC NELIAC bc-neliac
basic calculator bc
BBx bbx
BBN-LISP bbn-lisp
BBj bbj
BBCode bbcode
BBC BASIC bbc-basic
Bazel bazel
baysick baysick
Bayes' Equation bayes-equation
Bayer Expressions bayer-expressions
bawk bawk
Battlestar battlestar
Batchfile batch
Batari Basic batari-basic
Basis Codec basis-universal-format
BASIL basil
BasicX basicx
BASICODE basicode
Basic4ppc basic4ppc
Basic4GL basic4gl
Basic4android basic4android
BASIC09 basic09
BASIC Stamp basic-stamp
BASIC Programming basic-programming
BASIC-PLUS basic-plus
Basic PDP-1 Lisp basic-pdp-1-lisp
BASIC-E basic-e
BASIC A+ basic-ap
Basic-256 basic-256
BASIC-11 basic-11
BASIC basic
Bash bash
BASEL basel
BASEBALL baseball
Base64 base64
Bartok bartok
Barrel barrel
BARE bare
BANCStar bancstar-programming-language
bamboo bamboo
Binary Alignment Map bam-format
Baltík baltik
baltazar baltazar
BALSA balsa
BALM balm
ballerina-central-pm ballerina-central-pm
Ballerina ballerina
BaLinda Lisp balinda-lisp
BALGOL balgol
BALG balg
Balanced ternary balanced-ternary-notation
bag-format bag-format
badlanguage badlanguage
BACK back
Babylonian numerals babylonian-numerals
Baby modula-3 baby-modula-3
BABEL babel
B4Tran b4tran
B32 Business Basic b32-business-basic
B3 IR b3-ir
B-LINE b-line
B b
Microsoft Azure azure
Aztec C aztec-c
axt-format axt-format
Axiom axiom-computer-algebra-system
AXIOM axiom
axcess axcess
AWS aws
awl awl
awk awk
avro avro
Atmel AVR instruction set avr
AviSynth avi-synth
Averest averest
Avalon/Common LISP avalon-common-lisp
Avail avail
AUTOmatic PROgramming of Machine Tools autopromt
Automator automator
AUTOMAST automast
AUTOLOFT autoloft
AutoLISP autolisp
AutoIt autoit
AutoHotkey autohotkey
AUTOGRP autogrp
AUTODRAFT autodraft
Autoconf autoconf
AUTOCODER III autocoder-iii
AUTOCODER II autocoder-ii
AUTOCODER autocoder
Autocode autocode
AUTOCAD autocad-app
AUTASIM autasim
Austral austral
Aurora aurora
AUR aur-pm
AUI aui
Augment augment
Augeas augeas
aubit-4gl aubit-4gl
attoparsec attoparsec
Attic numerals attic-numerals
ATS ats
atomspace atomspace
Atomos atomos
atomo atomo
Atomese atomese
Atom atom-editor
Atom atom
ATOL atol
Atmel AVR atmel-avr
Atlas Autocode atlas-autocode
ATLAS Transformation Language atlas
Atari ST BASIC atari-st-basic
Atari Microsoft BASIC atari-microsoft-basic
Atari BASIC atari-basic
Asymptote asymptote
astroml astroml
astro astro
ASTLOG astlog
asterius-compiler asterius-compiler
Asterisk asterisk
Astatine astatine
Asspegique asspegique
associons associons
AssemblyScript assemblyscript
Assembly language assembly-language
ASPOL aspol
ASPEN aspen
AspectJ aspectj
AspectC++ aspectcpp
ASP asp
ASN.1 asn-1
Asm.js asmjs
ASIC asic-programming-language
ASHMEDAI ashmedai
ASF+SDF asf-sdf
ASDF asdf
AsciiMath asciimath
AsciiDots asciidots
AsciiDoc asciidoc
ASCII Armor ascii-armor
ASCII ascii
arvelie-format arvelie-format
Arturo arturo
ARTSPEAK artspeak
ARTA arta
Apache Arrow arrow-format
arrow arrow
arret arret
Armani armani
ARM Templates arm-templates
ARM arm
ArkScript arkscript
Ark ark-lang
ARK ark
Arjuna arjuna
ARITH-MATIC arith-matic
Argus argus
Argos argos
Argon argon
Argdown argdown
arezzo-notation arezzo-notation
ARexx arexx
aretext aretext
arend arend
Arduino Programming Language arduino
Arden syntax arden-syntax
Arctic arctic
ArchieML archieml
ARCHI archi
ARC processor arc-isa
Arc Assembly arc-assembly
Arc arc
arbortext-command-language arbortext-command-language
ArangoDB arango-db
ARABLAN arablan
Hindu-Arabic numeral system arabic-numerals
Aquarius Prolog aquarius-prolog
AQL aql
aQasm aqasm
APT Debian apt-pm
Automatically Programmed Tool apt
APSE apse
APROL aprol
april april
APPLOG applog
Applesoft BASIC applesoft-basic
Applescript applescript
Apple ProDOS apple-prodos
Apple BASIC apple-basic
Apple I apple-1-machine
APPL/A appl-a
appcode-editor appcode-editor
APOSTLE apostle
AGC apollo-guidance-computer
APLX aplx
A++ aplusplus
A+ aplus
APLO aplo
APLGOL-2 aplgol-2
APLGOL aplgol
aplette aplette
APL2 apl2
APL/Z80 apl-z80
APL/HP apl-hp
APL-GPSS apl-gpss
APL apl
API Blueprint api-blueprint
Apex apex
ApeScript apescript
APE100 ape100
APAREL aparel
APAR apar
ApacheConf apacheconf
Velocity apache-velocity
Apache Phoenix apache-phoenix
Apache Hbase apache-hbase
Apache Derby apache-derby
Apache Cassandra apache-cassandra
APACHE apache
ANTLR antlr
antha antha
Ante ante-esolang
Ante ante
Ant Build System ant-build-system
ANSI BASIC ansi-basic
ANS MUMPS ans-mumps
ANNA anna
angr angr
Angelscript angelscript
Android android
Andorra-I andorra-i
Andorra andorra
Andante andante
And/Or and-or
Analytical engine analytical-engine-machine
ana ana
Amulet amulet
AMTRAN 70 amtran-70
AMTRAN amtran
Advanced Message Queuing Protocol amqp
AMPPL-II amppl-ii
AMPPL-I amppl-i
AMPL ampl
Ampère's Circuital Equation amperes-circuital-equation
AMOS amos
AmigaBASIC amigabasic
Amigas amiga-programming-languages
Amiga E amiga-e
AMBUSH ambush
AMBIT/L ambit-l
AMBIT/G ambit-g
AMBIT ambit
AmbientTalk ambienttalk
Amber amber
Amazon RDS amazon-rds
Amazon DynamoDB amazon-dynamodb
Amanda amanda
amalthea amalthea
Alumina alumina
ALTRAN altran
Altibase altibase
Altair BASIC altair-basic
ALTAC altac
ALPS alps
Alpine Abuild alpine-abuild
Alphard alphard-programming-language
AlpHard alphard
AlphaPop alphapop
AlphaBasic alphabasic
Alpha alpha-programming-language
ALPAK alpak
Alpaca alpaca
Alonzo alonzo
ALOHAnet alohanet
Almquist shell almquist-shell
ALMIR almir
Alma-O alma-o
Alma alma-007
Alma-0 alma-0
Alma alma
Alloy alloy
ALLO allo
Allegro Common Lisp allegro-common-lisp
ALJABR aljabr
Alice alice
ALGY algy
ALGOL X algol-x
ALGOL W algol-w
ALGOL N algol-n
ALGOL-E algol-e
ALGOL 68-RT algol-68-rt
ALGOL 68-R algol-68-r
ALGOL 68 algol-68
ALGOL 60 algol-60
ALGOL 58 algol-58
Algol algol
algobox algobox
ALGO algo
ALGERNON algernon
ALGEM algem
Algebraic modeling language algebraic-modeling-language
Algebraic Compiler algebraic-compiler
Algae algae
alfred alfred
Algebraic Logic Functional alf
ALEPH aleph
ALEF alef
ALEC alec
a Lisp Environment ale
Aldwych aldwych
Aldor aldor
ALDES aldes
Aldat aldat
ALCOR alcor
albatross albatross
ALBA alba
alan alan
Alambik alambik
ALADIN aladin
AL al
AKL akl
Aith aith
Alternate Instruction Set ais
Airtable airtable-app
AIR air
AIMMS aimms
AIML aiml
Aime aime
AIL ail
AIDS aids
AIDA aida
Aheui aheui
Adventure Game Studio Script ags-script
Agora agora
AGL agl
AgentSpeak agentspeak
Agent-K agent-k
Agda agda
AFS afs
Afnix afnix
AESOP aesop
AEPL aepl
AED aed
Advice Taker advice-taker
Advanced Continuous Simulation Language advanced-continuous-simulation-language
ADS-B ads-b-standard
Adobe Font Metrics adobe-font-metrics
ADLIB adlib
Aditi aditi
ADES II ades-ii
ADES ades
Adept adept
Adenine adenine-programming-language
Address address
Adaplex adaplex
adamant adamant
adam-standard adam-standard
ADAM adam
Adagio adagio
ADABTPL adabtpl
Ada/TL ada-tl
Ada 9X ada-9x
Ada 95 ada-95
Ada ada
Ad-hoc ad-hoc
Actus actus
Actors actors
Actor actor
ActivityPub activity-pub
ActiveVFP activevfp
Active-U-Datalog active-u-datalog
Active Language I active-language-i
ActionScript actionscript
Action Code Script action-code-script
Action! action
Actalk actalk
ACT ONE act-one
ACT-III act-iii
ACSL acsl
ACSI-Matic acsi-matic
ACOS acos
Acornsoft Logo acornsoft-logo
acorn-lang acorn-lang
Acorn Atom acorn-atom
ACORN acorn
Acore acore
Acme acme
ACL2 acl2
ACL acl
Ace Editor ace
ACCENT accent
AC Toolbox ac-toolbox
ABSYS absys
Abstracto abstracto
Abstract State Machine Language abstract-state-machine-language
ABSET abset
abs abs
Augmented Backus-Naur Form abnf
ABLE able
ABEL abel
ABC++ abcpp
Armed Bear Common Lisp abcl-lang
ABCL/f abcl-f
ABCL/c+ abcl-cp
Actor-Based Concurrent Language abcl
ABC ALGOL abc-algol
ABC 80 abc-80
ABC abc
Abbreviated Test Language for All Systems abbreviated-test-language-for-all-systems
ABAP abap
ABAL abal
Abacus abacus-machine
Aardvark aardvark
Aardappel aardappel
AArch64 aarch64
Advanced Authoring Format aaf
Avionics Architecture Design Language aadl
A51 Assembly a51
A# a-sharp
A-0 system a-0-system
8th 8th
6gunz 6gunz
51forth 51forth
4th Dimension 4th-dimension
4G 4g-standard
3RIP 3rip
3D Manufacturing Format 3mf
3DS 3ds
3DComposer 3dcomposer
3D Logo 3d-logo
3APL 3apl
3-LISP 3-lisp
2OBJ 2obj
2lisp 2lisp
20-GATE 20-gate
2-pak 2-pak
1C Enterprise Script 1c-enterprise
IBM 1620 1620sps
1.pak 1-pak
05AB1E 05ab1e

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