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title hasLineComments
Zimpl true
Zig true
zephyr-asdl true
Zephir true
z80 true
Z true
Yoix true
Yedalog true
YASnippet true
Yet Another Scripting Language true
YAML true
Yacc true
xxl true
Xojo true
XBLite true
Xbasic true
XBase++ true
xBase true
x86 Assembly true
X10 true
WxBasic true
Wren true
wisp true
winxed true
Whiley true
wescheme true
WDL true
WebAssembly true
Wart true
Volt true
Visual Basic true
Visual Basic .NET true
Vigil true
VHDL true
Verilog true
verifpal true
VBScript true
VBA true
Vale true
Vala true
V true
Uniform eXchange Format true
USD true
unison true
Unicon true
TypeScript true
Type Language true
turnstile true
Turing true
Turbo Basic true
Tuple space true
True BASIC true
tremor-query true
Treelang true
Transact-SQL true
TOML true
TLA true
tht true
ThinBasic true
Tex true
Terra true
Tea true
Tcl true
Taichi true
taf true
SystemVerilog true
Swift true
SIL true
Sweet Expressions true
SuperCollider true
SugarSS true
SubX true
StruQL true
Strips true
storyscript true
stella true
Stata true
StarOffice Basic true
starlark true
Script.NET true
SRecode Template true
Squirrel true
Structured Query Reporter true
SQL true
spry true
spiral true
Spin true
Spice true
Spatial true
Soy true
SourcePawn true
sora true
Sophia true
Solidity true
SMT true
Smali true
Slope true
Slice true
Simula true
SimCode true
silk true
Sieve mail filtering language true
Shen true
ShaderLab true
SETL true
Seed7 true
sed true
SCSS true
Scilab true
Scheme true
Scala true
Savi true
Sather true
SAS true
Sage true
S-PLUS true
S-algol true
Rust true
Rust MIR true
Ruby true
Reactive Plan Language true
rosette-lang true
Ron true
Brightscript true
Robots.txt true
Rita true
Ring true
Rescript true
Ren'Py true
Ren true
Reia true
Refal true
Amazon Redshift true
Redcode true
Red true
Recfiles true
REBOL true
Reason true
Rc true
rbscript true
rbs true
Raku true
Ragel true
Racket true
R true
Quaint true
QML true
QBasic true
QB64 true
Q# true
Python true
PureScript true
PureBasic true
Pug true
PRQL true
Protocol Buffers true
PromQL true
Prolog true
Project Mentat true
progsbase true
Processing true
Praat Script true
ppm-format true
PowerShell true
PowerBuilder true
PowerBASIC true
PowerQuery M true
POV-Ray SDL true
PostScript true
PostgreSQL true
popr true
Pony true
pointless true
Pnuts true
PL/pgSQL true
Plot true
PL/SQL true
PkgConfig true
Pike true
Pig Latin true
PicoLisp true
PIC true
PHP true
Netpbm grayscale image format true
Perl true
Perl 6 true
PEG.js true
PEG true
Portable Bit Map Format true
PAWN true
Pawn true
Parser 3 true
Parrot BASIC true
parasail true
Pandas true
Pan true
PacmanConf true
P4 true
Oz true
OX true
owen-lang true
OptimJ true
Operational Control Language true
OpenVera true
OpenSCAD true
OpenCL true
Opal true
omega true
OEM true
odin true
GNU Octave true
OCL true
Observable true
Objective-J true
Objective C++ true
Objective-C true
Nymph true
Not eXactly C true
NumPy true
NSIS true
NS Basic true
Not Quite C true
Nix true
Nit true
Nim true
Nginx true
NewLisp true
neut true
NetLogo true
NetLinx true
NestedText true
Nemerle true
neeilang true
Nearley true
NCAR Command Language true
Netwide Assembler true
MySQL true
MVEL true
muPad true
mun-lang true
MUMPS true
Mu true
MQL5 true
Mouse true
MoonScript true
Monkey true
Module Management System true
Modelica true
mlir true
MIPS architecture true
MiniD true
mgmt true
Mercury true
Maya Embedded Language true
Mask true
Mary true
Maple true
manool true
Makefile true
MACRO-10 true
M4 true
luau true
Lua true
Linden Scripting Language true
Language Server Index Format true
LPC true
LoomScript true
LookML true
Logos true
Logo true
Logica true
LLVM IR true
LiveScript true
LiveCode true
Literate Agda true
Lite-C true
lispyscript true
LilyPond true
Ligo true
Lighttpd configuration file true
LFE true
Lexon true
Lex true
Less true
Lean true
ldpl true
LaTeX true
Lasso true
lain true
KRL true
Kotlin true
Koka true
KiXtart true
KaTeX true
kai true
K true
Julia true
Jule true
Judoscript true
JS++ true
Jsonnet true
JSON5 true
JSON with Comments true
JSLT true
JSL true
JCL true
JavaScript true
Java true
Java Properties true
Java Bytecode true
Jasmin true
JAI true
JADE true
J true
ISETL true
Ion true
Io true
Ini true
IGOR Pro true
idyll true
Idris true
Icon true
Hy true
HXML true
HuJSON true
HOPE true
holyc true
Hocon true
HLSL true
High Level Assembly true
Hjson true
HiveQL true
hilvl true
Heron true
HCL true
Haxe true
Haskell true
Harbour true
HAML true
Halide true
Hack true
Guix Workflow Language true
Guile true
Groovy true
GraphQL true
GraphQL Schema Definition Language true
Grammatical Framework true
Gosu true
Golo true
Go true
GLSL true
Gherkin true
Gettext Catalog true
Gerbil Scheme true
Gentoo Ebuild true
gentee true
GDScript true
GCC Machine Description true
GAP true
Game Maker Language true
FutureBASIC true
Futhark true
Finite State Language true
Frink true
Frege true
FoxPRO true
Fortran true
Forth true
FML true
FLUX true
Flow9 true
Flow true
FloScript true
flagship true
Fj枚lnir true
fizz true
fish true
Filebench WML true
Fennel true
Felix true
Fantom true
Fancy true
Falcon true
Fable true
F# true
Ezhil true
Expect true
Eve true
Euphoria true
EuLisp true
Erlang true
epsilon true
Emacs Lisp true
Elm true
Elixir true
Eiffel true
Embedded Crystal true
Eclipse Command Language true
ECL true
eC true
Easytrieve true
E true
Dylan true
dslx true
DOT true
Dockerfile true
DM true
dlvm true
Dhall true
dex true
Deno true
Delphi true
ddfql true
Dc true
DAX true
datascript true
Datalog true
Dart true
Dafny true
D true
Cypher Query Language true
Cycript true
Cyber true
Cue true
ctalk-lang true
Csound true
C# true
Crystal true
Cryptol true
Croc true
Creative Basic true
Classroom Object Oriented Language true
Concise Encoding true
CWL true
Common Lisp true
CoffeeScript true
COBOL true
CLOS true
ClojureScript true
Clojure true
CLIPS true
Clipper true
Click true
Clean true
clay true
Claro true
CIR true
CIL true
CIL true
Ch true
Charity true
Chapel true
Cg true
CFScript true
Ceylon true
Cell true
CartoCSS true
carth true
carp true
Cap'n Proto true
Cach茅 Basic true
ca65 Assembly true
C3 true
C true
C shell true
BuddyScript true
Boron true
Boogie true
Boo true
boa true
blz true
BlitzMax true
BlitzBasic true
BLISS true
Bla true
BitBake true
Bison true
Bicep true
BETA true
Bel true
beads-lang true
BCPL true
Batchfile true
BASIC true
Bash true
Ballerina true
awk true
AutoIt true
AutoHotkey true
ATS true
Atomese true
AspectJ true
ARM true
ArkScript true
Argdown true
Applescript true
AGC true
APL true
API Blueprint true
Apex true
ANTLR true
Angelscript true
AMPL true
AmbientTalk true
Alpine Abuild true
Alloy true
Aldor true
Adventure Game Studio Script true
Agda true
Ada true
ActiveVFP true
ActionScript true
Action! true
Action Code Script true
Augmented Backus-Naur Form true
ABAP true
XQuery false
XML false
Wolfram Language false
SVG false
Standard ML false
SPSS false
Smalltalk false
Rexx false
Regular Expressions false
Pascal false
OWL false
OCaml false
Object Pascal false
Modula-3 false
Modula-2 false
ML false
Mathematica false
Markdown false
JSON false
HTML false
CSS false

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